Planet Talk Live: Ashton Applewhite

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Ashton Applewhite wants us to stop fearing age. She wants us to stop feeling embarrassed about our age.

Instead, she wants us to rock the chair and push back on ageism – all of us, together.

Why’s that so hard? Because, she says, we’ve internalized our culture’s fear and loathing; we’ve let ageism get under our skin. Her solution: Take baby steps. Before we can fight ageism out there, we’ll have to start by raising our consciousness about how ageism inhabits us as individuals – and especially as women.

We’ve lived through, and many of us have participated in consciousness-raising before – about sexism, racism and homophobia. Now’s the time to rally again, Applewhite says.

In this entertaining talk, the journalist, author and anti-ageism activist sounds the rallying cry and tells us why answering it is so necessary, however old we are.

This talk was generously supported by the Macquarie Group Foundation.


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