Storming the Web: Where to Find Live Updates

If you’re living in one of the mid-Atlantic states that Hurricane Sandy is scheduled to blow through sometime today, we hope you’re in good company and well prepared for whatever the storm might bring your way. While you wait it out, here are some good ways to stay updated, connected and distracted.

  • Senior Planet’s Facebook page. We’re practically glued to Facebook, so check in with us there any time to let us and your community of Senior Planeteers know how you’re doing. (You’ve got to love Facebook for its ability to bring people together!) Check in with us on Facebook here.
  • Watch a live feed of the storm from the camera atop Bloomberg HQ by clicking here.
  • Track the path of the storm on the New York Times’ interactive map; the Times has made online access to its storm coverage free for the duration. Click here to see the interactive map.
  • Google’s crisis map shows the locations of evacuation centers and emergency shelters, and posts links to the latest alerts. Visit the crisis map by clicking here.
  • Watch live updates with livestream from the Weather Channel below.

    •  Take comfort in the fact that we have all these amazing resources, and the weather service has even more—so, no surprise storms for us these days. Watch what happened during the hurricane of 1938, which hit the New York-New England region by complete surprise and took hundreds of lives.

Does anyone remember that storm? Tell us if you do!

Take care, stay cozy and keep in touch with us on Facebook.

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