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Friday, February 21

My Search for the Best Free and Cheap eBooks

…their “best sellers” tab to find books recommended by readers. One Hundred Free Books As it happens, Jewish vampire books are my favorite genre, and serendipitously, when I took a…

Friday, February 14

Aging With Geekitude: Addicted to Audiobooks

…When my book club would assign long, highbrow books, I’d consider skipping the next meeting. Until I discovered audiobooks. Many of my non-techie friends also listen to audiobooks but are…

Fri January 31 | EDT

Free loans of movies and books

…home. Get started with borrowing e-books on your tablet, smartphone, or e-reader. You can learn to take advantage of free access to books, films, magazines, and more! Just stop by…

Wed March 11 | EDT

Appraising your old books

…that the antiquarian community uses to value a book. If you need more inspiration, check out The Booksellers, a new documentary about old books and book collectors. Photo by Clem…

Tuesday, December 9

How to Self-Publish Your Life Story

…of books. Today, books can be printed one at a time as they’re ordered and bought online, eliminating expensive print runs, the need to warehouse thousands of books, and (unfortunately)…

Wednesday, October 24

Can America’s Reading Matter Tell Us Who’ll Win the Election?

…are Americans gobbling up so many more conservative than liberal books through Amazon and Kindle even though the two groups read about an equal number of books each year? Some…

Wednesday, February 5

Dieting When You’re Older: Are the Rules Different?

…too. This past month has seen the publication of most of the year’s big diet books in hardcover and Kindle editions. In 2014, several of these promise not just weight…

Tue September 22 | EDT

Press Play on Audiobooks!

…won’t want to miss! Jennifer Rubins will join Senior Planet to talk all about audiobooks! Jennifer has been listening to audiobooks since she learned to read (turning the page when…

Fri March 6 | EDT

NY Antiquarian Book Fair

(Until March 8) Anyone who patronised New York’s Book Row, or simply love books, collecting and history will love this annual trade show of valuable old books and ephemera. More…

Monday, September 14

Senior Planet Book Club: It’s Not All Downhill from Here

…to support the independently owned bookstores in your area. Or Visit, an online bookstore with a mission to financially support independent bookstores and give back to the book community….

Friday, January 25

Cut the Clutter with ease

…Some libraries will accept books in good condition; for a nationwide list of ten places where your books will do some good in the world, check here. Clothes and accessories:…

Thursday, December 14

“I want to please my wife!”

…become interested in cunnilingus and have read several books on the subject. I did not know that so many people use oral sex as a replacement for the more normal,…

Thursday, June 29

How to Shop for Sex Toys

…meant a bookstore that didn’t sell children’s books! I wandered in, and immediately a gruff-looking man literally blocked my path and my view of the products. “This store is not…

Tuesday, July 26

Julia Cameron: How to Get Creative in Later Life

…for her best-selling 1992 book “The Artist’s Way” and is considered a master teacher in the personal development movement that grew from it. She’s written 40 books (including fiction, nonfiction,…

Monday, November 28

Aging With Attitude: Activist Frances Goldin

…campaign to free him. I’ve had seven of his books published, all of which are still in print. There was a large demonstration in Philadelphia at the Liberty Bell to…