Video of the Week: Because Who Is Perfect?

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Last week we showed a video of Jacelyn O’Shaughnessy talking about the moment when she was finally able to tell herself that her body was OK – cellulite, wrinkles and all.

This week we’re taking it a step further: What if the mannequins in store windows represented our less than perfect bodies? How about a little lumpiness, some sagging flesh, maybe a cane or walker? How would you feel about seeing someone who looked more like you among the shiny, idealized bodies in the window?

It could happen.

A year ago, the Swiss organization Pro Infirmis created a campaign for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. With the title “Because who is perfect? Get closer,” the campaign painstakingly created life-sized representations of five disabled people and placed the mannequins in a store window; a camera captured the process and the very varied reactions of passers-by – including a young woman who saw her own crooked gait reflected.

How about a campaign along these lines for the International Day of Older Persons – would the mannequins still be shiny? 


One response to “Video of the Week: Because Who Is Perfect?

  1. This was awesome! My daughter and I watched it, totally mesmerized and enchanted by the models and the process of building the mannequins. They made quite a statement; and, in my daughter’s words, “It’s about time!”

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