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February 14, 2015

Better Dead Than Old?

…reach 85, many will live with dementia. None of this has to be “ugly” if, as a society, we value people and their diversity. Currently, we are conflicted: we use…

May 1, 2017

A Theater Workshop Joins Generations

…and theater experience aren’t required; instead, NYTW looks for enthusiasm and commitment as well as diversity. Participants come from a variety of cultural and economic backgrounds. Despite significant differences, many…

June 22, 2014

6,000 steps a day can improve arthritis – and more from the week online

…time) “Unamused.” See thew whole list of 100 here and read more analysis of the world’s emoji-ing (including, no racial diversity) by clicking here. Plus Getting six to nine hours’…

July 28 | 1:00pm3:00pm

Lincoln Center Out of Doors

Lincoln Center Out of Doors celebrates the diversity and vibrancy of New York’s many cultures – with a dash of NY sass….

July 23 | 11:00am6:00pm

Gallery: Radical Love

An art gallery nestled in Midtown offers a powerful show about love and diversity….

December 4 | 11:00am6:00pm

Last Chance: Modern Art for a New India

See the gorgeous diversity of India in the works of these progressive artists….