Planet Talk: “This Chair Rocks” with Ashton Applewhite


The vast majority of older Americans live independently and enjoy their lives. So why is our view of late life so bleak? The answer is ageism, a topic that journalist Ashton Applewhite explores on her popular blog This Chair Rocks. This talk, subtitled “How Ageism Warps Our View of Long Life” and part of the Planet Talk “Bold Ideas in Aging”  series, brings her insights and findings – as well as her humor – straight to the Senior Planet community.

This event was recorded at the Senior Planet Exploration Center on February 26, 2013


3 responses to “Planet Talk: “This Chair Rocks” with Ashton Applewhite

  1. I strongly believe that having a positive attitude toward aging will lead to greater happiness, maybe not to better health, or to financial security, but rather to enjoying the experience of growing older and wiser. For me, this attitude falls right in line with the way I think about, and speak up about what it means to be a woman in a male dominated society. It doesn’t mean being angry. It means insisting on equality and respect. If more of us do that….we will all be better off.

  2. Lecture was right on target. Re-inforced my personal desire to do as much positive activity I can in my present old age. I go to the theatre, lectures, and magic meetings with friends of all ages. That way, I don’t feel old. Of course education for children is important, but funds for medicine, nutrition, and senior centers, must be provided– here in the New York City and everywhere. Would love to meet Ashton at her next event. Please keep me informed. Thank you. Sybil Simons

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