Turning 60: What Did It Mean for You?


I just turned 60 and I’ve been exploring exactly what that means. So, naturally, I turned to my friends. “Fill in the blank,” I asked my Facebook pals: “You’re never too old to____”

The first response was unexpected:

Get a tattoo.

Really? Me? A mild-mannered librarian? As I thought about what that tattoo might look like (perhaps my favorite Dewey decimal number?) I received a batch of new suggestions:

Start over
Dance till dawn
Try something new
Buy a new sofa

Buy a new sofa? The possibilities, clearly, were endless. And I could tell that my pals were enjoying this little game, because their responses were pouring in. You’re never too old, I was told, to—

Make a new friend
Go back to school
Learn new tricks

A few might have been influenced by too much Breaking Bad binge-watching. They told me that you‘re never too old to—

Plan a revenge murder
Go to jail

My most romantic and sexy friends told me that you’re never too old to—

Fall in love again
Get married
Laugh like a silly teenager with your beloved
Make love
Marry a younger man
Be bawdy
Rock a camisole (which must be true, because it’s a direct quote from  “Senior Sex Expert” Joan Price).

Dignity? What dignity? I was told that you’re never too old to—

Scream at a rock concert
Paint your face
Stay out all night

And naturally, I heard from the class clown

What was the question again? I keep forgetting things…

My pals in the self-improvement camp say you’re never too old to—

Conquer your fear of flying
Dump debt
Practice yoga
Go vegan

The “young at heart” are sure you‘re never too old to:

Be Silly
Love Disney
Enjoy PlayDoh

“I don’t think I’m too old to do anything,” one friend commented. “Except maybe give birth. And who wants to do that at 60?”

Being 60 was beginning to sound like a blast.

Take on a new challenge
Follow your bliss
Make a difference
Be fabulous
Run naked in the rain

 Do you dance? Are you silly? Have you followed your bliss or run naked in the rain? (Or even tattooed your favorite Dewey Decimal number on your forearm?) Let us know! Tell us all about it in the comments section.


Roz Warren writes for the New York Times, the Huffington Post and many other publications. She recently appeared on the “Today Show.” You can read more of her work at and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter @WriterRozWarren.

Ask your Facebook friends what they think you’re never too old to do – just post the question on Facebook and then share the responses in the comments section below. We dare you…


23 responses to “Turning 60: What Did It Mean for You?

  1. I have just hit 60. It will be a critical year indeed and I suspect. not without some jolts.I am having to become naturalized in the country I have lived and worked in for the last 20 or so years, still not sure how probate will shape things.

    I doubt I will ever have enough to retire but I do hope to be able to choose my hours more and not end up chronically sleep deprived anymore because I am wanted to teach at the cracks of dawn.

    I do hope to live life more and more on my terms, whatever political disasters I will need to navigate in the mean time.

  2. I was a little apprehensive at turning 60 but started drawing a small pension which helped ease the pain.
    We then started to travel and spent my 60th in India.
    We have been lucky to travel almost yearly and I will spend my 69th in Vietnam next month.
    I feel blessed to still enjoy good health and still work part-time.
    Looking back, my grandparents were “old” when they were in their sixties. They stopped doing things.

  3. I took up drumming at 70 (10 years ago) – yes, drum set as well as hand drums. It’s been fabulous and therapeutic. I’m always the oldest member of a class, but some of the “kids” I’ve met have become lovely and dear friends who enjoy “hanging” out with the senior-ita.

      1. Drum set is only for my own amusement /amazement. Cajon (box drum) , djembe, conga, samba percussion classes sometimes take part in celebrations at the drum at the studio.

  4. I just turned 69 and am beginning to wonder what 70 will bring. It’s definitely not what our parents or grandparents experienced. I began attending writer workshops and adventuring on Road Scholar trips. I work at a theme park. That keeps you young and smiling. I stay off the roller coasters but enjoy other rides and all the shows – food too.

  5. I love this post! I, too, recently turned 60 and don’t feel too old to do anything – except, as your friend put it, give birth. And then again, I’d like to think jail would not be an option no matter how young or old you are.

  6. Turning 60 will come to me in two short years and I’m already looking forward to it. It seems to me a wonderful place to be: fully mature, strong, silly, healthy, fearless, with anything I may desire at my fingertips. Your post is inspirational! Thank you.

  7. I totally agree with your friend who said she’s not too old to do anything except give birth — and that’s definitely a good thing! I just took my first motorcycle ride at 56 and am traveling to places around the world I’ve never visited before. Of course, I still have 4 years until I’m 60 so I’ll get back to you then!

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