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February 1, 2019

Think you’re Heart Smart? Take our Quiz

…False. Experts say that’s not so. Read the bad news here. High LDL by itself boosts the risk of heart issues. 6.True. Here’s the skinny on heart-healthy and not heart-healthy…

February 20, 2019

Three surprising ways to help your heart

heart attacks; but other ways to have a healthy heart might surprise you. Dental care and your heart Is there a link between healthy teeth and a healthy heart? Scientists…

April 7, 2014

Eric Topol on the Health Revolution

…academic officer at Scripps Health and co-founder of the West Health Institute, Topol is busy boosting our involvement as patients in our own healthcare through wireless health innovations, such as…

May 25, 2016

How Healthy Are You? A New Study Might Make You Rethink.

…and physical health. Having a broken bone since age 45 predicted future health issues. Sensory functioning—good eyesight, hearing, sense of taste—were critical for staying healthy. That doesn’t mean you have…

March 3, 2017

What’s Next in Health Technology

…those stem cells to form heart cells. It wasn’t exactly “Voila, a human heart!” but the researchers proved that the regenerated human heart cells did beat. “Regenerating a whole heart

April 10, 2013

Seven Health Myths

…about health are (still) true and which aren’t? Here are seven myths, and what health experts are saying about them now. 1. Eggs Hurt Your Heart For years, we’ve been…

02/27/2019 | 3:00pm5:00pm

@ The Center: Love Your Heart

Learn how to love your heart during a talk featuring a guest lecturer from Mount Sinai and try out different health-monitoring technology. Heart-healthy light refreshments will be offered. RSVP required….

May 13, 2013

The Easy Way to a Mediterranean Diet

…wine — cuts the risk of heart disease. Now the first major clinical trial has produced significant evidence. Heart health The trial, conducted among people ages 55 to 80 and…

September 13, 2017

Back to School: Free Online Courses 2017

…5 weeks Heart Health: A Beginner’s Guide to Cardiovascular Disease Home exercises and practical tips developed by cardiovascular experts combine with discussions of how the heart works, the causes of…

October 2, 2019

Boost Brain Health

Brain health is the ability to remember, learn, play and maintain an active mind. According to the American Heart Association, failing brain health is a public health epidemic that could…

February 26, 2013

Can You Believe the Health News?

health advice, symptoms, or a medical “breakthrough,” head for reliable sources: The National Institutes of Health The MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention The American Cancer…

June 14, 2015

Online fitness for heart health, a “dementia farm” – and more from the week online

…Everest, either. What’s on yours? (Video link for mobile) A new online fitness program for heart health The well respected Peter Munk Cardiac Centre at Toronto General Hospital unveiled a…

May 1, 2016

Seniors are clamoring to join this clinical trial — and more from the week online

…us live longer We’ve known for a while that aerobics can help us stay heart-healthy and ward off diabetes and cancer. But there’s been less evidence for strength training exercise….

February 14, 2020

Introducing the Senior Planet Sponsored Athletes

…also remind us of another, less sentimental observance taking place all month long: February is American Heart Month. The Heart + Health Connection There’s a clear connection between feelings of…

September 12, 2014

Doctored: A Cardiologist Exposes the Health Care System That Fails Us

…late 50s, with congestive heart failure due to a disease that affected his heart and his lungs. The doctors, including Jauhar, recommended a heart-lung transplant as his only hope. He…