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March 17, 2013

Linky Sunday: Stroke Victims Diagnosed by Texting Ability, Bible App is Hot, 70-Year-Old Prostitutes to Retire

It’s Linky Sunday – put on the coffee and prepare your cursor :) Here’s our roundup of the past week’s news. Amsterdam’s oldest prostitutes retiring at 70. Citing arthritis and…

May 5, 2017

Superheroes with Laptops: Older Crisis Volunteers Are Saving Young Lives

…24/7 helpline that lets people in crisis text message a counselor. CTL’s success has surprised even its founder and CEO, Nancy Lubin. Lubin began texting with teens when she was…

April 25, 2014

Celliquette for Seniors: Where Do You Draw the Line?

…a phone ringing during a show. But I sure don’t want to be that cranky old lady reprimanding a young person who’s texting. I really don’t get how the light…

September 21, 2014

Teen invents life-changing Alzheimer’s device – and more from the week online

texting while walking? One Chinese city, expressing concern over the dangers to older people and kids from people who text while walking (TXX), has created a special sidewalk lane for…

March 28, 2016

Meet Carla (or Carl), the Simple Reminder Tool You Carry With You

…for virtual assistant Carla online, or simply by texting 213-465-7640. Once you’ve done that, Carla will prompt you with a few steps on how to get started remind. Setup takes…

April 11, 2015

6 Reasons a Smartphone Is Right For You

…my smartphone. I use it for everything from reading the NY Times and listening to books, to texting, sending emails, checking Facebook, getting directions and settling arguments by asking Google….

October 19, 2012

Smartphones Aren’t for Seniors

…I know it’s supposed to be a timesaver, easier to use and intuitive. I’ve watched my offspring, in their 20s now, happily qwertified, two thumbs texting in a blur. For…

December 19, 2014

50 years of marching – and more from the week online

…to text a lot at night; is that because we’re all texting our votes to reality TV shows? Read more about the Signature of Humanity Project and check out the…

June 10, 2016

My Name Is Erica and I’m a Cellphone Addict

…a restaurant and can’t read the menu To call an Uber when I can’t drive because I’m getting sedation at the doc’s office. To consult my shopping list. For texting….

December 31, 2013

The 30 Most Popular Reads of the Year on Senior Planet

…read someone’s mood when you’re texting? You need emoticons! Learn how to make them here. Read more   Online Radio That Only Plays Music You Like Pandora is a free…

July 16, 2018

Ask Joan: Can Oral be taught?

…We met in person once, then developed a lovely, long-distance texting and phoning relationship. We recently booked a trip to get to know one another in person and explore the…

April 18, 2016

“What Is Old” (or, What’s Wrong with This Video?)

…In an effort to combat ageism, AARP invited several young people into a studio and filmed them demonstrating how “old people” perform physical tasks — including texting. But after a…

February 8, 2014

Aging with Geekitude: There’s an App for That

…or do too many things – make video calls like Skype, send photos, do fancy texting, contact all your friends and tell them you’re down for the party tonight and…

December 8, 2012

91-Year-Old Cover Girl Graces Youthcentric Style Mag

…still has a prehistoric cell-phone that lacks even texting capabilities, and refuses to use email.” Some of our favorite Apfel quotes and photos from Dazed & Confused: “Just because you…

November 8, 2014

Glimmers of Hope in TV-Land

…stereotype by falling in love in their 70s, but both elderly lovers rely on the Internet, Facebook, email, cellphones and texting just as matter of factly as the younger characters….