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Which Foods Are Good for the Brain? The Answer’s on Quora.

Google’s a good way to find the information you need. And Quora is a great way to get a question answered.

The crowdsourcing site encourages people to gather around shared knowledge bases and interests, making it very easy to search for answers that people have already offered for questions like yours, or to ask your question yourself. Quora recommends experts on the site as respondents, and the community “votes” answers up or down so that the best ones rise to the top.

Want to know the components of an ideal brain-food diet? Here are answers from a member of the Quora community.

Read Quote of Anuj Agarwal’s answer to Nutrition: What is the ideal diet for optimal brain function? on Quora

Click here to check out Quora and get an answer for your question. Then come back and tell us what you learned.


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