Video of the Week: Going the Distance

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They’re not 100-year-old champion bodybuilders, but in “Top 5 Finalist: Going the Distance” filmmaker Jessie Beers-Altman has captured joy that these men (and one woman) in their 80s and 90s get from competing as runners in the Penn Relay 75-and-over race. Accepting the limitations of their ages, they’re having fun, enjoying the camaraderie and staying healthy.

At 98, Champ Goldy has slowed down quite a bit and uses a motorized cart — “It’s what the old folks use, you know” — to retrieve the javelins he throws every morning. Still, he says, “I don’t have any aches and pains, I don’t take very much medicine, and boy oh boy, if I could go to to 110 or something like that, after all, that would be fun!”

Betty Leander is 85. Because she wasn’t able to go to college, she lives vicariously through her grandkids, one of whom is her coach. “I always loved sports, but in my day there were no opportunities like that for women, Leander says.

Ed Cox, 2nd fastest in the world in his age group, is 87. Adrenaline? You bet. “It’s the only place I get 50 thousand people to cheer for me.


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