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Thursday, May 9

Carers and Elders: What’s Up with the System?

…among the top five work-related injuries in the field. The report also notes that home health aides face the problem of arranging daily transportation from job to job – a…

Wednesday, February 8

Starting Over: From La-Z-Boy Manager to 3-D Photographer

…California when they retired, and the idea fit in well with Robinson’s dream: He wanted to get into the tech industry. Eventually Robinson realized his dream—via a part-time job at…

Monday, May 6

Older Workers: What “Work” Means Now

If you’re worried about your job or have been laid off, you might know that while older workers have fared better than younger ones during the recession, once you’re unemployed,…

Sunday, April 5

92-year-old inventor has a big idea – and more from the week online

job loss left them prematurely retired. Not surprising, then, that the number of older students retraining for those careers is growing steadily – among those who can afford to go…

Friday, February 26

Bulletin Board: Share Your Career Advice With Millennials

Do you have job search tips to share with young job seekers? Here’s your chance….

Friday, May 2

Bargain Tips From an Online Shopaholic

…EBay.     Auction Sniper for eBay   I love eBay because it really is bargain hunting at its purest. I usually shop first on Amazon, look at the reviews,…

Saturday, July 1

How I Reinvented Myself at 61

Job hunting in later life can feel fruitless. This writer decided to rethink—and learned an important lesson from a 10-year-old….

Monday, April 14

Linda Perhacs: It’s Never Too Late to Start Again

…even want to listen to it. Dismayed, she threw away her only copy and refocused on her day job as a dental hygienist. It provided security and a steady paycheck….

Tuesday, April 2

WATCH: Brooklyn’s Oldest Shoemaker, Age 91

The Shoemaker from Dustin Cohen on Vimeo. Frank Catalfumoa has been at his job for 68 years. The 91-year-old shoemaker works five days a week with his son Michael at…

Monday, April 22

Change a life. Volunteer.

…an individual thing, and Donna and Eduardo have helped students prepare for citizenship tests and job interviews. Donna role-played going on a job interview with one woman who got the…

Thursday, December 27

Starting Over: The Rise of the Older Entrepreneur

…found himself, at age 64, without a job. “I could have retired,” Morris says, “but I wasn’t ready mentally or financially.” Instead, with two partners, he started a company to…

Monday, February 9

Janitor plays the stock market, bequeaths millions – and more from the week online

…and hauled wood until he hit 90) was playing the stock market. Read the whole story here. Older Job Seekers Are Making Some Big Mistakes Jobs are easier to find…

Friday, March 16

Q&A With Margaret Gullette, Ageism Warrior

…older people? An obvious but still under-estimated one is a 50+ year old’s challenge in finding or holding a job. “We need young blood.” That’s devastating, as well as illegal….

Monday, April 4

Starting Over: How a Retired IT Guy Became DJ PreSkool

…at several NYC venues and this summer, he’ll be working in Europe. Weissman spent 30 plus years in Internet Technology jobs, eventually running IT services for Wells Fargo Bank, where…

Monday, March 11

Your online resume needs a “makeunder”

…pet sitting [] [] If you’re more interested in contract or traditional roles, look to the robust job search sites, such as: Indeed [] LinkedIn Jobs [] Retirement Jobs []…