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June 8, 2018

New Scams on the horizon

…11,000 complaints related to tech support fraud that resulted in claimed losses of nearly $15 million – an 86% increase in losses from 2016. These tech support scams have prompted…

May 31, 2016

A Day in the Digital Life of Joe Isaac

…when he started volunteering as a tech teacher at the Central Kentucky Computer Society, a nonprofit in his hometown of Lexington. Twenty years later he’s a mainstay. Lexington’s senior tech

August 8, 2014

Gadget Designers Aren’t Thinking Past 40: Whatcha Gonna Do?

Last week in Aging With Geekitude, Erica explored the tablet vs. computer question – which is right for you? This week, she’s giving up on affordable, practical tech for seniors…

May 1, 2014

You vs. SCOTUS: Take the Quiz

so subtly blaming their technological cluelessness on their age. Older people who have to keep up with technology to stay employable – or just to keep up with today’s news…

May 29, 2013

Next Big Thing for Seniors?

Does it ever seem like the big tech companies have a big blind spot when it comes to anyone over age 40 – let alone 60? Product design and marketing…

June 24, 2016

Wearables: They Do More Than Count Steps

content officer at Tech 50+, a website for people aged 50+ who haven’t lost the passion for technology and who want tech that works for our generation. An award-winning journalist,…

May 16, 2014

Health Gadgets I Didn’t Know I Needed

…she’s looking at the best new and soon to come products in health tech for the 50-plus crowd.   As a lifelong gadget freak I was in heaven at the…

April 24, 2019

Meet a Volunteer: Noah Stern

If you’ve ever signed up for a ‘tech talk’ at Senior Planet, you may recognize Noah, the Center’s brightest — and youngest — rising star. The 14-year-old tech guru has…

January 18, 2018

Senior Planet goes to the Consumer Electronics Show

MacArthur, Technology Manager, NYC Programs, and Alex Glazebrook, Director of Training and Technology. We asked Alex to share his standout picks of some exciting standout technologies that could change how…

April 3, 2016

New housing solution unites youth & seniors + more from the week online

…volunteering on and check out our article, “How to Find Volunteer Opportunities Online.” Music Old tech is new again In the past year, streaming has become the most popular…

January 12, 2014

America’s oldest teacher turns 100 – and more hot news and cool finds for seniors

…read our new Scam Alert on Senior Planet. Tech for you The Consumer Electronics Show just wrapped up in Vegas, and tech publications are having a field day reporting on…

May 27, 2015

Meet YouTube’s Oldest How-To Star

…stars. And how did you wind up teaching knitting on YouTube? Eight years ago my son Jefferson, a tech writer for USA TODAY, wrote a story about seniors sharing their…

April 17, 2017

8 Options for Affordable Hearing Aids

technology is hearables. These are not hearing aids as such, but do combine amplification with high tech audio control options. Because they look like regular earbuds, they’re just the ticket…

August 20, 2016

The First App for Alzheimer’s Patients — Made by a 12-Year-Old

a website for people aged 50+ who haven’t lost the passion for technology and who want tech that works for our generation. An award-winning journalist, Gary has been covering technology…

October 25, 2015

Princess Leila, Older Woman — and more from the week online

…host investigates the disappearance of 300 people from one small town. See the whole list in this slideshow. Rethinking high tech for aging Aging is an emotional process, leading design…