Events for 10/16/2023 – Page 2 – Senior Planet from AARP Events for 10/16/2023 – Page 2 – Senior Planet from AARP

Internet of Things


This lecture provides an overview of the vast world of the Internet of Things and discusses best practices for keeping your devices secure.

Tech Expo: Roku

Senior Planet Center - Plattsburgh Champlain Centre Mall, 60 Smithfield Boulevard, Plattsburgh


In this session we will be introducing the Roku Stick. If you have interest in streaming from your TV, this is the perfect tech session for you!

Finding Information Online

Senior Planet Center in Colorado 7585 E. Academy Boulevard, Denver



This hands-on workshop will review helpful tips for using effective search terms, evaluating your search results, and searching within a reliable site for accurate information.

Smartphones at a Glance


In this lecture you’ll learn about popular smartphones on the market and some of their pros and cons.

Intro to Managing Your Privacy


Concerned about privacy? Unsure about accepting cookies? Come learn about some essential privacy tips!