“Tips My Grandmother Should Have Given Me”

What type of advice do you give the younger people in your life?

If you want to give the type of tip they’ll truly appreciate, read on and learn.

Cacho Puebla says his three grandmothers offered sermons instead of tips; they were always warning him to be careful about everything from money to girls. 

When the designer found himself giving the same old advice to his son, he wondered: “As my son gets older and I get more grey hair, what kind of advice will I give to my grandkids.”

So began an adventure of the imagination, with Puebla creating a series of  crisply phrased  – and beautifully designed – social-media tips for “super-savvy” elders to impart to youngsters.

The headline: Tips My Grandmother Never Told Me (but I love her anyway).



“Don’t buy an app that has an ugly logo.”



“Don’t trust all of what you read and see in Wikipedia.”



“Never play World of Warcraft: It’s really, really, really addictive.”


The resulting photo series, “Grandma Tips,” which Puebla’s sister Lula shot with their stylish great aunt, was such a hit that the designer used his Facebook page to crowdsource more tips from his followers. A few highlights from “Grandma Tips vol.2”:



“Remember kid: True friends never post “Happy Birthday” on your wall.”



“Close Facebook when you leave your computer if you don’t want trouble.”


“Believe me, followers don’t mean friends and vice versa.”


See more Grandma Tips by clicking here and here for Vol 2.

 Got any tips to add? Post them in the comments below! 


3 responses to ““Tips My Grandmother Should Have Given Me”

  1. Disappointed in Cahco Puebla’s tips trom grand-mothers to grandchildren etc. Glib, superficial and all related to Internet and social media. Why does Senior Planet bother linking to this? Not even very funny as a joke.

    But the original idea is good.

    K. Wallin

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