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U.S. states of health The United Health Foundation released its 2104 state rankings for senior health. At the top of the list are Minnesota, Hawaii and new Hampshire. At the bottom, Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi.  New York came in at number 32.  Get a close-up look at rates of obesity, availability of good healthcare and other stats by gender, education and more by clicking here and then clicking on each state in the list.



What did you say? The Washington Post reported on a new validated hearing test that you can take without leaving home – and it’s free through the end of May. The not-for-profit screening is taken over a telephone and will tell you if you need to go get a full-fledged hearing evaluation. All you need is a landline  and little bit of peace and quiet. Click here to read more and link through to the screening test.

Playing the Social Security System The finance site Kiplinger crunched some numbers and came up with four strategies for maximizing your Social Security earnings by “filing and suspending” – filing early, suspending benefits and then activating them again. Click here to see if you can benefit.

Some sassy seniors made a point by offering to help people across the street.


Scared? Last week in his blog “Exploring Life” Brian Alger wrote a thoughtful and bold meditation on the fear of aging and how it plays into conventional ideas of beauty and human value. “Youth has no claim on beauty; beauty has no preference for youth,” he writes. “Real beauty is fierce, courageous, and imaginative.” But to deny our fear is to avoid the reality of aging. “To experience fear about aging is natural. It is our response that matters. Our task is to turn around and courageously walk toward it – as frightening and humbling as it may feel.” Read more here.

The body at 100 Talking about beauty as courage: Centenarian Lucy Hall volunteered to pose nude for photographer Anastasia Pottinger, who created a series of images that zoom in on Hall’s deep folds and wrinkles, turning what so many women fear into a study in form. The Huffington Post spoke with Pottinger and published a few of the images. Click here.


 Photo: Anastasia Pottinger

Old, older, senior… A couple of months ago we published a piece by Erica Manfred about what we want to be called as older people – and we added a poll. Read it here and take the poll to see the results. Last week NPR had a similar conversation, speaking with age beat reporter Ina Jaffe and Senior Planet contributor, journalist and activist Ashton Applewhite. Listen to the broadcast below, see NPR’s poll results here and read more than 400 comments on the piece by clicking here and scrolling down.


Is a Chromebook right for you? For somewhere between $200 and $350, you can get a brand new laptop that’s designed by Google and built for browsing. Since Google introduced Chromebook three years ago, the machines have developed and improved; last week, as Google prepared to announce a slate of new models, the New York Times took another look at the cheapest laptops out there. Click here or watch below.



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