Video of the Week: Hong Kong Style

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“My family is full of very, very strong and opinionated women,” designer Simone Rocha says on the website Nowness. “They didn’t have much money, but they would always make themselves up so well to make the family proud. When I think of Hong Kong I think of them – and the electric energy.”

These women – and especially the aunts and grandmother in the family –  inspired Rocha’s fashion-design sense.

“The elderly are so active in Hong Kong. You can see it in the way that people dress. There’s an activity to it.”

In this short video by Linda Brownlee, the designer, who was raised in Dublin, travels back to Hong Kong soon after her grandmother’s passing to reconnect with that city’s older generation of women and their special way of dressing.

It’s a wonderful tribute to an advanced style that’s low key and practical, but steeped in elder pride.



2 responses to “Video of the Week: Hong Kong Style

  1. Loved this film. For the beautiful older ladies and their good sense and taste. Reminds me of my own mum who even if she had on just a simple tee and skirt, always had on a simple necklace, light lippie and groomed hair.

  2. Lived in HK for 5+ years, just loved the dress sense of both the older women and men. Practical and neat and did its job, no fear and no bothering about what was fashionable or not. Video brought me back to HK and all the things I loved about this amazing city. Thank you

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