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Toolbar: iStand iPad App for Fall Prevention (or should we say “iFall)



According to the CDC, one in three people over 65 has a fall each year, and 23 percent of them suffer moderate to severe injuries as a result.

Why do we fall? It could be the result of prescription medication, vision problems, or simply tripping over something that shouldn’t be there. Those risks don’t just apply to seniors – but strength, flexibility and reflexes are somewhat age dependent, as is the ability to bounce back from a fall-related injury. The good news is, declines in fitness aren’t inevitable, which is why most experts tell us that regular exercise is the best measure for preventing falls.

Enter the new iPad app,  iStand Falls Prevention. If you can’t find a senior-centered fitness program in your area or would rather do your workouts at home, this app, by HoliVision, can be a helpful for building balance.

A Complete Falls Prevention Program

Don’t worry if you’re a fitness newbie: “Brenda,” the iStand instructor, won’t be pushing you toward abs of steel or performing a perfect back bend. The exercises here are simple, approachable and effective, and can be modified for a variety of fitness levels.

The iStand Falls Prevention app is actually a complete falls prevention program. Along with exercises, it also provides walking tips, a safety checklist for fall prevention and tips on what to do if you do take a spill. Follow this program regularly, and you’re likely to be left feeling more sure footed, and perhaps also fitter and more fabulous than ever.

The iStand app is free, but there’s one catch: It comes with advertisements. They aren’t terribly intrusive, but users can opt to buy the ad-free version for 99 cents, or even buy a Tai Chi module for $4.99. That’s not a bad idea for those seeking a new challenge – the CDC says Tai Chi is one of the most effective fall-prevention exercises for seniors.

The iStand Falls Prevention app is available on iTunes. You’ll need a system running at least iOS 5.0 on your iPad to run it.

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One response to “Toolbar: iStand iPad App for Fall Prevention (or should we say “iFall)

  1. Good article. As a Care Manager & RN, I have seen the devastation of falls for so many seniors. What a WONDERFUL gift!

    This type of product could help us age with more Independence. If we all do not spend a little time & energy to strengthen our muscles it will turn into a regret.

    I would consider buying a few copies, to have on hand for new clients. But most of my clients do not have an iPad. Are there any other options?

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