Senior Travel Toolbox – Articles & Resources


    • The Freebird Club: A New AirBnB Just for Seniors Peter Mangan, founder of the Freebird Club, knew he was onto something when he noticed that his dad, who was 75, more than enjoyed welcoming guests to their Airbnb home rental in southwest Ireland — he often turned it into a social event. READ IT
    • Summer Camps for Adults – Yes, Older Ones, Too If you fondly remember long summer days filled with arts and crafts, team games, campfire sing-alongs, swimming, theme days, you’re not alone. Adult summer camps are in vogue, with several themed options available around the US. READ IT
    • Summer Camps for Adults — Yes, Older Ones, Too From cooking or band camp to unplugged creativity and outdoorsy fun, these experiences are all about communal life. READ IT
    • Couchsurfing for Seniors: Much More Than a Free Place to Stay helps you connect with potential friends in cities you’ll be visiting and in your own home, and take advantage of spare rooms and sofas for free. READ IT
    • Video: An AirBnB Retirement They retired, downsized and have been traveling the world for two years, sleeping every night in an AirBnB. READ IT
    • 11 Tips For No-Hotel Travel Whether you’re renting an apartment for a week on Airbnb or booking a night on a sofa via Couchsurfing, ask these questions before your make your request. READ IT
    • Seniors Traveling Solo: 4 Great Solutions Traveling alone needn’t be intimidating. In fact, it can be a great way to make new connections, possibly for a lifetime. READ IT

    First-Person Experiences

    • On The Road with Female Nomad Rita Golden Gelman Approaching 80, Gelman says solo travel in faraway places is safer when you’re older. She should know. READ IT
    • Foot Loose and Fancy Free in Retirement At 70, Lynn and Tim Martin started traveling the world, spawning a “home free” movement of retirees. Here’s how they manage it. READ IT
    • Walking the 50 States Since retiring, Jerry has walked in every state, more than 50 countries and on all seven continents. He’s not done yet. READ IT
    • Toni Neubauer: Nepal On Her Mind Intrepid traveler Toni Neubauer sets up libraries in remote areas of Nepal, where she regularly treks. READ IT
    • Climbing In My Seventies “If I had listened to those voices, I would have stayed home.” Instead, Judith McDaniel took a risk. Read her story! READ IT
    • On The Road In A Vintage RV A slow, calamitous road trip in a ’73 motor home taught this couple more than they’d expected about life’s joyful misadventures. READ IT

    Retiring Abroad

    • Aging Out of Place in Lake Chapala, Mexico After spending 29 years working in Alaska, where she met her husband on an oil rig, Audrey Zikmund was ready to retire—preferably to somewhere warm and affordable. READ IT
    • Aging Out of Place in Punta Gorda, Belize Jill Cotter moved by herself to a coastal town with a friendly expat community, where she volunteers in a local school. READ IT
    • Aging Out of Place in Seville, Spain When Karen MacMann moved from Ohio to Seville, she found a less costly, livelier and more intergenerational life. READ IT
    • Aging Out of Place in Barranco, Peru What’s it like to live in this bohemian neighborhood of Lima? Larry Pitman retired there and discovered his third act — plus a top-notch health system. READ IT
    • Aging Out of Place in Jomtien, Thailand A theater fan and classical music lover, Sheldon Penner has found both friends and a cultural life in Thailand. It’s also a life he can afford. READ IT
    • Aging Out of Place in San Miguel, Mexico This Mexican mountain town has much to offer seniors – including those who are single. READ IT
    • Aging Out of Place in San Vicente, Ecuador After a series of heart attacks, Don Murray and his wife spent a year researching retirement-abroad options online and settled on this laid-back rustic town. READ IT

    Apps, Sites and Other Resources

    • Toolbar: Travel Armchair Style With Fotopedia Heritage Whether you’re an armchair traveler or like to absorb facts about faraway places through visuals, the award-winning app Fotopedia will take you there. READ IT
    • How To Use Google Earth Revisit your past, check a vacation destination, house hunt from home, tour the world — there are so many reasons to use Google Earth. READ IT
    • Sh**T Duolingo Says: A Language App Helps You Confuse The Locals Duolingo could become your favorite language apps. It’s designed to make learning words and phrases fun— if a little unusual! READ IT
    • On The Road: Apps, Gadgets and Tips Recovering technophobe Erica takes a look at easy-to-use apps and gadgets for your next road trip. READ IT
    • Google Street View’s Galleries of the World See interactive views of some of the world’s most beautiful places. It’s like traveling to the Antarctic, the world’s highest peaks and most beautiful coral reefs — without the crowds. READ IT




    Hotel Alternatives

        • Air BnB The world’s go-to site for “sharing economy” accommodations, AirBnB connects guests with hosts in 30 thousand cities.
        • The Freebird Club It’s known as AirBnB for seniors. Freebird connects seniors looking for accommodations with others who host paid guests. (Paid membership)
        • VRBO TVRBO connects guests and hosts, but the focus here is on entire apartments and homes. (See this guide to the differences.)
        • Couchsurfing The global couchsurfing community hosts guests for free — yes, often on the sofa.
        • Trusted Housesitters This site connects people who want to travel and are up for petsitting, with people who need a petsitter to stay in their home for free.
        • Hostelz Compare results from several hostel booking sites at once on this international site.

    Travel Booking Sites & Apps

    Most of these sites also offer mobile apps.

        • Hopper This app often delivers the best deals on flights, plus accurate predictions of fare increases or decreases. “Watch” a trip to get price-drop notifications on your phone.
        • Kayak Filter for time of flight, nonstop and other preferences. Kayak combines airlines in single packages to offer lower fares and lets you search for senior fares. You can also book hotel, car rental, etc.
        • WhereforEnter your dates and a budget for air and hotel, and Wherefor tells you where you can go and lets you book it. Prices are no higher than on other discount booking sites.
        • Wanderu Wanderu searches hundreds of bus services and train lines across the United States to find the best deals and lets you book without leaving the website.
        • Seat Guru Booking a flight and not sure which seat to pick? Seat Guru will show you a map of your plane with the best and problem seat numbers mapped out.
        • Hotel Tonight Find last-minute deals (7 days out) at hotels around the world. Because the hotels are filling empty rooms, savings can be significant.
        • Get Your Guide Find things to do in cities around the world — from museums to rafting trips — and book from home. The site claims to have the lowest prices.

    Travel Sites & Blogs

        • Trip Advisor Plan and book your trip on this enormously comprehensive site, which includes travelers’ reviews of destinations and hotels, along with planning and booking tools.
        • Gypsy Nester Written by a retired couple who are touring the world, this blog gives helpful tips and reviews of destinations, cruises and more. Sign up for the newsletter to get updates.
        • Enjoy Living Abroad Despite its name, this blog by senior Barbara McKann is as much about travel as the expat life. McKann’s travel tips are worth checking out.