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Senior Planet Book Club: Born a Crime (Week 2)

Welcome to our first week discussion of…

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

We read part II this week. What did you think? What are you liking so far? What questions are popping up for you?

Start discussing in the comments below!

For next Tuesday, July 28, we’ll read part III of the book. 

Join us on Tuesday, July 28, 5pm EDT for a discussion over Zoom.

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2 responses to “Senior Planet Book Club: Born a Crime (Week 2)

  1. I am astonished at the resourcefulness and the drive of people like Trevor. That nothing, brings down their spirit. He seems so positive through it all. I am amazed. It’s, he’s inspiring. His descriptions of the neighborhoods bring me there.
    I think it’s so important to learn about history, other’s life experiences, other cultures. Makes us more understanding, more compassionate, hopefully more empowered to help with needed change.

  2. This is a fabulous recommendation for the Book Club, so I just want to thank everyone who voted to select Trevor’s bio. This is the first Club selection I am reading. Thoroughly enjoying Trevor’s approach to life and his life lessons, both poignant and funny. I never knew many specifics about life under apartheid, so this has given me insight into that terrible time and policies in South Africa.

    Unfortunately, I will miss the discussion on the 28th, but look forward to the next book selection and connecting.

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