Still More Adventurous Aging

What does it mean to age adventurously?   Here are still more examples culled from Pinterest and elsewhere of how people are aging with attitude.

Make a clothing statement

No less an authority than Coco Chanel said “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”  Could it be that fashion isn’t necessarily what you wear, but what you are?


Let your inner star take center stage

Sure, dance improves balance and strength, but it’s also a great way to meet new people and have some fun.  How about tap? According to this 80+ year old tap dancer who teaches in her community, “Tap is the easiest kind of dance to learn,” according to this story.


Downsize into a tiny house

There’s a growing movement by older people to cut the clutter, downsize and move into a tiny home, with less maintenance and lower bills.  It’s becoming a trend that even national television shows are noticing.  (The Today Show’s story can be seen here.) This charmer is about 270 square feet.

Reveal your inner Scorsese

Follow the inspiring example of Carmen Gilda, who decided to learn filmmaking at 77, and now has a channel on Youtube and a documentary about older women in the #Metoo movement.  Check out the Senior Planet story and her film here.   No place near you to take a film class?  You can learn filmmaking through online classes with Spike Lee, Ron Howard, or Werner Herzog at MasterClass; learn more here.

Photo credit: Janaya Dasiuk for Unsplash


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