Video of the Week: Accepting Our Bodies

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“I finally stood there one day and said, When are you going to be OK? You’ve been spending almost 50 years trying to get thinner, trying not to have cellulite, ankles that swell…. When are you going to be OK? And I finally said, Today. You’re going to be OK today.”

Jacelyn O’Shaughnessy shook up stereotypes when she appeared in bra and undies for American Apparel. At 62, she was way past the age of your typical lingerie model. Senior Planet talked to Jacky earlier this year about what it meant to bare body and soul and the impact the American Apparel campaign might have. She told us, “I feel that healthy aging requires awareness and continued discipline, but also not giving in to the limiting attitudes that have been fostered for such a long time about getting older.” (Read the interview here.)

In this video, part of a series called the What’s Underneath Project – “Style is knowing who you are – it’s what’s underneath” – Jacky talks more about coming to terms with her body. While it might seem easy for her (no rolls of fat to worry about), what she says applies to us all.


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  1. I am 75 and my face looks terrific for that age … genetics here. However, the rest of my body definitely shows the wear and tear of aging, breast cancer, cellulite, sagging arms, and sagging and crepey skin on the whole body, age spots on hands and thin skin everywhere, many moles and skin tags…. I have lost 25 pounds which feels good but the loss has made the skin worse and my facial cheeks and under eye grooves are hollow. The facial skin has very little color but a touch of blush here and there does wonders. Eyebrows are very faded and need to be filled in every day.

    So be it. I plan on having a filler treatment shortly. Just a little to fill in the hollow look on my face. For me. And that’s a good thing.

    I cannot take hormones to increase my desire for sex because of the estrogen positive breast cancer I had and I have a young boyfriend. He is wonderful and has his own physical limitations from an accident and his spine is pinned and he has to limit his movements.

    Perhaps it’s not always the sex act but we enjoy spending time with each other and hugging and being close on our bed with loving touches and kisses and we get creative too. His sex drive is at a different level than mine and I understand that and don’t forget it.

    We make it work with love and tenderness. Unthinkably good things can happen even late in the game. It’s such a surprise.

  2. Thank you for “baring” yourself so that other “older” women can relate and perhaps feel good enough about themselves to do the same. I am 69 years old and decided that I wouldn’t color my hair anymore. It’s silver/white, and now looking at you I think I will let it grow longer. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Is anyone surprised that Jacky O’Shaughnessy, a 6 ft. attractive, slender woman doesn’t feel too uncomfortable taking her clothing off while on camera? If you really wanted “mature” women to believe that we, too, can feel good about our bodies, despite our expanding waistlines, it would have been wiser to have featured someone who looks like most women of 62. The video reminds me of stores selling Plus-size clothing while using size 6 mannequins. For sure, the clothing won’t look the same on a size 16 woman. I’m a size 8 but if anything, the video made me feel even worse about the result age and a few extra pounds has had on my body.

  4. I wanted to scream when Jacky said a former boyfriend did not want to be seen in public with her because she was too old. My heart ached for her. The point is he was indeed a boy. A mature, intelligent, wise man or woman would’ve known she’s a gem and precious. Being rid of him is her gain.

    Jacky is a very attractive woman. It’s good to hear she decided to stop listening to negative media and other negative influences. As a result she now likes and loves herself. Kudos Jacky. Wishing you success in all present and future endeavors. You rock!

  5. Kudos to Jacky for having the courage to go (al)most bare but, of course, the woman is absolutely gorgeous! She’s certainly not a typical 62 year old, but as she says, she works at staying healthy and in shape. She says that genetics aren’t involved, but surely she had to get that beautiful thick hair and long legs from someone–or two.

    I’m almost 78 and no matter how healthy or (relatively) in shape one is, time takes its toll. I wasn’t tall or beautiful and was never confident about my decently-proportioned body even in my 20s-40s. I lost a lot of weight in my 20s and have managed to keep it off, which has been a plus as I’ve grown older. So far, I’ve avoided the diseases of ageing that are weight-related. I still have my original knees and hips, and I don’t have diabetes, heart problems or mobility issues. Still, no way would I EVER appear outside my own home any way but fully clothed.

  6. EVERY man, woman and child from the age when they become conscious of this marketing disaster should watch this. Every Shallow Hall and Shallow(er) Val needs to watch this beautiful woman strip off her outer garments and her psychological ‘skin’ and realise that your body undergoes changes you cannot do much about. So many walk about with their judgmental noses in the air and say “They REALLY should do something about HOW THEY LOOK”. I applaud Jacalyn for this wonderful article. Thank you, from a male who also used to be a Shallow Hal.

    1. The article is about her. This is one of the more interesting articles I read. Frankly, I would’ve appreciated if she had shared more. She’s a very interesting and fasinating woman. She has opened a door for dialog and for women to stand tall rejoicing in their beauty at any age. Bravo!

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