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Monday, January 15

Clarence Jones: The Long Perspective

…with Facebook, the internet, cellphones, twitter, etc. I remain optimistic, because our reach should always exceed our grasp!” While older generations are no strangers to activism, many older Americans who…

Sunday, June 25

A Red Diaper Baby Returns to Her Roots

…that advanced age is no hindrance to political activism. In fact, it’s an asset. Retirees have plenty of time to devote to worthy causes. And we make a difference here…

Monday, February 11

Hey, Millennials, walk a mile in our shoes

We’ve all encountered ageism, both subtle and obvious; luckily there’s a groundswell of activism and conscious raising about it that’s vital to combat it. As ageism activist and blogger Ashton…

Friday, March 16

Q&A With Margaret Gullette, Ageism Warrior

…is accessible on the Internet.   What does aging with attitude mean to you? It means always taking the next step in anti-aging activism. That next step is different for…

Sun September 20 | EDT

Join a Virtual Block Party

…Ajna Dance Performances by Sonam Kids and Asian American Writers’ Workshop Spotlights on activism and advocacy with India Home Learn more – including how to make an origami lotus –…

Monday, October 26

American Revolutionary: Grace Lee Boggs

…that kept her going? For her, activism was about the journey; she didn’t care as much about the final goal. And she was so interested in young people. I suppose…

Wednesday, February 17

Linda Lavin: Making Life Choices

…equality. As far as activism is concerned, that’s behind me, but I’m always looking for ways to connect with people who would use my voice to reach out to those…

Thursday, July 25

97 Ideas for Happy Aging: Get Involved

…Organic social and activity groups Create a digital bulletin board to empower seniors to form and grow activity groups around arts and activism. The program would be run by seniors,…

Fri March 13 | EDT

Last chance: Women’s History

(Closing March 13) Here’s your last chance to learn about unsung female heroes from all over the world with Women’s Activism NYC. Photo by Lindsey LaMont on Unsplash…

Monday, September 22

Aging With Attitude: Activist Hedy Epstein

…can’t shine all the time – although I wish it would. Accept what is, but hope that it can be better.   Heddy’s Long History of Activism In July 2014,…

Sunday, March 6

JFK’s former nurse turns 100 — plus more from the week online

…early dementia. Read it at the Daily Telegraph Activism AARP pulls an anti-ageism stunt AARP isn’t known for bold moves, which makes the organization’s recent consciousness-raising stunt all the more…

Thursday, November 17

What “Active Seniors” Means Now

…Nation. Most of us figured we’d be done with activism after Election Day. We hadn’t anticipated the narrow margin that resulted, even as we saw the wide gulf between the…

Wednesday, April 10

Vote in the Webbys

…to the next stage, yielding up to 12 nominees in categories that include Employment, Activism, Health, News, Art, Games, Travel, Politics and the miscellaneous category called “Weird,” among many others….

Sunday, August 31

99-year-old gives “celebrity seamstress” new meaning – and more from the week online

…life – she’s the only person to have slept with both Steve Jobs and Bob Dylan – and recaps her 50 years of political activism. As for the line “She’s…

Monday, April 29

New Anti-Ageism Clearinghouse

There’s a big online resource for information on anti-ageism activism….