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Senior Planet 2nd Annual Virtual Fireworks Show

Who knew that something called a Graphics Interchange Format image, a.k.a. a “GIF,” could be such fun. GIFs, which were invented back in 1987, are such simple digital items that they’ve become easy to make – and anyone can copy and paste them.

So, for our 2nd Annual Virtual Fireworks Show, we’re inviting you to grab your favorite GIF below, paste it into an email and send it to your friends. (Scroll all the way down to see instructions for copying and pasting these images.)

If you want to find your own GIFs elsewhere on the Internet, just try Googling “Tumblr” + “GIF”, or go to and enter “fireworks” into the search bar.

These are a few of our favorites.


Firework Gif-Senior Planet








How to Copy & Paste Images

Copy and paste a GIF – computer

  • Right-click on the image (PC) or hold the Ctrl key and click on the image (Mac).
  • Select Copy Image or Copy from the right-click menu (PC) or Save Image as (Mac). This will copy the image file to your clipboard, allowing you to paste it wherever you want.
  • In your email or wherever you want to paste your image, right-click and select Paste from the menu, or press Ctrl+V (PC) or ⌘ Cmd+V (Mac).

Copy and paste a GIF – iPad

  • Tap and hold on the image and select Copy. This will save the image to your Camera Roll.
  • In the body of a new email, tap and hold. Use the forward arrow to scroll through the options and select Insert Photo or Video.
  • Select Camera Roll, find the image you just copied and click Choose. The image will be copied to your email.

Make Your Own GIF

Several sites let you easily create your own GIFs by simply uploading two or more images. The trick is to find images shot within seconds of one another of the same person or scene; it could be a flower moving in a breeze, a grandchild waving goodbye or your friend dancing. In general, only low resolution images will be uploaded – most camera phone images are low-res and if you’re using a digital camera, just shoot at a low setting.

  • To make GIFs on your computer, try
  • To make GIFs on your smartphone try 5SecondsApp (for iPhone) or GifCamera (for Android)
  • Make a GIF and have it printed as a physical 3D greeting card on

More About GIFS

Check out our Valentine’s Day GIFS by clicking here.
Read about why “GIF” was named the word of the year for 2012 by clicking here.
Learn about GIFs on Wikipedia.


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