Top eHealth Resources

From mobile apps to content-rich websites, electronic health resources and tools can improve your health literacy, keeping you empowered and helping you to stay healthier.

Here’s a list of some outstanding eHealth resources – explore them and prepare to drop some knowledge at your next doctor’s appointment!

Personal Health Records (PHRs)

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A PHR is a tool you can use to track and manage all your health information in one place, including doctor visits, test results, diagnoses, and prescriptions. The best part is that you can share this record with anyone, including your doctor, a specialist,  your pharmacist and family members. Using and sharing your PHR can help you and medical professionals work as a team – especially when it comes to meds; mixing certain medications can be dangerous and even fatal for seniors, and a PHR lets everyone know what you’ve been prescribed.

For tablets For many, the top pick is Healthvault, a free app (also available on the web and for smartphones)…sadly Microsoft is going to stop supporting it as of November 20, 2019.
For computers No iPad? Try WebMD’s PHR (free) on your computer.


Med reminders

For many of us, getting older comes with a handful of pills, all in different shapes, sizes and regimens.

For tablets/phones Pillboxie ($0.99; iPhone/iPod Touch) lets you select from a list of meds the ones you take regularly; it helps you schedule a regimen based on drug interactions, mealtimes, etc; and features an audio alert that reminds you exactly which one to take when.




Research and Clinical Trials

From Alzheimer’s to cancer, on the National Institute on Aging site you can learn about the latest breakthroughs that leaders in aging research are reporting. Ask your doctor about what you’ve learned to make sure you are getting the best care currently available. Want to get involved with the research process itself? Here you also can find and sign up for a clinical trial on aging.

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Symptoms and Conditions

If you can’t resist using the Internet for diagnostic purposes, try Filter the site index by “senior” to learn about health issues specifically affecting older adults. If visual learning is your preference, check out the Video & Cool Tools tab for interactive learning modules.

Diseases of Aging

The CDC has compiled an extensive list of health information for seniors. Click on any of the links in this list of common senior diseases and conditions, and you’ll get access to basic info, state programs for the afflicted,  recent statistics and more. Since many of the listed resources are intended for practitioners and researchers, the writing can seem a bit dry and highbrow – but you can be sure that you’re getting reliable information.

LGBT Aging

Launched in 2010, the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging is the first to compile LGBT-specific resources. Issues covered are wide-ranging, from medical conditions to how ageism might affect the health care that you receive.

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New mobile and electronic health resources are constantly being developed, enabling patients to take control of their health. Stay knowledgeable by keeping a pulse on the tools and resources that are available to you.

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