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March 22, 2014

The New Retirement Hotspots: They’re More Than Golf Courses

…analyst Sreekar Jashti told us that most of these up-and-coming senior cities share strong retirement communities – and something else: “After ranking the places based on the numbers we crunched,…

February 7, 2020

Try Retirement 2.0!

…over 65 for her new book ‘Retirement and Its Discontents. Why We Won’t Stop Working, Even If We Can.’ She discovered that many interviewees felt rudderless and unfulfilled, mourning their…

03/05/2019 | 6:00pm7:30pm

Tax-Smart Retirement Plans

…various available options for retirement savings. Sallie Mullins Thompson, CPA PLLC, discusses the tax benefits; which option works best for specific situations, and planning tips for your future retirement savings….

June 2, 2016

Video of the Week: An AirBnB Retirement

…of traveling (and counting), 45 countries, 125 cities, 85 AirBnBs. Michael and Debbie Campbell had been in”what’s next?” mode — they’d been wondering what their retirement might look like. When…

June 8, 2014

WW2 vet escapes from retirement home and heads to France – and more picks from the week online

retirement home in the British coastal town of Hove – until last week. Now he’s all over the news – he’s the WW2 vet who ran away to France to…

July 9, 2014

Foot Loose and Fancy Free in Retirement

Selling all your worldly belongings and living on the road is not typically something we associate with retirement. It’s supposed to be what you do when you’re 20-something, not 70-something….

05/13/2019 | 5:30pm

Preparing for Retirement

…biggest risks to your retirement income? What should you do with your money? It’s a good overview; there are no specific investment suggestions but you will be well prepared for…

December 2, 2012

Linky Sunday: Granny Pods, Retirement Havens and a Job for 80-Year-Olds

…are the best foreign retirement havens right now? Forbes has just published its top 15 for 2012, including post-bust Ireland and Spain’s Costa del Sol, and more far-flung places like…

August 13, 2019

MIT Technology Review: “Inside Senior Planet, the Tech-Savviest Retirement Community on Earth”

Inside Senior Planet, the tech-savviest retirement community on earth.…

October 15, 2012

Linky Sunday: Reverse Mortgages, Retirement Spots, and More

Welcome to Linky Sunday. Put on the coffee and prepare your cursor. It’s time to click. Last week, California became the largest state to legalize driverless cars. Google is just…

June 2, 2013

Linky Sunday: Matching Couple in the News, Phased Retirements, Lifelong Learning…

…week. Companies are now more likely to let workers cut hours pre-retirement and stay on part-time post-retirement, sometimes with benefits. It’s a way for seniors to transition out of jobs…

06/25/2019 | 1:00pm2:00pm

Managing healthcare costs in retirement

This talk, presented by Foresters Financial, helps first-time and experienced Medicare enrollees. You will learn how enrollment periods work, how to avoid late enrollment penalties, cost estimates for Medicare,…

April 27, 2018

Wondering where to retire?

…happy. Here’s how to avoid costly retirement mistakes Does it fit your retirement ‘mission?” Does a retirement location support your retirement “purpose?” Lauren McLaughlin, a Florida minister, says “people who…

June 3, 2013

Best Places to Retire Lists: the Best and Worst

…An artists’ colony for seniors blossoms in Burbank for those who’d like to paint, make music and write through their retirements. This is one of the few retirement lists to…

April 26, 2015

A major new report on “cognitive aging” and more from the week online

…full report, click here. And take the Institute of Medicine’s “Cognitive Health” quiz below. Enough already with the no-retirement myth Images of glowing silver-haired couples on golf courses are giving…