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Senior Planet Book Club: The Vanishing Half

The votes have been counted and we are pleased to announce that our next online Book Club offering is…..

The Vanishing Half by Britt Bennett

For week one of our Book Club, please read chapters 1-5 by Tuesday, April 6th.

Then come back to and we will open a conversation in the comments so everyone can discuss what we read.

We’ll meet over Zoom to discuss the full book the week of April 27th. More details to come!

Here is how you can obtain a copy of The Vanishing Half:

Borrow Online:

Most libraries in the U.S. allow patrons to borrow e-books or audiobooks through online systems or applications you can download to your smartphone. OverDrive and Hoopla are two of the most popular services. The Vanishing Half is currently available on OverDrive HERE. If you are in New York State, you can apply for a library card online HERE.


Order a Hard Copy:

Contact your local bookstore to see if they are shipping books! We highly encourage you to support the independently owned bookstores in your area.


Visit, an online bookstore with a mission to financially support independent bookstores and give back to the book community.


Order on Amazon for $16.20


Read on Your Desktop or Tablet:

Purchase on Google Play: $13.99


Read on Your Smartphone, E-Reader or Tablet:

Purchase on Kindle: $13.99

Don’t have a Kindle? You can download the Kindle app for free on your smartphone or tablet!


Purchase on Nook: $13.99

Don’t have a Nook? You can download the Nook app for free on your smartphone or tablet!


Having any issues getting the book? Call (917) 936-4410 for assistance!


11 responses to “Senior Planet Book Club: The Vanishing Half

  1. As I read the first 6 chapters of this novel, it brought to mind “The Willie Lynch Letter & the Making of a Slave:” specifically the section that stated in excerpt, “…full proof method for controlling your black slaves…for at least 300 years…take the differences among the slaves…I use envy for control purposes…” In essence, one of the techniques used to control blacks in America, yesterday and today, was and is the exploitation of differing skin color, with preferential treatment granted to those of lighter hues.

  2. Hmmmm….loving this book, but I misunderstood that there would be a Zoom meeting today. Truth be told, I just started Chapter 4 which appears to be teenage Jude in her travels. Gender and race relations, unexpected and sometimes mysterious, make this a good read

    1. Welcome Cleta! There is no specific time to discuss the reading in the comments section every week, comment whenever you like after our weekly article has been posted! But we do have a specific time to meet over Zoom once we’ve finished the book. That will be announced next week or the week following. For weekly Tuesday updates on the book club you can subscribe to out newsletter “The Orbit” here:

      1. I dont know if this is “illegal” but if you have an ereader, like Kindle, this book is sold on ebay for about $3. The “owner” will then send you a link and you can load into whatever format your device can read. Seems to me if it were illegal, ebay wouldn’t do it, but it is a nice alternative to save money!

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