Toolbar: Find Your Lost Photos

If you have family, you’ve received and sent photos by email. Guaranteed. And chances are, you’ve received and sent plenty in the past couple of weeks; barring Halloween, the post-holiday season is the busiest one for photo-sharing. What’s more, you probably have dozens of cute pics of grandbabies and grandkids (maybe even great-grandbabies) buried in your email inbox and sent folder from holidays past.

In fact, if you’re the typical disorganized email user, your email application has become your de facto photo storage system (or “unsystem”). That’s why the new web-based app Lost Photos is so perfect.

Lost photos searches your email for any and all images sent or received and makes it easy for you to post them to Facebook or Twitter, add them to iPhoto, or turn them into post-holiday messages and email them on.

Lost Photos works on PC and Mac, and with Gmail, Yahoo and other common email accounts.

We tested the app using Gmail on a computer. Installing it is relatively easy – a three-step process with directions all the way. Once you’ve installed and launched the app, login-in is easy: you’ll be asked to enter your email address and password, and hit Start; Lost Photos will start searching through your email, displaying photos in a strip as it finds them.  Once Lost Photos has searched all of your email folders (it took about 5 minutes for the app to search through thousands of emails; you can pause the search whenever you want to), you have the option to post pictures to Facebook or Twitter, or email them – just select a photo and hit the button.


Try it. You might find photos you’d completely forgotten existed.


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