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If you’re looking for fresh style ideas for the New Year, here’s an updated story from the archives to inspire you!

“At a certain point you become a number instead of a name. Everyone treats you like you are already gone. I’m about to turn 90 and I’m on a mission to fight ageism.”

So says Bob Miller, one of the dapper gents whom Advanced Style creator Ari Seth Cohen says are his inspiration.

That’s in addition to the ladies who inspire him – the stylish senior women who are his blog’s regular photo subjects and who also star in Cohen’s Advanced Style book and “Advanced Style: The Documentary.”

With his work, Cohen has elevated the profile of older ladies in our youth-centric culture and shown young women that age does not have to mean blah.

“The reason that I chose to focus primarily on women is not only due to the fact that my grandmother was my best friend, but I have always felt that women are judged way more harshly than men in terms of aging,” Cohen told the site Nowness.

Now it’s the men’s turn.

Cohen’s brand new video, which he made for Nowness with his collaborator on the Advanced Style film, director Lina Plioplyte, profiles older guys who love to dress and for whom style is all wrapped up with identity.

Robert W. Richards “The reason I’m wearing a scarf is because these are the Katharine Hepburn years. The older she got, the less you saw.” Artist-illustrator Richards was a highly sought after fashion illustrator; more recently he’s shifted his attention to erotica. Check out his Facebook page to see his work.

Mal Cross – “The way I dress, the way I carry myself makes me look younger, and age never comes up. Right now I’m pursuing a hairdresser around the corner. Gladys.” Cross is a “magician to the stars.” Visit his website.

Derrill Osborn “Style is lifestyle. You’ve got to get out, you’ve got to see people, you’ve got to meet people.” Ira Seth Cohen says the retired Neiman Marcus fashion director is his style icon. Read more about Osborn (and his style) on Wikipedia.

Bob Miller  “I’m about to turn 90 and I’m on a mission to fight ageism.”

Let’s hear it for the menfolk.

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  1. I ‘ m thrilled to see that Robert Richards has been interviewed for this documentary. He is trendy savvy as a twenty something . Style is synonymous with his every breath.
    Keep the ball rolling Robert!!

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