Use Tech and Organize for 2022

Computers and cell phones have allowed us to say goodbye to paper and computerize much of our lives. But somehow paper still piles up.  What better time than the end of the year to streamline your life– specifically your paperwork?   In addition to saying goodbye to 2021 and the pandemic (hopefully) why not also get your digital house in order in 2022?  You can start by reading this article about digital de-cluttering  Then follow the suggestions.

Here’s are some important digital decluttering tasks, and links with easy steps on how to accomplish them:

Sort out computer files and folders

Over the years folders and files tend to metastasize into hundreds of subcategories and sub sub categories going 20 years back.  Even if you just use your computer for your personal paperwork, you can get overwhelmed pretty quickly. This article has some great file/folder organizing tips:  And this YouTube video walks you through the process.

Start cancelling unwanted subscriptions

Now that so many of us have cut the cord, we struggle with multiple subscriptions to streaming services we may or may not even use.  For instance, you may have subbed to Showtime years ago but haven’t watched it forever but can’t figure out how to cancel. You could have subbed through Roku, through Amazon Prime, or just through the Showtime app. Here’s a guide to finding and cancelling those forgotten subs.   Other services, like Truebill, track your subscriptions and let you know what you’re spending and help you cancel.  And here’s another helpful rundown of those services.

Digitize those stacks of papers

Are you drowning in paper—old bills, tax returns, letters, financial statements?   It’s now easier than ever to store all this stuff on your computer and never deal with it again.  You can do it yourself with your smartphone or the scanner in your printer, or you can bring or send your papers to a service such  this one who will do it for you.

Organize your photos

Now that paper albums are becoming obsolete you need a plan to organize the paper photos you still have and the digital ones you’ve taken with your phone over the past however-many years.   When it comes to paper photos, you can scan them yourself or throw them all in a box and send or bring them to a scanning service which will do it for you.  If you’re a procrastinator get a service to do it for you–it’s inexpensive and worth it.   Here are some options.   For your digital photos there are many apps and software options but first you have to have a plan.  This article outlines the steps and here is a guide to deleting images you don’t want.

Get your tax documents together

You’ll need them in a few months.  Here is a good article about what to scan, what to save, what to shred, how to e-file, and generally  how to make decisions when it comes to your tax documents.  This article tells how to digitize your old tax records in 6 easy steps.


Once you accomplish these goals—even just some of them–you should notice a difference in your stress levels. Then over time, you’ll look back and see how getting organized clears the way for you to live a less stressful, calmer life…and a happier New Year.


One response to “Use Tech and Organize for 2022

  1. Excellent ideas, and helpful references and even links to more information about most of them. But I need to have this already done to find the time to read the rest of the articles.

    Just kidding. I really appreciate the leg up on getting me digitally organized. The real hard part is letting go of all of that old data you been saving for 10 or 20 years, just in case you might need it.
    There is hope.

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