Toolbar: No More Waiting for Customer Service

Just because you have a little time (if, indeed, you do), that doesn’t mean you want to spend it waiting for your turn on the customer service wait line. Or negotiating that aggravating phone tree. Or turning up your hearing aid while you’re doing all this. A new free service lets you cut to the chase.

Next time you have a question—anything from the pharmacy’s opening hours to how to return a purchase—try Talk To. It’s a strange name for a service that actually lets you off the hook; instead of calling the company in question,  you simply enter the name in Talk To’s simple website (if the company’s already in its database, which many are, you don’t even need to enter the contact info). On the next screen, you type your question.

An actual person at Talk To receives your message, types in any questions they may have in an onscreen conversation with you, and then texts the company to get your response. You can receive the reply by SMS (text) or email – just set your preference in the “Reply Settings.” If the business is closed for the night or weekend, you’ll get a response when they open.


We tried Talk To, asking a thorny question about how to return a product ordered via Amazon through a third party. Talk To worked with us to track down the company, and also informed us about Amazon’s policy for third-party returns. The result? We solved the problem in less than three minutes, and without any telephone hold time or “press 1, press 2,” aggravation.

Try it, then let us know if it worked for you.

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