Senior Planet Members to Rock the Runway

September is Fashion Month and it is in full swing in New York, in London, in Milan…and at Senior Planet’s New York location at 127 w. 25th Street…at some Senior Planet locations outside New York, and on the Senior Planet Youtube Channel.

“In honor of Fashion Month, we will host our first-ever Fashion Show,” says New York Program Director Aaron Santis, “and we’ll be featuring our Senior Planet Members who are fashion entrepreneurs – we have lots of members who make and sell clothing and accessories through their websites and elsewhere.  Our members defy the stereotype that fashion stops when you get your Medicare card.”

Senior Planet members will rock the runway on September 26 at the Senior Planet Exploration Center  in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood between 6pm- 8pm EST.  Only original designs are part of the show – only wearable fashion clothing, hats, buttons, handbags, jewelry, scarves, or accessories, modeled by the creators or by volunteers. Each designer will present four different looks.  After the show, each designer will talk briefly about his or her work and explain how to purchase it.

“We support entrepreneurship,”says Santis, “It’s all part of aging with attitude!”

The participants

The participants (all members over 60 year old) include (in alphabetical order):

Ludmila Bokov, 73,  will model her vests of various colors and decorated with beads and semi-precious stones. She will display three leather vests and one long felt vest.  “I’m particpating for style,” said Bokov, who worked as a model in Moscow during her  student days. “But I presume the show will give me the possibility to sell my goods. Senior Planet is a very important venue for us to share our work.”

Virginia Hamlin of Virginia’s Clay and Cloth will display scarves at the fashion show. Hamlin started out as a ceramic artist but she added a unique collection of scarves.

Carlos Lewis of  Carlos Hats will be displaying four hats that he describes as “over  the top, the kind ladies would take to the races or wear to church.” This includes two white hats with  huge brims and crowns with conical and spiral shapes and a peach colored spring hat with honeycomb lace and rhinestones. Lewis, 73, used to design hats for many entertainers but business went downhill after 9/11. Now he works exclusively for individuals out of his home studio in the Bronx.  “Going to Senior Planet and taking a course encouraged me to start building a  website to enhance my business and make it grow,” Lewis said.    

Madelyn Rich of  Accents by Madelyn specializes in making accessories- hand bags, tote bags, shawls, scarves, gloves. She will be modeling her knitted cowels. Rich, 75, grew up in a family where all the women sewed and did crafts. Rich started coming to the Senior Planet center about six years ago. When friends asked why she didn’t go to a center closer to her home, she replied, “I don’t do  bingo.”She took courses to learn Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, where her knitting photos connected her to others with helpful suggestions. “There is a whole big world out there,” she said of Instagram. Now she is learning Etsy and Wix to help with sales. After various careers – bank officer, paralegal, and social worker – Rich  retired and launched her own business. Her added income helps to finance trips and cruises.

Arline Rubin of Arline Rubin Designs will model an unlined jacket made of crocheted doilies put together to form the jacket.  It is made of cotton crochet thread in white or ecru. She crocheted in the holes so that it appears as one piece. Rubin, 84, also makes crocheted bags  that she will model with the jacket.  In addition, she will display her woolen scarves  and one made of silk ribbons.  Rubin was a professor at Brooklyn College for over 35 years and taught teachers how to make crafts to teach in their Home Economics classes. Eventually, she began her own cottage industry. Now she sells her wares at the Senior Planet crafts fair, street fairs, and boutiques. She also makes jewelry and flower pressed cards.

Martinu Schneegass of  Fire Island Vibes   makes colorful T-shirts, tank tops, beach towels with fractal designs including photography and sublimation printing.  Two models will wear his shirts. “My dream of printing T-shirts has been a round a long time but the technology was not there until recently,” said  Schneegass, 68, whose products are sold in stores in New York City,  Fire Island, Miami. He has degrees in Fine Arts and  Architecture and works as a photo shop specialist. Schneegass took a 10 week course about e-commerce at Senior Planet. “It was useful,”  he said.  “It encouraged me to start selling on Amazon and put up a website.”

The details: live and livestreamed                                              

Want to attend the event in New York City? RSVP is required. To RSVP, please email or call 646-590-0615. 

If you can’t attend in person, the fashion show will be livestreamed on Senior Planet’s YouTube channel on the same date and time: September 26 from 6PM – 8PM EST.  Don’t worry if you can’t “be” there — the event will live on in cyber-history! You’ll be able to access it anytime on Senior Planet’s YouTube Channel!

Attention Senior Planet members in other locations:  Some of our other locations (in Palo Alto and elsewhere) may be planning a watch party at the same time – so call them to confirm.

Photo:  Tshirts from Fire Island Vibes T-shirts by Martinu Scheegass.

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