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June 14, 2013

Elder Financial Abuse: A Boom Industry

financial abuse. The American Bankers Association says 25 states require financial institutions to report suspicious withdrawals from seniors’ accounts. California has special courts dedicated to elder financial fraud. California also…

May 20, 2013

Scam Alert: Fake Emails from “Social Security Administration”

…Open a Social Security Administration Account To open a personal accounts on my Social Security, you should go directly to the my Social Security page. You can access that page…

March 16, 2017

How to Get Better Interest Rates Online

…of financial rate information. It conducts ongoing research into some 4,800 financial institutions in all 50 states. Clicking on’s toolbar at the top for “Bank Rates” reveals a pulldown…

June 8, 2018

New Scams on the horizon

…Avast, a multi-national cybersecurity firm, found that one in three worldwide users mistakenly believed that a fake mobile banking app was the real thing, putting their financial data at risk….

June 14, 2015

Online fitness for heart health, a “dementia farm” – and more from the week online

…senior financial security. In conference terms, that means Social Security, savings and investments, and pensions – in other words, retirement financial security. What about work? That’s the question’s Betsy…

February 4, 2019

How secure are your mobile devices?

…writer based on Central PA. She’s covered cybersecurity and identity theft issues since 2008; in 2017, she was named a Top 25 Influencer in Cybersecurity among Women in Tech by…

March 14, 2018

My relatives fell for this new scam. Will you?

…study by True Link Financial estimates that seniors lose more than $36 billion each year to various kinds of financial abuse, including scams that prey on victims by luring them…

September 3, 2018

Three views on financial planning

Retirees and those facing retirement probably spend more time thinking about money than any other time in their lives. Some choose to go it alone, others look for a financial

June 1, 2015

The IRS Hack: Are You Affected?

…of birth, street address, Social Security number and answers to several security questions like mother’s maiden name and place of birth – all of which is available from online sources…

09/20/2019 | 10:00am5:00pm

Financial Advice Day

…use the Library’s database resources, and talks on understanding Medicare, cybersecurity, financial statements and much more. To learn more call 917-ASK-NYPL (917-275-6975). Advance registration is not required, but seating and…

November 21, 2012

How to Protect Your Personal Info From Cybercrooks

…makes your computer security software detects a new threat, cyberscammers are figuring out how to make a new nasty. By installing critical updates to your antivirus software whenever you see…

April 13, 2014

A major security alert – and more from the week online

From news you can use to finds you might love, click through our picks from the week online. It’s a video-heavy week – but first the serious stuff…   Security

December 6, 2019

Top Phone Scams of 2019

…Social Security Administration does not “suspend” your social security number for any reason. Any type of call or voicemail you receive with language to this effect is a scam. Be…

November 22, 2019

SIM Card Scam

…you get via text message, a security key, or an authentication app. Or something you are — like a scan of your fingerprint, your retina, or your face. Armed with…

August 15, 2018

The latest on new Medicare cards

To prevent fraud and fight identity theft, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has been distributing new Medicare cards that don’t have the beneficiaries’ Social Security numbers on…