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Senior Planet Book Club Week 1 and Meeting Announcement

Welcome to our first week discussion of…

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

We read chapters 1-7 this week. What did you think? What are you liking so far? What questions are popping up for you?

Start discussing in the comments below!

For next Tuesday, May 26, we’ll read part II of the book (chapters 8-15). 

Join us on Thursday, June 4 at 6pm EDT for a discussion over Zoom. Click here for details!

Haven’t gotten your copy yet? Click here to see how you can join the discussion.


6 responses to “Senior Planet Book Club Week 1 and Meeting Announcement

  1. I am enjoying the audio book. Tom Hanks narration and suits the character of Danny. The sibling relationship is beautifully developed and the description of the house brings it to life. I agreed with a previous comment that the children’s perspective makes the story interesting.

  2. I just received the book so I have only read up to to Chapter 3. I think the characters are developed well and think the tension between the children, Maeve and Danny, and their adult environment is established. Presenting the “wicked step-mother” from the children’s point of view is interesting to me and I look forward to catching up.

  3. Full disclosure. I am not a fan of contemporary literature. Only after a really good friend AND others told me I had to read A Gentleman From Moscow and loved it–but it is most impressive because the author managed to absorb the styles of classic novelists. About Dutch House: I’ve been reading and reading–I’m at Chapter 11, trying to find the “what” of the book. Nothing much against it–but nothing much for it either. Although I am very impressed with what I find are seamless editing of chronological shifts. Too, I like the character of the hero, who at identifies various historical events that surround him but maintains this extraordinary self-determination that as far as I am concerned defies any of the external influences that affect me and most people I know. I think the determination with which the two pursue using up the one financial legacy lef t them by their father in order to frustrate the wicked step-mother.

  4. I am enjoying reading this book. It reminds me so much of the Cinderella story. I can understand why the wicked stepmother behaved the way she did, but I don’t approve of it. I am puzzled about why Maeve would sit in her car and look at the house. Is she wishing evil on the wicked stepmother or is she just homesick or is it something else yet to be revealed.

  5. I really liked “The Dutch House.” I listened to the audio version which is narrated by Tom Hanks and that made it even better. It’s a saga of a family with its ups and downs, many centered around “The House.” I felt the author did a good job of character development and creates an interesting and believable plot. No real cliffhangers or surprises. I am not a big fan of the author but I liked this much better than “State of Wonder”.

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