The Best of 2014 on Senior Planet

Welcome to 2015! Before we get started on the next 12 months, we’re taking you on a quick trip back through the best of the past year on Senior Planet.

In 2014, we profiled people who are “aging with attitude” and others who are “aging out of place” – someplace cheaper and warmer. We started two new series, Joan Price’s “Sex at our age” and Erica Manfred’s “Aging With Geekitude.” And we did our best to keep you connected to today’s digital culture while fulfilling the Senior Planet mission to “harness the power of technology to change the way we age.”

Ready? Here are the 25 “best” – the 25 articles from 2014 that you, our readers read, shared and “liked” the most. We hope you’ll enjoy revisiting them.


best-seniorhoodHappy in the Seniorhood videos

Last summer, older people caught the “Happy” bug that Pharrell Williams’s infectious dance video started – resulting in some of the happiest, most rocking senior videos. Take a look our YouTube collection – then get with the beat.

best-aging-disgracefullyAging… Disgracefully?

Not so sure about aging “gracefully”? How about “passionately” or “badass-ly”?  After older women in an online community nominated some “graceful” alternatives, more than 800 Senior Planet readers voted on them. And the winner was… (Take a look.)

best-google-helpout-senior-planetGoogle Helpouts for Beginners

Imagine a version of Skype that connects you to people who’ll walk you through a tech issue, teach you tai chi or advise you on make-up. That’s Google Helpouts. Our senior technophobe (recovering) tried it out – and liked it. Read more. 

best-lynn-dellStyle Maven Lynn Dell 

At 81, Lynn Dell dresses for “the theater of life.” We talked to her almost a year ago about life, style, and plain old soap and water. Click here to read our Q&A with Lynn Dell.


best-humans-of-new-york-senior-planetOlder Humans of New York: Our Top 12

Photographer Brandon Stanton gets to the heart of the NY attitude on his blog Humans of New York – and no more so than in his street portraits of seniors. See our top 12.


best-helen-lambinInked Rebel Helen Lambin 

She got her first tattoo at 75 and hasn’t stopped since. Why? It’s not just because her tats send the message “Don’t patronize me.” Read what else Helen Lambin told us.


japans-age-boom-senior-planetWhat Can We Learn from Japan’s Age Boom?

One in five people in Japan is a senior. How is the country adapting? Take a look at some innovations and inventions designed for the “silver generation.” Click here.


best-older-ladies-videoThe “Older Ladies” Video

Donnalou Stevens made the wackiest anthem an older lady could want – a rollicking screw-you to every man who’s picked a younger model over a saggy one; a hilariously energizing self-love anthem for the chronically overlooked. Watch it!

best-barbara-beskind Barbara Beskind, Designer

After several attempts to retire, this 90-year-old sent out her resume, switched careers and has become a star at design firm IDEO, where she works on products for older people. Read more.


best-meryl-streep-quote-seniorplanetHow the Internet Put a Powerful Quote in Meryl Streep’s Mouth

A much loved Streep quote about aging went viral on the Internet. The problem is, she’s not actually the author. Read more.


best-fashion-grandpasFashion Grandpas

Dress shoes, waistcoats, suspenders… A 23-year-old is bringing attention to New York City’s well-dressed older men via her street-style Instagram. Read more.


age-of-love-senior-planet“The Age of Love” Explores Senior Speed Dating

Filmmaker Steven Loring wanted to know what happens to love as we age. For answers, he followed speed daters in their 70s and 80s. The result is a powerful film about resilience and universality.


best-visible-60-over-60-senior-planetVisible: 60 Women at 60

As she neared 60, photographer Jenny O’Connor started wondering what this milestone means for her generation. Her questions led to an unusual portrait project.  Read more and see the photos.


best-faith-ringgoldA Noted Artist Creates an App for the Aging Mind – and Eye

Artist Faith Ringgold wanted to keep her mind active as she aged – but Sudoku wasn’t much to look at, so she created her first app, a beautiful brain teaser. Read our Q&A with Ringgold.

best-john-loweBallet Dancer John Lowe 

John Lowe took up ballet at age 80, still trying to make up for his years lost as a POW. He had his first starring role at the age of 88 and still trained at age 94. Read more.


best-iris-krasnowChallenges to Intimacy: Iris Krasnow on Sex After 60, 70, 80 

Bestselling author Iris Krasnow investigated how people sustain intimacy while facing the challenges of life-stage transitions. And wow, did she get answers.

david-alan-harveyAging Divers Make Waves on Instagram

Using Instagram to share his images and spark conversation, veteran photojournalist David Alan Harvey told a story of the Haenyeo, a group of deep sea divers aging into their 80s. See the pictures and read more.

best-ann-karpfHow to Age: Ann Karpf on Creating a New Narrative of Aging

Growing older is inevitable. Once we can accept that, we can come together to make living into old age better for us all. Author Anne Karpf talks about the challenge ahead of us.

best-vibrators-for-older-womenVibrators for Older Women: How to Buy the Right One

Orgasms could help this widow beat depression – but how to choose a first vibrator for an older women with delicate tissues and arthritic hands? Senior sexpert Joan Price advises.

best-san-miguelAging Out of Place in San Miguel, Mexico

With an expat community of 5,000 and a thriving cultural scene, this Mexican mountain town has much to offer seniors – including those who are single. Read our Q&A with a senior expat.


best-elaine-stritch-quotesElaine Stritch: On Aging

Over 70 years of performing, Elaine Stritch became known as a brassy, straight-shooting comedienne. Her quotes on aging leave nothing out. Read More.


best-shoes-for-seniorsNo Birkenstocks! Stylish Footwear for Older Feet

How do you care for bunions and mind your balance while still having fun with shoes? We asked Fabulous Fashionistas and Advanced Stylers about their favorite styles and what they’d like to tell footwear designers. Read more.

best-small-muscle-exercises-senior-planetFive Body Parts No-One Tells You to Exercise

No matter how much you exercise, you might not be doing enough to avoid issues that can develop with age. These videos offer essential small muscle workouts. Take a look.


charlie-goes-to-burning-manCharlie Goes to Burning Man

An 81-year-old professor decides he has to experience the Burning Man festival despite health issues. Watch what happens in this stunning video.


best-self-publishing-senior-planetHow to Publish Your Life Story

Anyone can easily and inexpensively self-publish a paperback or ebook. Here’s how to tell and share your story – or your recipes, travelog, words of wisdom… Learn how.


best-joan-riversJoan Rivers Requests a Hollywood Funeral

“When I die, I want my funeral to be a huge showbiz affair with lights, cameras, action…” Joan Rivers was a fan of funerals – read how she envisioned her own.


Please tell us in the comments section below: Which were your favorites and what would you like to see more of in 2015?

Top photo: Brandon Stanton, Humans of New York 


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