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July 15, 2013

Fun For the Brain: How Smiling Can Slow Brain Aging

…subjective, here are a few websites that are sure to make you crack up: Lost In Translation For the funniest bad translations, click here to see the Fail Blog’s “Bad…

June 28, 2013

Live Music Online: Sites and Apps for Your Listening Pleasure

Across the web are unique websites that make it easy for you to turn your computer into a state-of-the-art jukebox, or even video jukebox, enhanced with more information about music…

November 8, 2019

Our Purpose

…new friends. Senior Planet is about much more than just the latest gadgets and apps and websites. Those gadgets and apps and websites are just means to an end: enabling…

September 21, 2014

Medicare Basics and Online Tools

…marketplace websites when exploring Medicare options. How to Find the Best Plans You can find all plans available to you via Medicare’s personalized Find a Plan tool. By entering your…

March 7, 2014

How I Beat the Clutter By Going Paperless

…calendar. I bit the bullet and ticked off the “go paperless” buttons on several websites. Now I had to decide whether to use the bank’s website to pay my bills…

May 2, 2014

Bargain Tips From an Online Shopaholic

…great clearance sale in the sky as I paw through websites searching for incredible deals. Before the era of online shopping, if I wanted to indulge my addiction I had…

12/19/2019 | 1:00pm2:00pm EST

Lecture: Online Health Resources

…one’s health. This presentation will introduce you to the topics and tools offered on two reputable websites, MedlinePlus and Mayo Clinic. You’ll also learn how to evaluate health-related information online….

March 10, 2014

Revolution In Our Lifetime? Bitcoins, The Internet of Things & 3D Printing

…plumbing leak – or someone else to the fact that you fell. And websites already accept digital currency – bitcoins – as payment; what’s more, the first bitcoin ATMs were…

April 10, 2019

“Oh, Doctor…”

…and tips on interpreting lab test results. Learn how to decide which medical websites you can trust. Discuss Your Diagnosis and What to Expect A diagnosis identifies your disease or…

October 25, 2012

Toolbar: Online Exercise for Seniors

…Other studies have suggested that resistance training can also help. Since strong bodies make better walking bodies, we’ve tracked down a couple of websites that can help you stay fit,…

February 7 | 2:15pm3:15pm EST

@ The Center: Online Dating Lecture

This lecture will talk about dos and don’ts of online dating. Learn about different online dating websites and platforms. Hear about the different features sites have and learn about what…

April 10, 2013

Vote in the Webbys

…a thousand Webby Academy members from more than 30 countries sifted through 11 thousand entries to determine which websites will go head to head. Just seven percent of submissions went…

February 26, 2016

Tech Tip: How to Share a Link With a Friend

…browsing the Internet that you know will crack your friends up? Or read a thought-provoking article that you can’t wait to discuss with someone? Most websites today make it easy…

April 16 | 3:00pm4:00pm CDT

Online Health Resources

…reputable websites, MedlinePlus and Mayo Clinic. You’ll also learn how to evaluate health-related information online. Click or tap to join this class by Zoom: Meeting ID: 323 245 7287…

April 3, 2020

Coronavirus Scams

…you can check them out at websites like Charity Navigator. Have updated computer software and anti-virus protection, which often prevent malware from automatically installing. But new versions pop up often…