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Senior Planet Book Club Week 2 and Meeting Announcement

Welcome to our second week’s discussion of…

Tepper Isn’t Going Out by Calvin Trillin

We read Chapters 12-22 this week. What did you think? What are you liking so far? What questions are popping up for you?

Start discussing in the comments below!


For next Thursday, April 30, we’ll read the final third of the book (chapters 23-33). Then we’ll have our first Book Club Meeting!

Join us on Thursday, April 30 at 6pm EDT for a discussion over Zoom. Click here for details!

Haven’t gotten your copy yet? Click here to see how you can join the discussion.


3 responses to “Senior Planet Book Club Week 2 and Meeting Announcement

  1. Still haven’t gotten much further, but am enjoying comments and finding them helpful with this read, ie, comparisons to real life politicians and having also grown up in NYC and remembering my parents discussions about parking!

    Do look forward to continuing Tepper Isn’t Going Out and will get to it;)

  2. Although i am liking this read, i haven’t kept up, but did leave off where the mayor Ducavelli is being discussed and Trillin writes “…I do think it’s possible that hizzoner may have realized that requiring gloves is not some sort of magic bullet…” and am thinking how much we r depending on gloves n masks right now n wanting to b in the parking story time!

    1. I didn’t even think of how much happier I would be in the parking story time. At least in my mind, it was a much happier time for so many reasons: all the people who are gone would still be here, my favorite places would still be here, I would be younger and spryer . . . .

      I hope you got to the point to which my overriding impression refers. I was never a Guiliani fan but I don’t remember his being as awful as the mayor in the book–who IS however (and I hope I don’t trounce on political toes) is amazingly and presciently like Trump. The resemblances get even more weird–Trillin creates a sycophant attorney-aide to the mayor who performs the same role to the mayor that it turned out Guiliani performed to Trump!

      Trillin seems to write facilely, almost thoughtfully. So it is stunning when, as I don’t think, Lucy, you are there yet, he links a little sub-plot from Russ and Daughters into a conversation Tepper has with his wife over the dinner table! I have a few more notes I made to myself, but I’ll hold them until there are more posts.

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