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July 22, 2015

Barack Obama and Jon Stewart: News in the Age of Social Media

…fascinating insights into the challenges of re-architecting the way the White House communicates, Obama referred to the changes that social media have brought to the way we produce and consume…

January 11 | 10:30am12:00pm

@ The Center: Civic Engagement and Advocacy Focus Group

Senior Planet is developing its Civic Engagement and Advocacy programming and we want to hear from members. Are you actively working to make positive change? What are the issues that…

August 22, 2013

Far-Flung Families: Using Tech to Bridge the Distance

…on Facebook, Skype, Instagram and Pinterest – the social photosharing site where I first saw Sarah’s engagement ring.   Facebook   Facebook is one of the more obvious places to…

March 22, 2019

Free classes to get digital in work, money and more

…(Creative Expression, Social Engagement, Civic Engagement Courses) starting at 10:15 am (doors open at 10 am, get there early for a first-come, first-served spot). Courses begin the week of April…

September 19, 2018

How can women make friends after 60?

on making the world a better place. If you have a passion for social issues and want to get involved, the Rotary Club has a process for engagement that you…

October 6, 2012

Our Team

…also a co-founder and board member of the Afro-Latin Jazz Alliance and the New York Memory Center. Dr. Kamber teaches courses at Columbia University on social entrepreneurship, urban research and…

April 21, 2015

Watch: Abby Stokes on Social Networking for Seniors

…book “Is This Thing On? A Friendly Guide to Everything Digital for Newbies, Technophobes and the Kicking & Screaming” is just out) addresses your concerns about social media and explains…

March 1, 2015

Memory improvement myths & facts – and more from the week online

…your social security benefit Claiming Social Security benefits as early as you can rarely makes good money sense. But waiting as long as you can to claim might not be…

August 17, 2016

Why Friendship Changes As We Age

…studied? After all, they’re not counting down the years. “Older monkeys might spend less time socializing because they find social interactions increasingly stressful and therefore avoid them,” the study lead,…

November 8, 2013

Aging Alone Doesn’t Have to Mean Lonely

…become ill? What if I feel lonely and isolated? We worry about maintaining social connections if we lose mobility. Those of us who sought a single life and chose not…

December 21, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff: Why Seniors Are Rejecting the “Chained CPI”

…What Is the Chained CPI? The chained CPI proposal “tweaks” Social Security expenditures by changing the formula by which the entitlement’s annual cost of living increase, or COLA, is calculated….

December 6, 2019

Top Phone Scams of 2019

…has identified the top five phone scams everyone should be aware of in 2019: 1. Social Security scams – This scam has skyrocketed in 2019, with consumers complaining about social

May 20, 2013

Scams: Are You Immune?

…or emailed you, you are probably a relatively social person with a healthy sense of your own value. Or you’re kidding yourself.   Two Risk Factors for Senior Scams  …

December 19, 2018

#RaisingHell at Senior Planet

…develop Senior Planet’s platform for positive social change and I can’t wait for the action that 2019 will bring for our Civic Engagement and Advocacy programming.” In the meantime, Muriel…

November 12, 2019

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