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Meet the Member: Michael Butler

 Michael Butler remembers playing a hard-fought tennis match during a winter indoor tennis session, gasping and straining as he returned ball after ball. Clearly something was wrong. After resting over the weekend, he saw his doctor. Taking one look at him, his physician sent him immediately to the ER.  Seven hours of intensive testing later, Butler…

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Easy Online Activism

 Last March, thanks in large part to the hundreds of online messages of support from Senior Planet members, the New York State Legislature voted to continue funding the Senior Planet North Country program through April 2019.   It was testament to the effectiveness of online activism, which can be a wonderful way to make your…

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Coffee, Cake…and end of life issues

We give little thought to death and dying when we’re young. Then as we grow older, sooner or later we’re confronted with the deaths of people we love – family and friends. So how do we come to terms with the stigma and fears surrounding death and difficult end-of-life decisions? Thanks to the growing popularity…

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