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Senior Planet Book Club: The Mothers (Week 2)

Welcome to our second week’s discussion of…

The Mothers by Brit Bennett

We read chapters 6-10 this week. What did you think? What do you hope to see happen? Start discussing in the comments below!

For week three of our Book Club, please finish the book by Tuesday, September 1. 

Join us on Tuesday, September 1 at 5pm EST for our discussion about the whole book over Zoom.

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2 responses to “Senior Planet Book Club: The Mothers (Week 2)

  1. want to join for the next book. Keep me informed. I dont need another book group but just finished Vanished Halves and want to read her first book or whatever you choose next. \
    Sweet Lord Bird by James McBride is going to begin televising as a mini series on Showtime the beginning of Octber. Trying to make sure I get that done before it begins.

  2. Aha!! So happy Nadia went to the University of Michigan. I did feel bad for Luke in getting so banged up, though it does put him in a different path and allows Aubrey to be there. Interesting to see his mom react when Nadia arrives for their wedding though I wasn’t surprised.
    I am enjoying the author’s writing style in telling the story. Many thanks for choosing it as I don’t think I would have chosen it myself.
    Really looking forward to seeing what happens! And trying out Zoom next week…first time

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