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So, Marketwatch, When Is the Best Time to Retire?

Admit it: Much as you want to pick the right time to retire in order to avoid tax pitfalls, maximize potential earnings, secure your healthy future, protect yourself against depression and a host of other factors, you probably won’t read a 25-page paper on the subject. Luckily for you (and for us!) Marketwatch has done the homework and distilled Benefits Quarterly’s 5,500+ words into a neat 25-bullet checklist outlining what you should ask yourself before you say see-ya to your boss.

The points include “analyzing the state of your financial investments”

“If you retire prior or during a down market, you stand a good chance of running out of money. They call this, in some circles, the sequence of return risk. For some, it means reducing the percent of money you might put in risky assets and delaying retirement.”

And then thinking about “opportunity costs”

“If you stand to earn a significant salary and/or receive nonqualified deferred compensation by working, then you are more likely to keep working. Of course, working might also increase the desire to retire.”

No duh.

For the whole list, see today’s Marketwatch, What Is the Best Age to Retire?

Do you see retirement as sooner-the-better, or something to put off for as long as you can keep going, nest egg or no nest egg? Comment below!


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