This Stylish Japanese Couple Has Found a New Life—on Instagram


A Japanese couple that goes by the Instagram name of @bonpon511 has become “my new favorite thing about the internet” for at least one of the pair’s more than 7,500 online followers. Married for 37 years, according to the Daily Telegraph, the couple started posting photos of themselves wearing their stylishly coordinated outfits just 13 weeks ago, and they’ve quickly become an internet phenomenon.

The source of their fame? Judging by the comments that come from Instagrammers around the globe, @bonpon511 are resonating not just because of their style—a simple, playful look that’s put together on the cheap with pieces from Uniqlo, uniform stores and various online sources—but also because of the fun they’re clearly having as a couple that likes to get dressed up, visit art museums and travel. (Their longterm marriage is a source of inspiration for many young followers, who are tagging their comments #couplegoal.)

Judging from @bonpon511’s responses to the comments, the Instagram stars are having a blast communicating with fans, too—in fact, as they amass followers and the comments get into the hundreds per post, responding is starting to look like a daily pastime, one that connects the couple with an all-ages world.

@bonpon511 tag their posts #over60 and #whitehair, and call their style #instafashion. We used Google Translate to get English translations for some of their responses to comments so we could lean more about the couple. (Excuse Google Translate’s occasionally odd results!)

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@bonpon511 is one of the most polite Instagram stars we’ve come across. Almost every comment gets a simple thank you in response—plus a sprinkling of emoji.

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“I think that fashion is the most fun. I think that it is good to wear what you want to wear regardless of your age and the surrounding eyes.”

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@bonpon511 says the round-collared blouse she wears is her staple.

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“A gray hair mushroom cut is the trademark.”

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@bonpon511 travelled to Italy in December—complete with wardrobe.

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Lipstick is the only makeup she wears.

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