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Osphena: Is the New Pill for Older Women Safe?

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Prepare yourself: When the new “pink Viagra” marketing blitz kicks off in June, instead of graying guys talking about sex between evening-news segments, you’re likely to see “mature” women.

The name of this new sex pill for postmenopausal women is Osphena, and while the market for it might not be as huge as Viagra’s is for men, the drug’s maker is banking that it will appeal to millions – especially after the company launches its “education” campaign about “dysparunia,” which Osphena is designed to treat.

But how many women really need Osphena, and how safe is it?

The Scoop on Osphena

For answers, we looked to Newsweek’s Daily Beast, which has done some serious homework on the new drug. Writing in the Beast, Jennifer Block reports that there’s more hype than help behind the drug’s claims, plus some scary risks and several unpleasant side effects. (Full disclosure: Block is a contributing editor for Senior Planet.)

In “Will This Pill fix Your Sex Life,” Block asks:

  1. Is “dysparunia” a real disorder affecting a large percentage of women or just another example of “disease mongering,”like “female sexual dysfunction?
  2. How was Osphena approved by the FDA in February 2013?  Who did those trials?
  3. Is Osphena, which mimics estrogen, simply a ‘backdoor, off-label replacement for ‘hormone replacement therapy,’ with the same risks as HT?

The HT Background


In case you stopped following the back-and-forth on the risks and (questionable) benefits of HT, here’s a recap, courtesy of Block (read her story for a close look at the influence wielded by the drug companies around HT):

  • Back in the 60s, you may remember, drug companies started promoting the concept that menopause is a curable “estrogen deficiency.” Sales of estrogen-based hormone treatments skyrocketed.
  • In 2002 the Women’s Health Initiative abruptly stopped a trial of HRT that was looking at its benefits. Not only were there no benefits, but the risks were high:  increased chances of breast cancer, coronary vascular disease, stroke and blood clots.
  • The WHI findings remain controversial and drug companies would like to see them discredited, but several makers of women’s health policy have agreed on a global consensus statement: Menopause is not a disease, the statement says; and it doesn’t always need to be “treated” with hormones.


What Is Dysparunia?


Dyspareunia means pain before, during or after intercourse.  It’s for real and can occur for many reasons, from not enough foreplay to infection. Osphena targets Dysparunia that’s caused by vulvovaginal atrophy, a condition in which the skin of the vulva and the lining of the vagina become thin, dry and inflamed because of a lack of estrogen.  However, as Block points out, it’s kind of like gray hair and wrinkles: Most women have some of these changes as they age.  Like Female Sexual Dysfunction, she says, dyspareunia is an example of a new disorder designed to build a market for a drug.

Back Door Estrogen


Osphena isn’t estrogen; it just acts like one, and like estrogen-alone therapy, Osphena increases the risk of endometrial cancer.  Stroke and deep vein thrombosis are also risks of taking the drug, albeit low ones compared to estrogen-alone therapy, says the FDA.  These risks are detailed in a prominent black box warning on the drug.

Shortcomings of Osphena Trials


Block also points out that some experts have questions about the clinical trials that led to Osphena’s approval:

  • Two 12-week trials were funded by the drug’s developers; the lead authors have strong ties to the companies. Not unusual for drug trials but not exactly an unbiased effort.
  • The degree of improvement after 12 weeks was less than half a percent.  It “…sounds statistically significant…but how does that translate into something meaning to a person’s life?” one expert who reviewed the studies for Newsweek told Block.
  • Benefit didn’t far outweigh harm, concluded another reviewer. Roughly 14 percent  of the study’s subjects improved(over placebo), but a similar percent had adverse effects, such as infection.

The Multimillion-Dollar Questions


  • Is the “down there” change after menopause as dire as “vulvovaginal atrophy” sounds?
  • How many of the 32 million postmenopausal women who have it, have moderate or severe pain when having sex?
  • How many for whom sex hurts can’t be helped with non-prescription remedies or safer, hormone creams?
  • Is better sex worth the risk, if you have side effects?
  • Ultimately, it’s a personal decision.  What would you do?

Block sees Osphena as the tip of an iceberg that may bring women testosterone gels and nasal sprays and antidepressants rebranded as libido enhancers. The big question she concludes with is, “…will these treatments bring more pleasure to women or to the pharmaceutical industry?”

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617 responses to “Osphena: Is the New Pill for Older Women Safe?

  1. Hello, I started taking Osphena 2 weeks ago & the dryness was relieved w/i week 1,have gained weight since starting it & have the leg pain as well. I’m concerned that I am experiencing vaginal bleeding the past 5 days, I don’t know if it’s my period, I have been perimenopausal for almost a year & have an irregular cycle. B/f taking this med I had not had one for 5 months but it looks different & has an odor. I stopped taking it yesterday, should I call my gyn?Pls help the mental stress is real

  2. Is there anything you can do about the vaginal discharge side effect? It’s been three months and the discharge is so bad, the pain has decreased but doesn’t outweigh the nuisance and discomfort of the discharge.

  3. I have been on osphena for years, probably since 2013 for vaginal atrophy. My obgyn prescribed it. Along with dialator therapy. At the time it was not covered by my insurance but I was able to get it at an online pharmacy for about $90 for a 3 month supply ($1 a day). This year I ran out of it during Covid & was trying to decide if I wanted to stay on it or switch to Estrace (estrodiol ) vaginal cream. I was concerned about some of the risks & long term use of osphena. I had issues with hot flashes that my doctor then recommended a herbal supplement that was $1 day. I then realized the hot flashes could be a side affect of the osphena. I really hated to take drug onto of drug & the new supplement didn’t seem to help. I also think I had headaches from the osphena. My vaginal tissue was in great shape according to my dr. I tried over the counter replens moisturizer which helped for the dryness but it didn’t help the atrophy. I was probably off osphena for 6-7 months & my vagina had really atrophied without it! I decided to try Estrace vaginal cream & got a 30 day supply. I don’t think the drs assistant call in the right amount because they assumed I was just switching as opposed to starting over due to the atrophy. At any rate, I saw my dr & she was happy with the results & upped my dose to 2 x week. The main side effect was gas, bloating & cramps. It was as if I was having a period again! I was told to give my body 3 months to adjust to the medication & it wasn’t easy but now it’s much better. No hot flashes, no headaches. Estrace through my insurance is $20 for a 90 day supply, whereas Ophena was now covered by my insurance @ $90 for 90 days. (I am happy to be paying less & saving the money for other health issues that may arise as I age.) Osphena gets into the bloodstream whereas Estrace works directly on the tissue. From what I understand bloodflow is important for the atrophy so sex (with a partner or solo) is helpful.

  4. I have been on Osphena for almost 4 years. I have weighed the same for 30 years and this past year started seeing a weight gain. Yes, the Osphena works but I hate the weight gain. 7 days ago I took my last dose. Does anyone have experience for how long it takes to get the drug out of your system? Thank you.

  5. I’m sorry if I missed anyone who has commented about this, but I’ve been on Osphena for a full six months without any side effects, except possibly one strange one. Have any of you experienced hair loss? I had a total hysterectomy at 38 and am now 51. I also have autoimmune with PCOS, which is difficult enough. My hair has always been super thick (thank God because I’d already be bald now). I’m also vegan and do pay attention to protein. My iron levels have also plummeted. I keep going back to the hair loss being associate with Osphena because the day after I take a pill (changed to every other day almost two weeks ago), I lose more hair. I can run my fingers through it and ten+ strands fall out without any resistance. I try not to stress, but going bald petrifies me! Any suggestions? I hate taking medications as is, so if there’s a great natural product (already use coconut oil), I’m willing to take it instead.

    1. I have experienced hair loss. I thought it was my imagination, but now I am positive it is associated with the medication. I too had extremely thick hair and now it breaks off or I lose multiple strands running my hands through it. I am so pleased with how my life has improved since starting the medication, however I do not want to lose my hair!

      1. Hair loss- You are progesterone deficient, buy OTC at health food store follow directions. 1/4 tsp on body QD. Also add zinc supplement 30 mg.

    2. Started taking Osphena about two years ago. About two months later, I started to notice hair falling out in excess of normal, so I called my GYN to discuss. He contacted the Osphena rep, who assured him that hair loss was NOT a symptom, so I went to my GP and had every test known to man to figure out the issue, but nothing was wrong with me that would cause the hair loss. My hair has now lost over 70% of its original volume and keeps falling out from the root by the hundreds every day. Two days ago I did a google search again and found a study that shows 3% of the women that took Osphena experienced hair loss! I feel so deceived and quit taking Osphena immediately. Has anyone else experience this and stopped taking Osphena? Did your hair grow back?

      1. My hair is falling out by sheets. I am terrified and already picking out hat/caps to wear. I didn’t ever this of this medication that I started two months ago. I am trashing it…not worth it to me!

      2. Hair loss- You are progesterone deficient, buy OTC at health food store follow directions. 1/4 tsp on body QD. Also add zinc supplement 30 mg.
        Also B vitamins

  6. Hope my 2 previous comments will get approved. This I truly a miracle medicine. It most likely for many women just going through menopause as the hot flashes at that point for me were awful and bio identical estrogen and progesterone worked well. At that point intercourses wasn’t painful either. Fast forward 5 years later at age 57, intercourse becoming very painful. In spite of hormones and lubricants etc. by 59 iintercourse is unbearable and my husband thinks I’m making excuses and that I no longer like him in spite of the fact that we always had a good sex life and I even show him literature. By now the hot flashes are at a minimum and I am not even gray yet and keep my body in good shape, but my vagina a different story. No one talks about this and I suspect many young people think it’s okay for older men to have sex but older women shouldn’t . It’s the double standard continued and it’s people who are hung up about sex! The word needs to get out. It is obvious the writer of the above article and the person she quotes don’t have a clue. Wait until they get yo be my age. I have told several women my age about this drug and they had no idea there was something to fix the problem. Many women suffer in silence because they are embarrassed. There is a bias against older worm in this country. Osphena company should have marketed this as KOOL, not gray haired and overweight women commercials using this drug. The reaction of the general public is gross envisioning people like that having sex because our society is hung up. They should have had youthful, in shape, and kool looking 60 year old women and their partners using it Anyhoo, I went to my doctor and said I want to try Osphena because intercourse is so painful now. I told him all that I had already tried. His initial response before he examined me was, so you are not just bored doing your wifely duty? LOL!!! No way I said. Then he did my pelvic and pap smear and when he was done he exclaimed I think the Osphena will really help you! Low and behold he was right ! After 2 months my vagina is in better shape now than EVER before no exaggeration! I still take bio identical progesterone to decrease chance of uterine cancer. I am so thankful for this drug. I do have some hot flashes with it but they are not frequent and not nearly as bad as what I suffered when I first went through menopause. I have had NO nausea or diarrhea or head aches at all as some others have complained about. My husband couldn’t be happier. He told his boss at work who is older and his boss stated he was glad to know other people’s wives had this problem too and he was going to talk to his wife about Osphena! Again the company needs to get the word out and market it as Kool!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Like you I had tried everything to make sex more comfortable after menopause. Then my sister told me about Osphena and how her sex life had become more enjoyable as it addressed the dryness and pain with intercourse.
      My husband and I have had a great sex life for 44 years and after menopause I didn’t want to lose that but it had become increasingly less often until I discovered Osphena. It works! We are both much happier.

      1. For me, Osphena is not a cure for a problem with sex. In 1990, I was diagnosed with autoimmune # 1, Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disorder. No big deal, just take a little pill for the rest of your life. Fast forward 10 years to menopause- for a year of miserable symptoms that messed with the thyroid medication, caused me to believe that I was becoming a-sexual, add extremely painful sex, which my husband and I could have easily divorced over. A year ago, I was diagnosed with autoimmune #2 – Sjogrens disorder, which I already suspected after experiencing some strange symptoms. These predicaments lead to loosing my full time job (and I’m the “breadwinner. “ Now I find that I have autoimmune #3- Some type of vaginale atrophy, includes paper thin vaginal skin and explains the extremely painful intercourse. I can get alone quite fine kissing and/or cuddling. Try convincing my husband of 45 years of that: right! Score one more. My Dr. Says that at some point I will have either Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus. (As if degenerative Arthritis isn’t enough. )
        I wish there was a natural remedy for this but none that I can find. The pain is real. The blood coming from my ripped vaginal skin after entry is real. I’m 68 years old and unless something changes, I don’t look forward to a long life.

    2. This drug restored my HOPE of ever enjoying sex again. I’ve experienced some of the side effects mentioned, however what’s a safe alternative.
      I have found nothing and very FEW medical professionals who are knowledgeable in the subject .
      It works and thanks to all of the BRAVE women in this candid discussion and taking care of our needs fiercely:)

  7. Hi All, I’ve been taking Osphena for 3+ years. Wasn’t sexually active for 16 years (husband wasn’t able….so he said), but GYN noticed vaginal thinning and dryness (the exam hurt like heck!) so she put me on it. I noticed weight gain, mild hot flashes, but not extreme. I am 57 and finished menopause at 42. However, within the past 10 months, I have begun sweating profusely! I have weaned off other meds which listed this as a side effect. But the sweating is worse. Only time I didn’t sweat as if someone was pouring water over me, was when in the hospital for severe bacterial infection in both kidneys. They had me on antibiotic rifampin IV which today I found out counteracts the severe sweating of the Osphena. I am going to try and reduce the Osphena to once a week or so. I am going through a divorce, hopefully in a few years I’ll find a friend and want be ready.

    Has anyone else had the severe sweating and if so, what did you do?

    1. I have been on Osphena for about 4 mos. it initially REALLY helped make painful sex not painful. Doc said I had vaginal dryness and thinning vaginal walls. However, the unfortunate side effects are crazy constant hot flashes along with a big drop in my sex drive. Prior to Osphena, I had a very high libido. Now, none.

      I’m a 13 year breast cancer survivor, so I wonder about that (I get conflicting advice from my OB vs online). Lately, sex is now as painful as before. It’s as if it stopped working even though I take it every day. I’m 51, very fit and active, very healthy, post-menopausal and take no other drugs.

      I see there are over 500 comments on this site, so I’ll be reading them for any nugget of insight. Hope my “journey helps others!

      1. I just picked up the medication today and took 1 pill but after reading the comments about the medication I do not want to take anymore. I am 52 and I went into menopause last summer but I have a high sex drive and I become dry very fast. I will be getting married next year to a man 5 years younger and I don’t want to displease him or worse. I am on a transformation journey for myself and I have lost 30 lbs and do not want to gain anything back. I need some help on what to use and not gain weight in the process. CANCER was an immediate STOP. Ladies please if you have anything as a replacement without a HUGE side effects to help.

    2. Meant it is most likely NOT for women just going through menopause. It is great for a few years later when hot flashes have decreased unless you are one of the lucky ones and barely gave hot flashes.

    3. Yes I have been taking this for about six months and I am getting ready to take myself off of it because of sweating and hot flashes . sex is better but still is painful I just can’t take the hot flashes. I have also had a lot of discharge which I never had before

    4. Georgeann, I have been taking Osphena for about 3-4 years. And Yes that horrible side effect..sweating really bad ! Besides weight gain ! I am through with this medication…can’t take it any more..very embarrassing sweating so bad and hardly doing anything…mainly head sweating ! No more for me …day 3 of no Osphena !

  8. Well, if you are lactose intolerant- you need to know that Osphena has LACTOSE in it. So many older adults are lactose intolerant- why would drug companies make their pills with lactose?? I plan to do something about this. We as a group of older adults need to make the drug companies aware of this problem. Please help me- join AARP and make a big deal about it. That’s where I plan to start my campaign. Oh, well. I wonder how many other drugs in my future will have lactose in them. I will watch for it now and avoid them. I am giving up Osphena after only one dose. It’s not worth the misery.

    1. Has anyone had an intolerance to Osphena, causing constant vaginal irritation and yeast infections?
      I was on Osphena for 2 years. I’m 55, was completely menopausal by 42. This med worked great for me but I found I suffered with vaginal irritation and drainage that entire time of taking. Every so often I would have to go off the Osphena to start taking fluconozole for the yeast. I found that taking a half tablet of Osphena helped me not have so much vaginal irritation and drainage but then it doesn’t help much for the dryness and painful intercourse. I finally went off completely and the yeast in my body cleared up completely but I’m in hell now, with intercourse. No fun for my husband or I. Thank goodness he is so patient with me. I was miserable with the med and miserable without so I wish I could figure this out.
      I haven’t seen any complaints about women having yeast vaginitis. Could this be caused because of the lactose in it. I have found myself to be lactose intolerant. if anyone else has had the same experience please post.
      Don’t want to go on estrogens, scared of cancers but how healthy is it to have your body constantly be with a fungus either?

      1. I’ve been taking intrarosa suppository daily for a while, it keeps me from getting urinary tract infections. Was initially on vagifem but didn’t like taking the hormones even though it’s considered less of a problem. Intrarosa is DHEA which helps your body make estrogen. It’s better down there but still very painful relations. Also taking ProBiotic 10…Nature’s Valley I think…every day keeps things in check so I don’t need to take the Diflucan unless I go on an antibiotic. But the probiotic generally helps and I don’t always need the Diflucan.

        Dr just recommended osphena and pelvic floor physical therapy. ugh. I’m thinking of just starting with the PT and staying on the Intrarosa.

      2. I have been on for about 3 to 4 weeks and I am having bad yeast infection and discharge and I have had itching and headaches. I think I may try the Mona Lisa procedure

      3. I too have been experiencing an enormous amount of discharge to the point of wearing maxi pads. I never had discharge before taking osphena . The pain isn’t quite as bad but it’s still there. This is my 3rd month and I would rather have the pain than this discomfort constantly

  9. My doctor prescribed Osphena for vaginal dryness and tearing. After 4 days on this medication I started having severe cramps and diarrhea so went off of it. Has anyone else had this side affect? Does anyone know of herbal or holistic pills that will do the same thing as Osphena without the side affects?

    1. I have been on Osphena for about2 years now. For me Osphena hass been able to work well enough. I also use coconut oil for the dryness. I think that you have to let your body get used to the medication and only 4 days, I’m not sure that is very long. Just my opinion. Coconut oil alone will do wonders for severe dryness.

      1. I have been on Osphena for 2 weeks. Experienced hot flash when eating spiced food. Otherwise great. I could feel difference almost immediately. My vagina felt plumper and moist. Sex is great, my body is the same as it was before menopause. I am 55 yrs old. Too young to give up sex due to painful intercourse. Don’t need much foreplay to get aroused. Give it a try.

      2. I don’t have the severe dryness, that I can tell, but severe pain with intercourse. I was prescribed Premarin, but because of the cost my Dr. prescribed this. It turns out it is also expensive AND has so many side effects. Does coconut oil seem to help with the pain during intercourse? I bet not since it is not making the wall thicker, just not so dry.

      1. Hello ladies, I have been taking Osphena for almost two months. Experienced headaches, hot flashes and sweating almost from the start. Vaginal Tissue plumped up significantly the way a sponge absorbs water, controlled bladder leakage very well. However what made me cut back the dosage and now decide to stop the medication altogether is the I was having discharge and urethra issues similar to a UTI. I also had frequent mood swings such as those I had during perimenopause. Using Estring again.

    2. I also had abdominal cramping and gas with Osphena. I now take 3 Gas Relief & Prevention (Bean-o) tablets and my Osphena along with a meal. It works great! I’ve been taking Osphena for approx 2 years.

    3. Hi
      I have been on and off Estrace for years. I seem to suffer from abdominal cramping when I do the “start-up”. I never make the two weeks that is recommended for optimal results. I suffer from diverticulitis a few times a year. Last bout I had was a couple of weeks ago. Was it a coincidence that I started the Estrace and soon after I had abdominal cramping?
      It felt like a diverticulitis attack but I couldn’t be sure if it was the Estrace. I stopped the estrace and two days later I was free of the cramping.
      I would think that the Osphena might have the same effect even though it’s not an estrogen based medication. It still does the same thing, builds up the tissue that a lack of estrogen will break down.
      I’m disgusted with the whole problem and have given up.
      I have worse problems with a build up of autoimmunity that I have discussed here before.
      Good luck to all of you.

    4. Osphena took exactly 3 months to work perfectly! I almost gave up:(. I became super bummed, because I gained about 10 pounds & had never EVER had weight on me like this my entire life-had not changed one thing diet wise or anything. Was it hormone shift before the osphena or the osphena?? Hot flashes returned & some leg cramps at night for a month. I still have hot flashes :-/ but cramps are gone. Now some cystic acne, which is bizarre for me! However!!!!!—->cannot replace the confidence & joy I have back in my marriage. I will just have to add MAJOR workout regime & hope that takes the weight away. I may cut pill in half after another couple months to see if I can maintain the vaginal moisture & lack of sexual intercourse pain, but shed the weight. Hang in there!!!!!

  10. I’m so glad that finally a drug that can help women like me. I think the men who want give credit were it’s due are prude’s. They were so gong ho on Viagra for men. I have a problem, It hurts during, and after sex. Why can’t I enjoy my self. No kids still working in my early 60’s and have a lot of life to live. I cannot take the hormone therapy, history of breast cancer in my family. I had an hysto done at the ripe age of 32. Those darn fibroid’s had me double over and pain so bad I couldn’t get out of bed sometimes. I really like the fact that it’s a drug out there to help women like me. No of course not every drug is safe, but how would they know if it’s not prescribed out to women to try. Please don’t knock this drug just yet, give it a chance to marinate. You guys have put so much bad stuff out there and just shoved it in our noses, so shut up….let us you know women let you know how the drug is working. Okay. Now don’t get it twisted i’m not promiscuous. just want to enjoy with my one and only honey chocolate drop.

    Thank you

    1. Confused and conflicted.
      I have been told for years not to take anything that will increase the chance of Uterine Cancer or strokes…Then I go to a OBGYN and right away they suggest Osphena and give me the drug “priced reduced””card.
      I have gotten a puff of fat around my stomach although I did nothing different, experienced the leg cramps and surprisingly started to feel “frisky”.
      I haven’t been on it long enough to clear up the vaginal dryness though. I also, had some hot flashes, so I switched to taking it at night, so I wouldn’t be bothered at work.
      I am on the fence. Thinking I need another opinion. My family doc. has told me for five years she doesn’t support hormone therapy for older women. Although, it has really helped me in the bladder control and not more UTI’s although, it’s only been a month!

      What can I do???? The dryness during and the irritation after sex is so unpleasant. Thanks everyone for your comments, we need this panel.

      1. Hi Andrea,
        I can’t help you since the RN in my gyno’s office said that their office will not prescribe Osphena. I would go elsewhere however I am fighting autoimmune problems that have been giving me some problems. I don’t think it would be smart to mix Osphena with the meds I’m on already.
        But a second opinion at another gyno may help you make a decision. It’s terrible going through menopause and experiencing these problems. I have major pain and cannot have intercourse at all.
        Not sure if the pain is due to my illnesses. But from some of the letters here, I see I’m not alone.
        Good luck to you, Andrea.

      2. I have just started Osphena for continual bladder/vaginal infections. I have had cancer twice so can’t have estrogen. I do not want to have weight gain though. I’m concerned about the other side effects too Will I know in two weeks if it is working ? Any other suggestions? Thank you for your input. Delphi

      3. I have been taking Osphena for two years for severe dryness. It has helped but I also use coconut oil everyday. Helps immensely. For me, I like Osphena there has been improvement and intended to continue use of it as long as insurance pays for it. Many moree insurances are paying for this than when I first started using this drug.

  11. OMG glad I am not alone in this. I am 47 and haven’t had anything removed – been in menopause for about a year now. About six months ago I felt extreme pain from having sex. Holy crap it was insanely painful. Sadly my bf is an asshole and doesn’t believe me about it. He says it hurts me cuz I am having sex with othe rmen. Yeah my life sucks. SO I am hoping I can get this stuff prescribed for me somehow. Otherwise having sex is awful and I HAVE to have sex with him or else he will kick me out. Yep he’s that insensitve and uncaring. I’d leave but long story…no job no money etc. Well wish me luck. I really just wish I didn’t have to have sex anymore. My theory is that nature intended us to stop after menopause simply cuz there is no reason to try to procreate any longer. Men it’s all good for them that’s why they marry younger and younger when they can.

    1. Dear Michelle,
      You have a problem, it’s not the pain of having sex. It’s your partner. He’s not causing the pain in your vagina he’s causing you emotional pain. That kind of pain is worse than physical pain. He sounds ignorant and narcissistic. His accusations are abusive and meant to frighten you. Get out. Don’t know why you can’t work. If you are disabled there is help. Ask your doctor to help you get papers to deem you disabled.
      If you cannot get a job for other reasons like no skills, look into getting some training. Don’t worry about sex with him. You may want to take care of your dysparunia for you but don’t do it for him. Not sure if you have kids with this “man”.
      Please see if you can get out of this abusive situation. You do not deserve the treatment his giving you. If you think you love him, think about this. There’s not much to love with the guy. Good luck.

    2. My wife had tried osphena and it does help a lot, but she has started having a discharge and swelling with some pain still. So she quit taking it. Also started hot flashes. She does not like that at all. On the other hand I have prostatics and the doctor said to ejaculate more. She told me your on your own. So good lu CV k on your decision.

      1. I do not believe for one moment that Osphena makes you gain weight. My appetite was increased for the first couple of weeks, but I didn’t gain an ounce. It’s called self control! I have been on this medication for 6 months, and it’s wonderful. I started using a magnetic dilator about 4 weeks ago, which helped tremendously. Life is good!!

    3. I am 59 and the dry arid desert that is my vagina needs help. It soaks up ky jelly like moisture cream. The vaginal hormone cream was useless too.
      It makes sense that your idiot boyfriend wouldn’t understand, he doesn’t have to go through it.
      Without a cure. I can totally understand why men go for younger women.
      I just started Osphena and I feel better already….brain fog gone, irritability gone, don’t know yet about the desert storm down below.

    4. Your pain is real….mine was like a knife inside me.
      It only took about 10 weeks to work. I have excess moisture, no stomach cramps after the first month and my libido is enhanced. I love it. After 9 months my vision is blurring but I hope it isn’t from the Osphena. I do have yeast infections using it.
      I will start taking it less but not discontinue completely.

  12. I started having severe bladder syndrome issues in April 2015 that never ceased. Out of the past 8 months I have had only one actual infection. I had vaginal dryness any way so I went for a consult with my gyno. She put me on Osphena for 30 days of samples. It was a miracle I felt alive for the first time in years and my bladder issues ceased. Tried to get a Rx filled but insurance would not pay so the gyno put me on Estrace, the bladder issues came back so the gyno put me on Estrodiol and Prog. Bladder issues never got better. After four weeks the insurance approval for Osphena came through. It took a couple of days before I started feeling good again. I also have chronic constipation and it is now gone. Brain fog is also gone and my energy level is much better than when I was under the bladder issues 24/7. Elimination of bladder/urethral pain is worth the cost of this drug since my quality of living has increased dramatically. It does way more than vaginal dryness.

    1. I’m just about to start taking it. I have also had horrible bladder symptoms along with the vaginal dryness and painful sex. I can’t use anything vaginally as it causes severe burning and makes my bladder symptoms worse. Your post is giving me hope.

      1. Thank you so much for telling us about your experience with the Osphena, I was just give this yesterday and hoping that it will help my bladder issues. The only concern is that it says it has a high risk for strokes, etc! Is that of any concern to you? And how long have you been taking it for. Sorry thought I would check out the website to find out if anyone has been taking this. Thank you again

      2. I want to try it ! Been using bio identical hormone estriol for years with no problems but when I got into my 60s that changed …had either a bladder infection or yeast infection and now painful sex . I was about to give up when I read your post .. calling my gyno Monday first thing ! Thanks for sharing .. gave me hope !

    2. I have been on Osphena for over two years now. It has changed my life. I had a few of the side effects early but they went away. Leg cramps? Drink more water. No weight gain for me, but I exercise daily. The moisture and my libido has returned in a big way. In fact, I now take it only every other day. I feel so much younger and happier. Good luck. K

      1. Adelina and others,

        Of course the stroke risk is an issue. No one wants to have a stroke. So I don’t smoke, I eat really healthy and I exercise.

        On the other hand, sticking to the diet I found on the interstitial help site and taking Osphena for the last couple of years has erased most of my bladder/vaginal symptoms and I can have sex again with my husband of over 30 years. Interstitial cystitis is misery but if you eliminate most of the bladder irritants and the Osphena helps repair the delicate tissue, it makes a very important part of life possible again.

        No weight gain for me either, no leg cramps either. No side effects that I can identify as being from Osphena, just moisture when I want it.

        Best wishes to everyone on the site.

      2. It doesn’t say high risk, does it? Doesn’t it just say “risk? My experience has been weight gain and hot flashes while on it. I’ve been taking it since early December and it’s defi fixed the pain issue. I’m not willing to go back to the way it was, as that was affecting our relationship. As long as he doesn’t care about the weight I’ll stay on it.

    3. When I was reading your comment, I felt like I was reading my own story. I have had Interstitial Cystitis since I was 5 years old. Now that I am in my 60’s it was progressively getting worse. The vaginal dryness that I was experiencing was also contributing to my bladder problems. The gynecologist put me on Osphena at my request, because the Premarin was not helping at all with the dryness. My urologist put me back on Elmiron and after a month of taking these two Rx, my IC is so much better, not completely gone, but I can at least live my life. At this point, I am not even thinking about side effects, rather how my quality of life has changed for the better. I would recommend Osphena.

      1. So glad to hear this drug helped your interstitial cystitis. My IC has caused so Many problems I am at end of Rope! My Dr.just ordered it for me today. Your comment has given me hope. The dryness and rawness associated with menopause is Unbelievable! I am 67. Please keep posting or contact me somehow!

    1. I have been taking Osphena for over a year and a half. I did notice the cramping of my legs at night after 10 months. I didn’t associate it with Osphena until after I started taking it every other day. It was then that the cramping went away. I take cranberry tablets on the days that I do take Osphena since I use it to prevent UTI’s. Haven’t had a UTI since taking Osphena. Really haven’t had any other side effects so far and thinner then when I first started taking it a year and half ago.

    2. I hadn’t gotten any email notifications so I was worried that this site had gone dark! But it hasn’t!

      Short update on me: The Interstitial cystitis is well under control! I stick to the diet completely and I’ve only had a couple of flares in 15 months. Those flares are very minor, nothing like my UTI symptoms used to be. I haven’t had any antibiotics in that time. I have plenty of moisture and our sex life is back on track, yay!

      But the bet news is that the last time I refilled my Osphena rx, I checked with GoodRx as usual. But this time, I noticed a manufacturer’s coupon! My pharmacy accepted it and the upshot is that it was MUCH cheaper than it had been before. I’m on Medicare because of disability (very long story) so this really helps! I think the price for 90 tablets was $185 – my husband does the shopping.

      Here’s the link to the coupon via the GoodRx site:

      I said in one of the older posts here that the manufacturer of Osphena really ought to make it more affordable because they’d triple their market share in no time at all! Maybe someone is listening.

      1. I am so happy that you have relief and Osphena works for you.
        I too have found it to works at age 45 due to TAH at age of 36. Unfortunately BCBS of Texas refuses to pay for it.
        This has dramatically improved my life but I cannot afford to purchase it after this month. The vaginal dryness and pain is to a minimum.
        It’s just unfortunate that my insurance has changed to BCBS which is garbage.

      2. Pat,
        Ask your physician’s nurse or office manager if there is a program that will help you with the cost of the medication. I have a friend who was in your situation and she got some assistance paying for it. Hope you do also.

    3. I was really enjoying not having vaginal dryness anymore when I started taking OSPHENA about three months ago. Then about two weeks ago I started having a period and it shows no signs of stopping. I went to my doctor and she was not sure why I had started having a period. I am 65 years old. She is scheduling me for tests. I started thinking about some of the meds I am on and called my Pharmacist. He said that It is the OSPHENA causing me to have periods so I am going to have to stop taking it. So much for comfortable intercourse.

      1. I have been taking it for over 2 years – I am almost 62. In Oct I also started bleeding and was away from home. My regular GYN said to see GYN where I was to have checked out. They ended up doing ultrasound and my uterine linung was 19.5 vs the 4.5 it should be. Had to have D&C to rule out uterine cancer – was negative. Thought all would be good. Started bleeding again 5 weeks later on and off. Post op visit the doctor said I could continue to bleed and suggested hysterectomy. I thought maybe holiday stress related and doing too much after procedure. Then yesterday heavy bleeding – called GYN and they said if I had hysterectomy they would check to make sure no cancer. Made appt with another GYN for third opinion; both GYN’s I had seen, one my regular Dr for 20 years who prescribed Osphena and the second who knew I was taking it and who performed D&C had never mentioned any of this could relate to this drug. I got on pharmaceutical website and researched and found out it is some type of estrogen type drug that causes thickening of the uterine lining and that can lead to uterine cancer. Neither doctor advised me to stop taking it – just recommended I have a hysterectomy. I will no longer take it and will discuss with third GYN. Very scary to say the least.

  13. I did not have any issues with my libido, but I had become dry as the sahara desert over night. My doctor asked if I wanted something that worked fast or slow? Of course I said, fast! I also asked what the side effects were. He said there were none. Fast forward about 14 months, he finds an endometrial polyp and sends me to have a hystero sonogram to check for more that he might not see. He then told me that I should do that anyway while I am on Osphena. Wait, he never mentioned that when he was selling me on the speed and efficacy. Turns out I have 3 polys that need to be removed. Osphena actually gave me more moisture than I needed, cost me $160 a month until I reached my HSA deductible, and I have to get my least favorite test done annually. I stopped taking it immediately and I am experimenting with some natural alternative. Also, I had gained weight and could not get it off. It’s been about six weeks and I am starting to make some progress in the weight loss department.

    1. I’m 64 & I have suffered with severe vaginal dryness for years. Tried Estrace Cream to no avail. Gym put me on Osphena 3 mths ago. After reading these blogs, I understand the cause of leg problems at night, hot flushes, headaches galore, and weight gain. So far Osphena hasn’t helped the dryness; doc says may take a few more months. I’m willing to give it longer for my husband’s sake, but wish there were an alternative that works and not make me feel so bad.

      1. I have had menopause since my early 40’s. I began using bio identical hormones for about 16 years. That really helped with the main menopause symptoms, flashes, dryness, etc… Now I’m taking a different approach.
        The frequency has slowed down so what works now are 2 simple herbs to use basically in the forplay stage. 1 is “Thanda Passion Booster” by Native Remedies &
        Damiana Leaves from any Health/Vitamin Store
        These approaches worked for me with an active libido and the non dryness to complete and enjoy the activity.
        I don’t intend to minimize anyone’s plight. I just wanted to share my experience, maybe it might help someone.

    2. I have been taking Osphena for 4 weeks now and have seen AMAZING improvement!!! I have had no side effects at all. I know it’s suppose to be 12 weeks for the full effect, but at 4 weeks I am SUPER happy and so is my husband!!!

  14. Hi Ladies – I have been using Osphena for about 1 year and have had good results with almost eliminating painful intercourse all together. The negatives are that hot flashes have returned, leg irritability at night, similar to restless leg syndrome I think, and the worst is that I have gained 20 pounds since starting Osphena. Has anyone else experienced weight gain as a result of using Osphena. I have never had a weight issue in my life, so this is distressing! And the scale just keeps ticking upwards… It’s to the point that I am now thinking of going off of Osphena and seeking an alternative. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks!

    1. I began taking Osphena about two months ago. Recently I have not felt like myself. At night I notice a type of leg cramp where I have to move positions several times for relief. I also noticed some weight gain as well as tummy bloat. Once I read the fine print again about risks, I decided that it is not worth it. I decided today not to take any more Osphena. There are some lubricants that are helpful to me; I will return to their use!

      1. Hi Karen – I am going to a Dr. tomorrow to see about alternatives to Osphena – I stopped taking in about 5 days ago, and feel good about that decision. Now I need to find an alternative – considering bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

    2. I have had the exact complications (been taking Osphena only 3 mths). I’m not sure it is going to be worth all these side effects. Disheartening to read you were still having them after a year.

      1. I’ve been on Osphena about 5 months and the side effects are NOT worth the risk NOR money. Yes, it worked “as advertised” and after 3 months of a daily dose of 60 mg, no more painful intercourse. DOWNSIDE: Now that things are working (and my doctor has been NO help — she’s more interested in delivering babies than helping women with menopausal symptoms…now I find out), the mega hot flashes are driving me crazy and nothing is helping. So I thought I would reduce my dosage to 1/2 tab (30 mg) and it makes no difference! I’m wondering if it’s okay to completely stop ingesting this toxic chemical? There MUST be SOMETHING less toxic, cheaper, and more natural out there to maintain uterine moisture. Does anyone have a suggestion?

    3. i agree with the weight gain. Been on Osphena for about 10 months. Having hot flashes, leg cramps, and weight gain. The medicine has helped with the constant itching and at least intercourse is okay—not wonderful but tolerable. I will not put up with the weight gain so I will probably be quitting the med soon. I’m about done with it.

  15. Interesting correlations between menopausal dryness and autoimmune disorders. I have some. But I’d also like to know how many of you have a history of frequent/painful bladder infections or I.C. It’s another reason I’m reluctant to try Osphena etc. I don’t need to stir up that mess again.

    1. I have had IC since I was 5 and am now in my 60’s. My IC has been horrible for the past year. My urologist put me back on Elmiron after being off of it for several years. Because Estrace, Premarin did not help with the vaginal dryness, I asked my gyn to try me on Osphena. The urologist thought that the vaginal dryness could be making my IC worse. After only a few weeks, I am no longer suffering with vaginal dryness and my IC is under control. I so far have none of the side effects and even if I did, if none are life threatening, I think I would keep taking it. It has improved my quality of life so much!

  16. Thank you for this article. I was frustrated that my insurance company wouldn’t cover more of the cost but now I see the wisdom in it. The Dyspareunia is for real and can ruin a relationship through frustration. It is not in our heads, it is a woman’s “impotence”. If its real for the guys, women deserve the same consideration. This is not the type of thing that “one nighters” are going to be able to deal with. Only a relationship that has withstood the test of time and continues to choose love first will survive it. Blessings.

    1. Well put, KG. It’s a problem for me for many years. My doctors will not prescribe it to any of their patients. I have many health problems, mainly autoimmune. I often wonder if my dysparunia is coming from one of those conditions. It started a few years before I lost my period, around 43 or 44. I passed thru menopause around 46-47. It only got worse. On Estrace with little help. It’s difficult to use as if you stop it you must start by using it for two weeks every night. Last time that happened, after 6 nights I had pelvic pain. I am only using it once a week now. No help. Thankfully my husband is understanding and we make due
      It’s not the same. It should be my worst problem but it would make life so much more fulfilling if the problem could be resolved. Good luck to you.

  17. to Its about time and all who are taking estrogen replacement (Estrace, Premarin…): I am not comfortable with HRT as my mom had horrible side effects (headaches, breast lumps, mood disorder), and when I tried the cream briefly a few years ago, it burned as if I were on fire. Sure I’d like my love life back, but not if the treatment compromises my health. So I’m following this thread to see how others like Osphena. I haven’t asked my dr yet. It might be the answer, but I’m also prepared to accept that, for me anyway, a “normal” love life may be just a nice memory. With this forum, it’s good to see I’m not alone … and I’m not crazy. Thanks all!

    1. @Lynne, I am well past menopause, but last year I had to have a large vaginal cyst surgically removed. In order to heal the area, my doctor said I would have to use premarin or estrace, or her favorite the estring. All of them burned like the dickens, and I was in agony. I switched doctors and the first thing the new doctor said was try Osphena. So I did, and it healed everything up nicely, my sex life was back, and I felt like a new woman. After 8 months, I cut back to 1/2 pill daily, and I still have plenty of lubrication. I am 75, and have no intention of giving up hope of a “normal” love life. Good Luck to you!

    2. Lynne,
      I did take Premarin for about 8 months and had side effects as you described your mother did but also weight gain. I have been using Osphena every other day(my own doing of every other day) for apprx. 8 or 9 months, and there has been a noticeable difference. For instance if I forget to use my coconut oil, I am not in dire pain. I think it is helping to rebuild my tissues. Sex is a bit interesting, still a bit pinchy(not as painful) but stand-able and gets better as I go, that is a plus. As to why some doctors will prescribe and some won’t, I think some doctors are afraid of a new drug and wish to wait to see what happens, thus avoiding lawsuits. While some doctors wish to practice medicine and relieve their patients pain. For me at this time, I think Osphena is helping but it is rather expensive and will probably remain that way for a while or until insurance companies realize this is not just some sex drug that will turn women into sex crazed zombies. And NO you are not crazy or alone. Good Luck.

      1. Excellent product! Who are these idiots that don’t believe intercourse becomes very painful after menopause for many women and/ or don’t believe that it is a problem. Probably ignorant, younger people that don’t have a clue just as I once didn’t either. I have always had great sex with my husband until I hit around 57 and it got more and more painful. The bio identical estrogen and progesterone I had been on for 5 years was no longer having any effect down there. Lubricants etc did not help the pain. Now at 59, I have been on Osphena for 2 months and my vagina is literally better than when I was 20 LOL! My husband is thrilled. I still take the bioi identical progesterone too. I am now just taking a pill every other day and still has the same effect: NO pain, plenty of moisture, and my sex drive has increased, probably because I enjoy sex again and don’t fear intense pain as it had gotten to that point. I might add my husband of 29 years is 11 years younger than me and has a huge sex drive still, so I needed this drug. So glad they created it!

  18. Is anyone getting the avatar symbol on their site? I prefer not to use one and it’s driving me crazy as I can’t see the dates or the full names. I also still have a problem finding posts as they are not in chronological order by date. Can anyone who takes care of this site tell me how to navigate this site now? I really love it and am disappointed. Thank you.

    1. Hi It’s About Time, we’ll remove the Avatars (thanks for letting us know it’s a problem – we can do that right away); unfortunately we still have an issue with comment notifications directing to the actual comment they’re referencing. We are exploring upgrades, but it could take a while.

      1. Hi Barbara, Thank you for your speedy reply. I appreciate this site as it is supportive even though my doctor will not prescribe Osphena to me. She said this office (there are 4 ob/gyns and a few nurse practitions, one of whom I use) has never and will never prescribe it. I wish they would as I had to start using the Estrace all over again last month because I had stopped it. After the fifth day, I started having pelvic pain. I was supposed to use it for two weeks and thereafter 2 times a week. I never made it past the 5th day. I’ve been on it for years and it only helps minimally. I’m not the most healthy specimen of an individual but thought a healthy love life might make a difference in my every day existence. Hubby and I are both tired but we’re not really old. 60 and 61. Very much in love since we were teens. We must make the best of life somehow. As hubby has been say, “We’re in the fourth quarter, AAA, so we’d better start living!”
        He’s retiring on June 30th. If I’m up to it we’ll do a little traveling. Thank you again Barbara, enjoy the rest of Spring and Summer.

      2. Again, I don’t get why some drs are so against prescribing Osphena. Certainly Estrace and other estrogen replacement drugs have as many and more side effects–including blood clots, breast lumps and worse. What do these drs give as the reason for preferring Estrace and Premarin over Osphena?

      3. Hi Lynne,
        My nurse practitioner told me that “this office will not prescribe that”. I asked her why not, she just repeated herself. To me that means she doesn’t know.
        I started the Estrace again a few weeks ago, as you know you have to use it for two weeks every night to build up the tissues then twice a week. I was prescribed, 1 gram.
        after the 6 night I started having pelvic pain. That never happened before, however I do have diverticulosis and I’ve been hospitalized for it with an abcess about 6 years ago. I do suffer with some pain from it a lot. But the pain I had after the 6 nights was more like a fluttering and tenderness. I stopped the Estrace at that point for two weeks and now just using it twice a week for some relief.
        Lynne are you using the Estrace? If so are you having good results. I didn’t have a hysterectomy just having same issues as if I had one. I’m 61 years old and lost my period around 47-48 yrs old. I haven’t looked through all the posts to find yours, sorry.

      4. Hi Barbara, I just got my Osphena, I’m past menopause but having bladder issues, so I found this website and glad to hear from others that are taking this. My main concern is the weight gain. I cannot afford to gain because I have back issues and my Dr would like me to keep my weight down. I want to know if I start these pills do I take them like some have been taking , every other day? Thank you

  19. I am almost 64, had a hysterectomy at 40. I never had a problem with vaginal dryness until about a year ago when it became so painful to have intercourse I have gave it up, which doesn’t make my other half very happy. He thought I was just trying to avoid having sex.

    I went to the Dr. and was prescribed a vaginal cream which is so messy and doesn’t lead itself to a very romantic encounter. So I stopped using it.

    I take medication prevention of seizures and blood clots. Is Osphena something I would be able to take?

    I was reading some of the comments regarding the pricing. There is no way I could afford an additional expense of almost $200 a month. That is ridiculous. Has the cost come down?

    1. Shrrcy,
      Only you and your doctor will be able to decide if you are a candidate for Osphena along with your other medical issues. Good luck with that. My insurance will not pay for Osphena but there is a $50.00 coupon available at their website, for use up to 6 months. I think the website is I use my coupon at Walmart (cheapest for me after doing comparative shopping) and pay between $134.00 to $111.00 a month. The price keeps changing not sure why other than maybe because it is a brand new drug. I think Osphena has helped but it is not a great miracle drug, so I am weighing benefits versus negatives. I also have some serious medical issues along with many other ladies here. Talk to your doctor.

      1. Hi…
        Noticed a lot of people ar mentioning the PRICE of Osphena…you can go on GOOGLE and print a coupon my insurance did not cover it price wentfownt to 53.00.

        Hope this helps….the cards are free I printed out a lot of different ones and brought them to the pharmacy.

        Also go to GOOGLE and find out where tge meficine is the cheapest usually WALMART.

        GOOD LUCK….

    2. I’ve been on Osphena for over a year now and I live it. Not only is the moisture back, so is the desire. I was feeling a little too much “in the mood” so Dr. told me to take it every other day and that is working fine. It also makes the script last for two months and make the price effectively $60 a month.

  20. Had a hysterectomy at 36 and sex was extremely painful to the point of not having it which will cause problems in your relationship or more if single, been diagnose with atrophy been taking osphena about two months and say I have seem almost a 100% better, moister returned comfortable sex, does seen to mess with attitude a bit seem to be hormonal like when I was losing my estrogen, but all in all I feel like a woman again and love it, but it is very expensive with my insurance still cost me about a $100. a month, so thinking of trying every other day

    1. Newme,
      Can’t say I’ve ever noticed my urine smelling any different. The side effect I notice the most is the HEAT WAVES that have gotten worse and lasts a bit longer than before. I have noticed that I think this medication seems to be working for my issues. Good Luck to you and hope it works for you also.

      1. naechtlich,
        I take I-cool every day and I eat a small portion of mangos (fresh or canned) every day. I’ve been doing this combo. for several months. I’ve found this combo. has greatly reduced the frequency and intensity of hot flashes. I hope this helps. (I’ve been taking Osphena for 15 months.)

      2. it works,
        I do not know what I-cool is. Could you please tell me? I would like to find and try anything that could qwell the HOT WAVES as long as it doesn’t affect my other medication. However, love the idea of mangos. Thank you for your help.

      3. I to take I cool also its a natural pill by the woman stuff at your pharmacy works great on the hot flashes which I had way before osphena

      1. Drtmar,
        Very happy you found out what the issue was and that you shared it with us. Makes us all stronger, happy it appears to be not serious.

  21. I am so happy to have found this site and to see that my problems are no so unique! And more importantly, that Osphena seems to work for many of you. After seeing an ad on TV I went to my GP and saw my PA and she had never heard of Osphena. She also seemed to think that my issue was just a matter of using lubricant. (She’s young and I doubt has many patients who come in this with this problem). Nevertheless, I revealed that I couldn’t manage to have sex with lube and that Prempro was not helping. (It has helped my bone loss issue–since I can’t take Boniva). I asked for a prescription of Osphena and Premarin and wanted to see if together, I couldn’t get back to normal. (Normal meaning how I was 5 years ago). I’ve been on Osphena now for exactly a month and have had sex just twice. The second time was better, less pain, but still some pain. It’s progress though. Also–I realized that the pain I had when merely wiping myself was diminishing! Wow! That alone made it worthwhile! I was amazed to start seeing a discharge—first orange like, then eventually white like when I was younger. Unfortunately, my sex drive has not returned, but at this point, I’ll take being able to physically have sex with my husband regardless… Perhaps the desire will return later. By the way, I’ve had no real symptoms other than a couple of times getting hot flashes or hot WAVES during the night. I also had flitters of anxiety a few times in the morning after taking it. Both things subsided quickly. There are no headaches, weight gain, clots, or aches of any kind. In fact, for the last year or so I had started to have joint problems in my left knee and that seems better too! I wanted to thank you all for the suggestions regarding coconut oil, emu oil and for addressing yeast issues. I’ve learn so much–and it has helped.

    1. Glad to have you with us, WowThatHurts.
      I have been on Osphena for a year now, and any sex drive that I may have had way back in the past, has not come back. Others have had more luck, so I hope you have the luck I did not have.
      The only side-effects I have had is the discharge; and mine is still orange brown. I just had my yearly GYN exam in Jan., and he said that the normal lining of the uterus is orange if there is a lack of sexual activity. He said everything was just fine with me, but I still do not like the sometimes brown, which it had stayed for a long time in the beginning, sometimes orange discharge. It smells terrible; I use a very thin panty liner, and it smells just like the menstral pads always did, which I thought was the smell of blood. My husband doesn’t approach me very often, so I guess that is why the discharge still has color. At least he can’t blame it all on me like he did before…claiming it was all in my head. He really still doesn’ believe that there are so many of us…including his own daughter. He had been with some postmenopausal women in the past who did not have a problem I guess, so he assumed I was imagining it. I won’t stop taking it unless some problem arises with blood clots.
      Good luck to you.

    2. I have a general question to all the ladies who seem to have a discharge. I have been using Osphena for almost 4 months now. I have modified my dosage myself to every other day because I thought it was giving me headaches. To all of you women with a discharge, do ya’ll still have your uterus? I have no discharge to date and I am curious if it is because I don’t have a uterus.

      1. Nope, no uterus.
        My hysterectomy was total, so that it would take away any chance for ovarian cancer. Actually, I thought any hysterectomy took the uterus; but I might be wrong. I had already gone through a normal menopause a number of years before. I had what turned out to be a “floater”, they said was probably from an infection at some time…but they could not tell what it was without Laproscopic exploratory surgery. I told him that he better take it all while he was in there, because I would be too scared to ever have the surgery again.
        I do have a discharge, and I think it smells awful…but just had my yearly in Jan., and he says that everything is working great, no problems. It still stinks, just like the menstral pad always did; I always had to use both tampon and pad, my flow was so heavy.

      2. Thanks MyBabyCakes2006, as far as I know you are correct a hysterectomy does take the uterus.My hysterectomy was partial, they left me my ovaries and tubes. It just makes me wonder what and where the discharge is coming from. To date no discharge for me and after your discription I am happy I don’t have one. Thanks again and happy all is normal and well for you since you annual.

  22. Sorry if this is repetitive. I am 61, remarrying in May. I have not been sexually active for years. I am able to easily produce my own secretion. My doctor wants me to start Osphena immediately. How do I know if I need it?

    1. Dear Coopertown,
      Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!
      Cooper, ask your doctor if your vaginal tissue seems thin. Most likely they are. Actually if you had and internal exam and it didn’t hurt you may be okay. I’m 61 and have been married for 37 years. Before and around the time of menopause I started experiencing pain when trying to have intercouse. It got so bad after I lost my period and 47 that intercourse was totally impossible, (even on Prempro). I read that someone else here on the board said the same thing.) I became frightened when one time I started to bleed. I thought I had cancer!
      I’m also 61 and I’m on Estrace for about 7 or 8 years. It really just takes a slight edge off the problem. It does make me more comfortable when walking, lol.
      I have an appointment with my gyno, nurse practitioner today and I’m going to discuss this with her.
      I have a friend who’s 62 and she is married and doesn’t have any pain with intercourse. I was shocked. I guess the only way to find out is when you get married. I’m sure your fiance’ is nervous too as men can have problems at this age too.
      If it’s not too personal, will you let us know what you decide to do and let us know the outcome especially if you try the Osphena?
      Thanks in advance and best wishes!

      1. I go to a specialist for thyroid and natural hormones (he lectures around the country). He insisted I try Osphena and said that the warnings listed are because the Feds made the mfg list them. He gave me a month supply of samples of 60mg and said to snap them in half. I have not yet talked to my regular doctor; my last exam was very uncomfortable. My finance’ is very sexually wired but is totally against this med. He said he would rather have me healthy than have sex. Still debating in my mind. Thanks for the reply!

      2. Coppertown, I’ve been taking Osphena for a year with no real side effects. I take it to prevent UTI’s and it has worked. Can you tell me why your doctor suggested breaking them in half? I’m thinking about doing that just because the drug is so expensive.

      3. I have been on Osphena for 3 months and needed to add progestin. I have horrible dry skin. I am increasing my dosage to 5 mg. hopefully this will help. I had gastric bypass 5 years ago and may need to increase the frequency from 21 days per month to 25 or more days. I do have the weight gain and limited hot swells and no leg pain with Osphena. I am still trying to find balance with the meds. The lubrication has improved with Osphena. The creams did almost nothing (estrace, etc.) for me.

      4. Osphena works great – I used it for about 8 months but mentally I didn’t like what I read about it. So I went off of it….have had nothing but continuous UTI’s and Yeast infections. I am completely unbalanced. They really don’t know the long term affects of this drug and for that reason, I will not take it again.


    2. Coopertown:
      Did your doctor tell you why he/she wants you to take Osphena? I would find that out before I just start taking a medication. Plus, this drug is quite expensive, from reading this blog it appears to me that not many insurance companies will pay for it. Maybe you have vulvovaginal atrophy, thinning of the membranes, but I would think you would know this. I don’t know but I would find out why your doctor wants you to start taking it.

      1. If I were not married, I would not know I had severe vulvovaginal atrophy. The GYN exam is only once a year, and I might have just thought the pain was because of the instrument used.

        Every time I see that stupid ad on TV about that Premarin stuff, I feel so bad for those poor horses. YouTube has an ad on there that late Bea Arthur had done, telling about the abuse of the horses.

      2. My BabyCakes2006,
        I’m not married, haven’t had any sexual encounter for about 21/2 years(hmmm maybe that’s what is wrong with me) and I totally knew there was something wrong happening. The absolute dryness, rubbing, pulling and tugging on my vulvovaginal area while walking(I am not overweight or obese) the chaffing to the skin all told me there was an issue because never experienced this before. I am 54, had partial hysterectomy at 32, have several other health issues (autoimmune included). I have noticed a bit of a change while using Osphena for the last 4 months but I think what is really helping is the coconut oil.

      3. These comments were such a great help! I have used osphena for a month and totally see a difference but I can not afford to pay $84.00 a month this price is at Walmart with the Osphena coupon and no insurance as my insurance does not cover it.
        I was just wondering what the above mentioned coconut oil does and how do you use it pill or oil form? Never heard of this helping for that.

    3. I went to my gyno today. I asked about the Osphena. She told me that “this office hasn’t written one prescription for it as we fear it’s a dangerous medication.”
      She also said that she would not give it to a patient like me anyway since I have too many autoimmune disorders.
      Well girls, that’s it for me, back to the estrace.

      1. Sorry to hear that, It’s About Time. Maybe after it has been out longer, your Dr. will change her mind…or find a new Dr., that you know has prescribed it at least for a few people. They still may not think it is right for your particular body…but at least you wouldn’t get the “attitude”. Being a woman herself, you wouldn’t think she would have a man’s attitude about it in general.

      2. Hi BabyCakes,
        Yes, I was surprised as she’s in her mid 50’s, divorced but I do believe she has a boyfriend. She had a complete hysterectomy last year.
        When I told her that I was annoyed that on the talk shows they asked the audience does sex get better as you get older, they applauded. She said that’s baloney, it hurts!
        Go figure!

      1. Yes, Ellen,
        For me it’s almost like a knife cutting me. My doctor’s office won’t prescribe Osphena. I think they’re afraid of lawsuits.

      2. Yes, Ellen it’s been approved I believe over a year ago. I think my ob/gyns are afraid of lawsuits if things go wrong with their patients.

  23. Osphena has been a lifesaver for me. I had experienced such pain with sex, but after a month on this, it was like night and day. The only downfall is the expense. There is a coupon to help for the first few months but after that it is tough.

    1. The same thing happened to me. I’m 65 and it started about 2 months ago…not just with sex but with moving, sitting, walking. Felt like around the area was breaking open and raw. I had used an ointment which helped while I had it on but didn’t get rid of it. I had breast cancer about 2 years ago and so nothing with estrogen could be used. My gyno talked to my cancer doctor and compared the info and they decided I should give it a try. They gave me enough samples for a month and I’m at the end of that period and it is like night and day. My gyno just called in my first prescription and I have a coupon. Other than a few added hot flashed during the day (had stopped most of those and just had night sweats) I haven’t had any problems but feel 100% better. Sex is still not like it used to be but we gave it a try the other day and so much better than it was!!!

  24. For those of you suggesting, or still using estrogen products; you need to read this:

    Prescription For Cruelty
    By refusing drugs like premarin, women can end an industry that still holds thousands of mares captive
    by Karen E. Lange, All Animals magazine, March/April 2015
    Delilah, Sydney and Bonnie are older now, in their 20s, so naturally they don’t move as well. But the three draft mares living out their final years at Duchess Sanctuary in Oregon have slowed down even more than usual.
    Once, for about six months each year during their pregnancies, Delilah, Sydney and Bonnie stood tethered in concrete-floored stalls too narrow to turn around in, hooked to bags to collect their urine at a Canadian “PMU” farm. The Pregnant Mare Urine, which contains estrogen, was used by Pfizer to manufacture a hormone replacement drug called Premarin.
    Horses’ bodies have evolved to always be moving, says Jennifer Kunz, director of operations at Duchess, but these animals could not walk or run or shift positions. The unnatural constant pressure on their front legs, which bear most of a horse’s weight, left them with stiff, arthritic joints. Today, staff members at the sanctuary, operated by HSUS affiliate The Fund for Animals, give the animals anti-inflammatories to ease the discomfort and monitor them closely for signs of pain.
    In 2008, when 90-plus rescued PMU mares, including these three, arrived at Duchess, the industry appeared to be on its way out. Following the disclosure in 2002 that Premarin increases the risk of cancer, heart attacks and strokes for women, demand for the drug plummeted. There were 50,000 horses kept on Canadian and American PMU farms. Now there are, at most, 4,000.
    The industry isn’t dying, though; it’s just moved overseas, with new farms in China, Kazakhstan and Poland, says Vivian Farrell, founding president of The Horse Fund, a U.S.-based advocacy group. And North American women continue to buy a growing number of PMU products, including Premarin, Prempro, Premphase and a new drug that launched quietly and is set to be promoted this year: Duavee, which is being marketed to menopausal women and people of both sexes who suffer from osteoporosis. The name gives no hint of the suffering at its source.
    But U.S. women can put an end to PMU farms, Farrell says, by asking doctors not to prescribe them drugs made with “conjugated equine estrogen.” Women in this country still make up 90 percent of the market, she says. Other medications and treatments are available.
    Kunz says she’s never met a woman who kept taking PMU drugs once she understood the cruelty involved. “If women know, they’ll choose something else.”

    1. MyBabyCakes2006…great information you posted. However, with most drugs that are on the market today, they do come with the stigma of cruelty to animals. That you were able to find and post this article only brings this sad fact much harder hitting to home. Thank you for posting this.

      1. If it is only mice, raised for the purpose, that’s one thing; they do have to test medicines somewhere unfortunately. Any other animals treated cruelly, I can’t abide. Whatever is done to the animals, should be done in return to these cruel people. I would kill to protect my babies; they are my life.

      2. There are plant-based (phytoestrogens) estrogen options. I had a hysterectomy 24 years ago and have been on HRT off and on since. I haven’t taken anything but the plant-based estrogens in years. They also seem to work better with my body overall.

    2. i think I’m in post menopause the weight I gained is incredible , been 120 all my life even after my 3 kids , now at 58 I am 177 lbs , I’m disgusted don’t want to go on dates or go anywhere, I need help with this weight gain , I’m only 5″1 tall , so I appear heavier please help , what do I do.., very depressed From Brenda ..

      1. Brenda, sorry about your weight gain. Have you had your thyroid function tested? I was gaining weight too at menopause. It was a slow thyroid which my doctor said sometimes slows at menopause. Unfortunately it thyroid problems run in my family. Also I went to LA weight loss but unfortunately they are only online now. There are other weight loss centers like weight watchers. Good luck. Let us know about your thyroid.

      2. Brenda,
        As Its About Time said, you want to get your thyroid checked out. I had menopause, thyroid and a couple of other issues hit me all at once. Menopause is terrible and all this crap hitting me at once just about killed me. The weight gain was terrible but it has started to level off for me, now just have to get off the excess that I don’t need. I think the only way this is going to happen is exercise. NOT my speciality. My thyroid pretty much died and now that I am on sythyroid I am feeling better, my hair and fingernails are growing again, I find I have a bit more energy and life is getting better. Not yet quite back to where I was, but better. I suppose we all must learn to roll with these unexpected punches. Good Luck to all of us. Once again I am so happy that this forum is here for us. Thank you all for your input. I am happy to find that I am not the only one going through this crap.

      3. I am 35 and went through early menopause. I am also hypothyroid. Now I am on Synthyroid and was just prescribed Osphena and am hoping and hoping it works. I am only 35 and sex is so painful.

      4. I too am now 173 lbs. It is depressing. I already suffer from depression and have been stable for 24 years. Unfortunately, I cannot take Osphena because it triggered a major anxiety attack, nausea, and headaches. I’m happy for the rest of you out there. My husband says it is what it is. God bless him.

      5. Ever since I started taking Osphena I have been feeling bad. After about three weeks i felt really nausea, had anxiety, and after all that a headache. Now I am sure it was the Osphena. Not taking it again.

  25. “However, as Block points out, it’s kind of like gray hair and wrinkles: Most women have some of these changes as they age. Like Female Sexual Dysfunction, she says, dyspareunia is an example of a new disorder designed to build a market for a drug.” I don’t care if it has a name or not. I have had a full hysterectomy and sex since then is very painful . The desire is also AWOL, which could be from the dread of the pain. Estrogen cream / pill is not a solution for me because I suffer from migraines. If you are a woman and think this is not a real issue SHAME ON YOU.

    1. Hi Franks,
      Amen. I DID NOT have a hysterectomy but the pain and bleeding that I get make it impossible to have intercourse. (even using estrace) The Estrace only helps with the comfort of walking. I went from having too much estrogen to having too little. The pain came on gradually, from irritation during sex at about 43 years old to sharp pain at menopause and after. It’s true, like the commercial says, “No one told us that it would happen.” I’m so afraid to try this medication as I have autoimmune illnesses.
      Sorry for you Franks. Please know that you are not alone and have my sympathy.

      1. I had a partial hysterectomy at the age of 30, never really had any issues with sex except the ability to achieve the big “O” as I had before the hysterectomy. Was able to achieve the smaller euphoric ones but not the BIG one. What has always bothered me was that the doctor never mentioned that there would be any change like that but after some years of thought their could have been no other result. I suppose another thought I have had was, no one tells you as you are aging that these things will or even that these things could happen to you. All I ever heard was that menopause was terrible. It has been for me. In my family these issues of sex or aging were never discussed, so I guess what I am trying to say is, I am happy that these issues are finally being addressed. I am happy that this forum has been made available and is open for discussion. I think for so long the medical field has been addressing the male medical sexual dysfunction that the female has been left to figuring it out for herself. Now the time has come that the female is finding relief in the medical field. I have been using Osphena for about 2 months now and the only side effect that I have noticed is, I can not take it every day as it seems to aggravate my headaches, so I have started taking it every other day. I should mention that I do have vascular migraine and tension headaches, which I do have medication for. In having said this I think that Osphena is very helpful for the use that I am using it for. I am hoping that it will help in replenishing my tissues as they are very thin and have been known to bleed just from wiping. From what I can tell Osphena may be helping my issue a bit. Haven’t had the opportunity to find out about any other issues yet but hope to soon. However, as I have said many times on this forum….USE coconut oil…it does do wonders for your whole body. It’s my wonder drug.

      2. boxerdog
        I rub coconut oil all over my body…everywhere. I have put coconut oil in tea and it is wonderful that way. I also use Spring Valley 100% Virgin coconut oil, sells for about $9.99 at Walmart found in the vitamin section.

      3. r, for your comment about “try premarin instead”. I was on premarin for almost a year and what I got from that was…terrible mood swings, excess weight gain, heart palpitations and excessive heat waves not flashes. not everyone can use premarin but I tried it…not for me. hoping Osphena will help…it seems to be doing a much better job from the start, I will have to wait and see.

      4. Don’t care what the doctors say about Premarin, I would never take it after I found out how it is produced. It’s called Premarin because it’s made from pregnant mare urine. Now you know, all of those foals who are born from these pregnant mares are of no use to the company that keeps these mares pregnant for their urine. So most of the foals are just destroyed. I won’t be a part of that for any reason. I took Estrace, a synthetic estrogen, for many years without any problem. I no longer use HRT, so I’m looking into Osphena as a possible help for painful intercourse.

        Thank you to all who participate on this blog. It’s immeasurably valuable to those who have yet to decide.

      5. Do you insert coconut oil in the vagina? If so How? I am so dry it hurts to wipe and some underpants hurts. Has anyone experienced That? Still un decided about osphena but I feel desperate. I also have Interstitial cystitis. I ache in the entire vulva region. Help please,

      6. At 27 years old, just months before getting married, I was diagnosed with a vaginal autoimmune disorder called Lichen Schlerosus. It wasn’t long before sex became very painful, then just impossible due to extreme dryness. Chronic infections, intolerance to KY, blah blah blah… total nightmare. I watched an episode of a talk show with a panel of female gynecologists, ALL of whom said that while they don’t prescribe it too often for their own patients, they would choose to use Estring if they needed estrogen therapy for themselves. After many failed, nightmarish attempts with pills and creams, I decided to try it (I had to argue and cry to get my Dr to prescribe it to me because of my young age). 7 years later, I’m still on it and loving it! Estring gave me my life back (that includes my sex life!).

      7. Paige, I too have LS, diagnosed a few years after my hysterectomy. I am 60 now, and have used the clobestasol cream, the traditional treatment for LS.
        Last year I started having more severe symptoms, bleeding with intercourse, and my gyn put me on Osphena. It has been a wonder drug for me! The LS is no longer that much of a problem, and I only need to use the clob cream about once a week. No more bleeding. Now I only take Osphena every other day and it is still working just as well as the normal dose.
        I know that the low estrogen caused the LS to become active, and yes it is an autoimmune disorder, but Osphena in this case worked like a miracle. Plus, my gyn, who is the head of OB/GYN dept at a local hospital and one of 2 doctors that the OB nurses will go to, told me that Osphena is good for actually decreasing estrogen where you do not need it, like in breast tissue, but will enhance estrogen where you do need it, like in bone density.
        Needless to say, I DO NOT CARE about any of that, because as you know as a fellow LS sufferer, that disease is one of the worst you can have. And the damage it can do to your tissues is absolutely horrendous if left untreated, but the only accepted treatment is the super steroid cream that we have to use for the REST of our lives! Well, for me, Osphena has let me reduce the use of that cream, so I consider it a miracle.
        By the way, one of the worrisome side effects can be blood clots, but along with my doctor, I have decided to take a low dose aspirin every day to prevent this.

  26. Not in 1 million years would I take that or estrogen
    It’s to a natural and freaky
    I was having very painful intercourse went to a great health food store and found a product from wise way called meno moist

  27. Osphena, for me, is great. I only take 1 or 2 pills a week. Sex with great orgasms. No, they aren’t paying me for the statement. My marriage broke up because the painful sex. I am 54 now and my boyfriend is 57 and I want sex more often than he does.

      1. Started it everyday and then reduced it to see what would happen. Taking it only 2 times a week should make me very low risk but still reaping the benefits.

    1. My marriage ended in divorce also partially due to painful intercourse.OMG Love sex now Wow! What a huge difference in sensation and sex drive. Sure wish it wasn’t so expensive.Or wish there was a generic.

  28. Ladies…. I was on Osphena for about a year…I never got the moistness back.. I had a total hysterectomy at 35…I still believe that once you have all the plumbing removed, there is NOTHING there to release the lubricants….I still was not able to have sex with my husband, as the pain was just as unbearable as it was before I started Osphena….the only relief that I did achieve from Osphena, was that the membranes thickened so that I did not have pain just from simply wiping myself…I now hear there is another drug out there for just about the same hand cannot remember the name of it, but if this is the case, for you Osphena purchasers, the price should start going down with another competitor.

    1. So sorry Sweetie that you are not doing better on Osphena. If it’s any comfort at all, I did not have a hysterectomy and I have had irritation since my early forties and then that turned into severe pain during and after menopause took place. Intercourse was impossible for me.
      I am on estrace. It gives very little relief. It helps with dryness a little but did not build up the tissues like it’s touted to do. I was bleeding, that’s how thin the tissues are. It’s weird because I had an abundance of estrogen which caused fibroids and some cysts prior to menopause. It was so bad that I had laser surgery then the fibroids came back and were painful again. I had 4 months of Lupron therapy as I refused the hysterectomy. That was in my late thirties. It really did help with the fibroids, they did shrink. I had three large ones. One in the front, one in the back and one on the bottom of the uterus. In fact I had my last baby at the end of my 32nd year and had to be hospitalized. I didn’t know I had fibroids. The doctors were stumped they couldn’t figure out where my pain was coming from. I was ordered off my feet for the rest of my pregnancy. That was in my 6th month of the pregnancy. Thank God I made it almost to the end of the pregnancy and my daughter was born, 5 and a half pounds, healthy. She’s 28 years old now and beautiful.
      I wish I could have sex, hubby and I try the best we can. We are getting older now. I’m 61 and he’s 60. We are tired. We have chronic autoimmune illnesses. I don’t think that the illnesses have anything to do with my sexual dysfunction. I think that it’s all hormonal insufficiency.
      Have you been to a specialist at all? Maybe you can try the new drug you were talking about. I am not familiar with the name of it.
      If you can remember the name will you please post it. Let us know how you are doing. God bless you.

    2. With your hysterectomy, were the ovaries removed as well? That would explain the drop in hormones of course. But I thought the thinning of the mucosal wall–thus the pain–was strictly due to menopause.

      1. Lynned, yes the ovaries were removed and you are correct that the thinning of the walls is due to menopause. I believe that Osphena is great for you Women that have had a natural menopause or are new to a hysterectomy, but for Women that have had a complete hysterectomy 20 yrs ago or so, I don’t believe it will give us back our life as you know it…I was on premarin for a while, but when my mother was diagnosed and passed away from renal cancer, and HRT is a causing factor, I stopped using it. Like I said in my last post, it surely helped the membranes, but beyond that I don’t think there is any hope for an enjoyable sex far gone now, if you know what I mean….Had I started taking Osphena 20 yrs ago, things would be different now.

      2. Sweetie,
        I am sorry it is not working well for you. Like you I had a partial hysterectomy at 29 and a complete (removal of ovaries that were the size of grapefruits) at age 33. I was on Estrace until the age of 50 and then the doctor took me off it. After about 4 years the pain of having sex started to really hurt and I began trying creams etc. which did not work, Started on Osphena nine months ago and wow what a difference it made for me! I only take 1/2 tab a day now, and even forget often but it is works well for me. I also use a product from Europe call YES and it relieves any irritation and keeps things moist during sex. I don’t know how long I can use it for, but doctor says for now everything looks great and I dont have any side effects. Keeping my fingers crossed there are none…. it was worth giving it a try!

    3. I had a hysterectomy at 50. I took Premarin for a few years for the hot flashes and the mood swings…it really helped and my family was glad too I’m sure!!LOL When I was diagnosed with breast cancer (estrogen negative) in 2012 I stopped the Premarin cold turkey to be on the safe side. The hot flashes returned but not the mood swings. After breast cancer surgery and radiation all seemed fine until a couple months ago when the dryness started. My gyno put me on Osphena after consulting with my cancer doctor due to the fact that it acts like estrogen but isn’t really. I started on it a month ago…and it worked for me!

  29. I agree there should be longer, and more intensive studies WAY before a new drug hits the pharmacie . However, what a lot of people don’t hear everything about a clinical study. They have to list every little symptom that someone has…even if it probably didn’t have anything to do with the drug.. Some of the people might have an underlaying condition that either they themselves or the doctor that did their physical may have missed. Maybe some also had the flu and didn’t show symptoms until the study, or caught it right when the trials started. More then likely…..people lie!!! I have a hard time believing that any of the participates has NOT EVER taken hormones before this drug… I mean come on they did this trial. It also pisses me off that drug companies are all over helping men get sexual gratification…. But what about us? Did you all know that 80℅ of women have never been able to achieve orgasm? Yes guys most of the time they fake it. It reminds me of a story I heard about certain cultures castrating when either at birth or when they reach puberty.. We deserve some pharmaceutical help there!!! I’m 40 and I take testosterone (androgel), yes I’m well aware of the risks, and as long as I know what they are and understand them then its my choice if I want to take it.. My body my choice! I hope one day drug companies can make what they want and as long as they list everything that’s in it and no dancing around about what its really for then its our choice if we want to use it. What’s the point of being an American! I thought we were here to make our own choices, not treat us like idiots that can’t read. We have become way too Dependant on some damn government agency telling us what we can and can’t take. If a pharmaceutical company wants to make billions…MAKE A DRUG TO HELP THOSE 80% OF WOMAN ACHIEVE ORGASM! Don’t you want your woman to be happy?

    1. Just wanted to leave an update now that I’ve been taking Osphena for a year now, It has worked very very well for me. And believe me the sex is better than before. I had a full hysterectomy when I was 50 and opted to take NO replacement hormone therapy, I’m 63 now and not only do I feel feminine again but feel amorous much more often. And the orgasms are longer and more intense. My husband is older and not as active so I often take care of myself if you get my drift. After about 6 months on Osphena I decided to take it only every other day and that has helped throttle back my libido, but not much.
      I exercise alot and work out so wasn’t worried about blood clots. Hope this helped.

  30. Haven’t posted for quite some time, but really feel the need to tell someone how crappy I’m feeling right now. Had total hysterectomy 7 years ago, after only 6 months of my first and only marriage at the age of 51. Everything went downhill after that. Libido became nonexistent, resentments built up, I started drinking heavily, eventually lost a very good job and now my relationship. Ironically, went through detox and an outpatient program 6 months ago and am still sober. Finally started to feel positive and good about myself for the first time in a long time, when 2 days ago my husband said he wanted to end things. He told me that he was no longer attracted to me sexually and never would be. I really thought that our relationship looked promising and was looking forward to the future with my husband as a healthy and sober woman. I was totally blindsided and now have to rebuild my life, which is probably good in the long run. Thing is my family lives thousands of miles away and I don’t really know where I’ll be going. All I know is that everything happens for a reason, and if I keep that in mind, I’ll find the strength to go on as a more confident and SOBER woman. Thanks for letting me rant.

    1. I really empathize with you, Lynn. I lived the low libido-resentment-downhill spiral at 40 and that was without a hysterectomy. My peri-meno-pause was awful, worse than menopause, and only now at 60 am I feeling back in control. My husband almost left me back then–I had no sense of self-worth and no patience with our kids. We lived separate lives. I was lonely and angry. Eventually I got into art, working with little kids, and found Zoloft helped take the edge off with no side effects. My husband and I are best friends, able to enjoy life, without expectation. I’m hesitant to try Osphena as I don’t want to upset this delicate balance. I wish you the best of luck in finding your creative/ productive side and learning to love yourself for who you are. Take care.

      1. Congrats to you! However, I wish more woman would stand up and shout out “we want our Viagra too!!”. I’ll never understand why a drug company hasn’t thought about making a medication for us…oh let all the men get Thiers..but do they know 80%of women can’t or have never achieved orgasm? I am 40 and I have not even thought of sex out of the blue, or felt warm and fuzzy down there, and I’ve been in the relationship for 16 years. I now take a tiny bit of androgel every 3 days and its making a world of difference…and yes I get extensive blood work every 3 months due to its not approved for women…go figure!!! Don’t settle, that’s all I have to say…..this is the prime of ur life….live it and be sure to eat raw foods in ur diet..that’s why everyone is getting some disease. GMOs is what u need to worry about…we can’t get all of the micro nutrients we need to fight these nasty illnesses, our food is ruined….all of it. Something somewhere was genetically modified and we bitch at pharmaceuticals? We need to through everything we have at the government to stop genetically modified foods!!! Sorry for the rant but I feel all this goes hand in hand.

    2. Lynn,
      I have to say YEAH for you. You are sober after much hard work! Also, things do happen for a reason, I was divorced 3 years ago after having been married 30 years, raised 3 boys to young wonderful men. With NO work experience or formal education, it has been a real struggle for me because during all of this, menopause hit me full swing along with several other medical issues. Where you decide to go and where you end up will be for to you to decide. After all of the trials you have been through, be sure to know that it will be the right place for you. You are brave and strong and quite accomplished. Power to YOU!

      1. tired of pain,
        I finally was tired of the pain he had caused me for 30 years. I finally started to understand my self worth and have tried to maintain this thought and feeling for the last 3 years. It has been hard but I now feel better with me without him. I totally understand it is about me now.

      2. Hang in there, Nae. Life’s too short to live it unhappy. Sounds like you did the right thing and waited until your kids were grown to get the heck out of a bad situation. Good for you and don’t look back.

    3. Dear Lynn,
      Sorry for your woes with your husband. I can only add to the other comments by saying you are in a good place, health-wise. Go with that and find a good place to move where you can be productive. If moving near family will bring negativity into your life, don’t go there. You must preserve your serenity.
      I wish you luck. You sound like a very strong and determined woman. You will do fine! Stay in touch with us, Lynn. We can see you through if only as a sounding board and confidants.

  31. Thank you guys..just left my doctor and I find it interesting since switching to a female doctor, this pill has been recommended for me! I had two partial hysterectomys at 25!! I hope this works because I have felt embarrassed and less of a women for a long time.I really appreciate you ladies talking about this subject.

  32. I’ve just read through many of these comments, trying to decide whether to fill the Rx for Osphena. I’ve been using Extrace for some time, but it’s not dong the job for me–I previously developed sensitivities to Premarin and Vagifem, as well–and a hysterectomy has left me without the vaginal architecture needed to use the Estring (I tried). So, Rx in hand, I priced it on the ExpressScripts site (I’m 61, not on Medicare): 30 days at a retail pharmacy: $4891.98. Not per year, per month. Sigh.
    How do you apply the coconut oil, exactly?

    1. WOW WEE $4891.98 a month! Maybe you should price Osphena through a retail pharmacy, like I did. For instance, Walgreen’s $194 for a 30 day supply with a coupon you can get at for $50.00 off for 6 months making it $144 a month. I am a huge advocate of coconut oil! You can use it everywhere, legs, arms, great on neck area, face(it starts out being a bit oily feeling but skin does absorb quickly) for vulva just apply liberally, also great in anal area. It will not stain clothing or bedding, washes out nicely. Be sure to buy organic, extra virgin coconut oil. I, personally use Spring Valley Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil that I buy at Walmart for $9.99. Has done wonders for me. I think all of us women have a long road ahead of us to be able use this medication through our insurance companies. I am working through mine to try to get this medication approved so they will pay some of this cost. Good luck Rosie.

      1. Iola,
        I don’t think any question is silly. This has been such a taboo subject for so long, that I am happy there is finally a forum that we older women are able to go to and ask these “silly” questions. I do not use a tampon to apply the coconut oil. I use my clean fingers and hands, that way I am able to know where the coconut oil is being applied.The extra oil wipes off well with toilet tissue and another good washing with soap and water. However, I suppose a tampon would work just as well, but I never thought of it.

  33. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one suffering dryness and pain during intercourse. I’m 62 yrs old and I’ve been dry for 5 yrs now. I’ve tried all kinds of medicines and creams but nothing works. Is anyone getting blood clots from taking Ospena? I’m just on my second pill and I just noticed a very small blood clot on my left inner thigh. I know it’s one of the side effects of this drug but, does this mean that I have to stop it right away?..

    1. Hi Irma. I am not a medical doctor nor an expert on the side effects. With that said, I’ve been told that blood clots are part of the reason for the ‘black box warning’ and are very dangerous. My advice is to talk to your doctor to see if 1) this medicine could cause a blood clot within one day of taking it; and 2) if you should discontinue taking the medicine.

      1. Thanks for your advice. I consulted with my doctor and what I have is not a blood clot. It’s some sort of bruise.

        Although my doctor did not say any negative thing about taking Ospena, I’ve decided to discontinue taking it until I can be certain that the benefits outweighs my risk.

      2. Sounds good, Irma. If you are at risk for blood clots, Osphena is probably not the right med. for you. I wish you well in fixing the issues that I truly understand.

      3. Dear Irma,
        So happy that you’re okay. I hope that you can speak to your doctor and find something that will help you. I’m not on Osphena but going to talk to my gyn in a few weeks. Not too sure I’m a candidate either. Good luck to you.

      1. I agree with MyBabyCake 2006 on this one. when I read Irma’s comment, that was my first thought, how do you know its a blood clot? is it just a bruise. There are so many meds out there cause easy bruising. If you really think it is a blood clot, you should get to your doctor, like yesterday. Good luck Irma.

  34. I have been taking Osphena for 12 months. I posted awhile ago. It continues to be very effective. I tried taking it every other day for a short time; but the dryness started to return. The only issue I’ve had is that I’ve gained over ten pounds since starting the script. I’m 47, and I’ve always been thin (til now). Is
    anyone else experiencing weight gain?

  35. I really need to try Osphena because according to the ads, it actually helps the skin around your vulva to thicken. I had to have a complete hysterectomy in my 30’s, and noone told me of the consequences later in life. Now, at age 56, my skin down there is so thin that often just wiping when I go to the bathroom will tear my skin. Needless to say intercourse is very painful. Several different doctors have given me estrogen, progesterone, even estrogen with a mix of testosterone shots. Nothing helps. This new Osphena sounds like it could do what the other treatments could not. I have had 2 different doctors prescribe it for me, but I can not afford it. Even with $40 or $50 off, I still cannot afford this. Why is this drug so expensive that most people who really need it, cannot afford it?

    1. @Gloria Trull, I had a very similar condition, even though I am in my 70s now. I reacted with burning and irritation to all the estrogen creams my doctor prescribed and was desperately using vaseline and steroid creams to get through the day. Never mind sex. :(

      Osphena worked for me in that it moisturized my vagina, but the vulval area was still a bit dry. So my gyn recently prescribed a tiny bit of estrace cream to use on the exterior parts 3 times a week. I’ve only been on Estrace for 2 weeks, but it seems to be working. I was on Ospena for 4 months before starting this additional treatment and everything was starting to heal up well so the Estrace didn’t burn and sting like it had before.

      Talk to your gyn and see if you qualify for any extra help from the pharmaceutical company. I was surprised when she told me the representative from the company was willing to supply me with a few free monthly supplies as long as I bought one month’s worth every few months myself. Ask and see what they say.

  36. Why would you marginalize the pain of intercourse due to vaginal atrophy? Trust me, it is nothing like gray hair. Gray hair is not painful and with some cosmetic attention can be changed if you so desire. Instead minimizing the real problems and issues for women who deal with the pain of Dysparunia, do the serious research to give women a real option.

    You would never tell a man that Erectile Dysfunction is like going bald.

    1. Absolutely,
      Just like if a man has to lose one testicle is a huge deal. But both women’s ovaries are taken out all the time and no one bats an eye.

      Going gray doesn’t stop you from having intimacy with one you care about. Or suffering for days afterward to heal. Or ripping and tearing just from being constipated. Or ripping because you stuck to yourself and moved the wrong way and you ripped apart.
      We haven’t been allowed to talk about this “aging nightmare” out loud!

    1. I’m just on my 2nd pill, 2nd day of taking Ospena and I already got a blood clot on the inside of my left thigh. It’s just one and size smaller than a dime. I wonder if this is a sign that I should stop taking this drug?

      1. I don’t think that’s a blood clot. First of all, you wouldn’t be able to see a blood clot – they happen inside your veins. And second, I don’t think you could get a blood clot that fast, after taking 2 pills – that’s just my humble opinion.

  37. I think its horrible that Osphena has been marked a women’s Viagra medication. And the insurance companies see it as a sexual dysfunction drug.
    I’m 67 and had a hysterectomy when I was 50. Started having horrible dryness around 60. So much that it was all the time.
    I tried everything and nothing worked until my doctor suggested that I try Osphena. And my reasons weren’t even any where near sexual dysfunctional. I had such dryness that it was about to drive me bonkers. I started taking it about a month ago and have had remarkable change with the dryness.
    So, here I am trying to use coupons to be able to use Osphena. The coupons are just a drop in the bucket. The pharmacy states that it costs 178. and my cost with coupon approx. 165. ridiculous.
    Please change diagnosis so that medicare will add to formulary.

    1. I agree, BJL. I had a vaginal cyst removed last spring and ever since I was so dry and irritated I couldn’t wear slacks or jeans. And estrogen creams were so irritating that it drove me to the ER. I have been on Osphena for more than 4 months, and it is a lifesaver. I have healed up from my surgery, finally. And yes, I pay $172.80 per month. :'(
      This is a medical treatment, not a sexual aid.

  38. I have learned about a new natural product by the name of Amata, it is all natural and helps with female menopause problems. You can go on the site (Am-a-ta).you can buy it online. I don’t think it costs anywhere near osphena and it’s all natural.

    1. Yes, I am. I showed the inserted packet explaining all the side effects and studies done to my asthma dr. who’s brilliant and also an internist. He said it’s like taking the birth control pill. He’s extremely conservative and anti-herbs and for instance the product, Vesele, for helping conditions. He has expertise. Yet, a drug needs to be out at least three years to even begin to see the full side effects due to how the studies are done and how the pharmaceutical companies push the best out of the worst results to the FDA to present to Congress. I trust my asthma dr. after he read the studies, but I would feel more comfortable if it’s been out for 5 years. But, I want to feel aroused and have orgasms and on half a pill for only 16 days before taking the full pill; I felt like I was in my 20’s again. Then, I got the hives which became welts allegedly from Osphena.

      1. I want to try cutting the 60 mg pill in half, as the full 60 mg pill has given me severe leg cramps during the night. Both my Dr and pharmacist told me if the pill is not scored, it is not intended to be cut?? Are you getting the advantages on the half dose?? Thanks

      2. despo54:
        I would also like to try a half dosage because I think I am having really bad headaches because of the medicine. I have not come across any intel about half dosage. I am fixin to call my doctor about this.

      3. So I heard from my doctor’s office and said “No” to cutting pill in half but want to monitor blood pressure. Interesting…wait and see what happens.

  39. I’m 57. First, I want to share with everyone that my dr. stated that osphena would fill the holes in our bones where estrogen was missing and also strengthen the vaginal bone; that it’s good for osteoporosis; so perhaps that’s why some women are feeling less pain from arthritis.

    LOVE Osphena AND THEN THIS HAPPENED: I have vestibulitus and the estrodial vaginal cream with a dab of testosterone got rid of the vestibulitus and increased my sex drive.(Which Osphena would do and I’d no longer need the vaginal crème. However, my sister is ill with cancer and while caring for her; my sex drive dwindled. The pharmaceutical creams specifically formulated to increase orgasm caused itching worse than poison ivy. Enter Osphena. I wanted it for arousal and orgasm. I don’t have any dryness. I was on ‘the trial’ for 16 days using only 1/2 a pill. Because I take Cymbalta for an anxiety disorder; the hot flashes were mild to none.
    I felt like I did in my 20’s!!!!! Then, I got hives that turned into welts. I took the anti-histamines that increase HUNGER and talke longer to bring down the hives vs. prednisone because of my anxiety disorder and that increases HUNGER far more. So, I am going to try this again when feeling less stressed. Yet, my beloved and belated father always got hives to medication. I’ve gotten hives taking vitamins with herbs in them. So, I’m realistic. And sad. Osphena DID what I wanted so much….to feel aroused and have intense orgasms. Any suggestions are so very welcome. I was blessed the welts didn’t go beyond my neck because it can enter the airways and affect breathing. And they didn’t itch. But, Osphena WORKED. Open to any suggestions.

    1. Dear Sunshine,
      What a tough time you’ve had. So sorry for your sister and for what you’re going through being by her side. Also the loss of your dad has to be tough.
      Thanks for the arthritis tip concerning Osphena. That you have anxiety. I’m sorry I have a sister who has it. I’m wondering does the Osphena help it at all?
      Also I want to thank you for letting us all know that it is helping your specific problems. We all have similar problems, mostly thinning of the vaginal walls either due to menopause brought on by surgery or naturally. I haven’t been for my annual checkup with the gyn yet this year. I’ll be going soon. I am expecting to have surgery on my foot within the next few months so I may wait until I’m recovered. I am one of a few here that has autoimmune disorders. Keep in touch with us. Let us know about side effects if any. Thank you for sharing.

      1. It’s about Time; I was so excited to share with everyone what my specialist informed me about Osphena and how it prevents osteoporosis and keeps the bones strong.
        I noticed there were numerous comments that their arthritis had gone away or gotten better with Osphena. And that is why!!!!
        Thank you for caring and kind words.
        It feels comforting to be connected with women who are using the same medication and to hear their challenges and/or successes with it AND that we support each other.

      2. Dear Sunshine, How are your hives? I hope they’re not from the Osphena and that you can continue to take it.
        I am going thru some foot problems right now and may have surgery. Neuromas and arthritis. Like I said I have MS and some other autoimmune illnesses. My MS has been okay due to the Copaxone injections for the past 12 years. It has kept my MS from progressing. As soon as I get this foot problem under control I’m going off the estrace, it doesn’t help anyway. I’d love to try the Osphena. Thanks so much for joining us here. You have been so helpful. Good luck, hope you can continue the Osphena and enjoy a part of life that adds so much balance and enjoyment.

    2. Sunshine…I am one of the ones who’s dryness and non-elasticity has been helped by Osphena (think I am starting my 7th month, not sure), but it did nothing for my sex drive like it has with a lot on here. Anyway, I drink one of Dr. Oz’s smoothies for breakfast every morning, and had already added the green Matcha Tea powder to it, which to helps burn fat (and seems to work!). When I went on Amazon to order more Matcha, I ran across Maca Root Powder; it says it will help libido. I got some, and now add that to the morning smoothie, as well. I have never had much sex drive, except when I was young and getting drunk on occassion; but I do think this Maca Powder may be helping. I do seem to have more interest, than before. My Kidney Dr. said it would not hurt me; you might check with your doctors about the safety of it for you. You can find it on Amazon. And thanks for the info about Osphena and the bones. I have Osteoperenia, which is pre-Osteoporosis.

      1. Thank you for your information. Years earlier my specialist recommended maca for me. It’s like caffeine which I cannot tolerate and exacerbates my anxiety disorder. Thank you kindly for recommending it. And my specialist was quite clear how it can prevent and help thinning of the bones/osteoporosis. I’m so glad it’s a win-win for you!!!!

  40. I have been reading through all the comments and have to say, very informative for the most part. I just saw a commercial for Osphena and figured I’d start my research. This was the first I’d heard about it.

    My background: I, sadly, had to have a full hysterectomy at the age of 30 after fighting years of miscarrages and an ectopic pregnancy that almost killed me. In the beginning my sex life was still great, but I was saddened when the sex became painful and I began going into full blown menopause (which is what happens when you have a full hysterectomy unless you go on hormone therapy)….I chose not to go on hormone therapy due to the ways some were made and also because I have a history of breast cancer in my family. I chose to forgo anything with estrogens.

    I’m turning 50 soon and have had YEARS of bad sexual experiences due to the vaginal pain. I used to love sex and now I cringe at the thought, which has put a bit of a damper on my marriage of almost 30 years.

    I am on disability and have Medicare and see that it won’t help pay for the medication. Does anyone know why they won’t? They’ll pay for men to have viagra, so what the heck??

    Anyway, I saw someone mention Pro-Emu and Coconut Oil……do either of these alone help with this issue? I’d rather stay natural if possible, but I also want my sex life back…..and when will Medicare begin helping with this? So unfair!

    1. Frustrated, it doesn’t seem likely that Medicare part D will pay for Osphena in the near future. I would expect that it will be 3 – 5 years down the road. They track the number of people filling Osphena prescriptions even though they don’t pay anything on the insurance. And there aren’t enough of us yet.

      My gyno said that she prescribes liberal applications of olive oil to her patients who can’t afford Osphena and won’t take any hormone preparations. She believes that it works almost as well when used daily to moisturize the vaginal area — inside and out.

      I was so irritated when I started that I couldn’t even use olive oil, but Emu oil was a little less irritating. Now I use a combination of Emu and Olive, but I also take Osphena daily. I hope that I can discontinue Osphena after my 4 month checkup, since $172/month is biting into my budget.

      1. I have not read this site since I first found out about it 6 months ago, but tonight I did and read your comment first. I think I was somehow meant to because I KNOW the HUGE plusses of coconut oil. Get the kind in the health/vitamin section ($10/12 oz. where I shop) as opposed to the cooking type. Read LONG ago about different types — I believe you want the purest for internal application and nice/pleasant smell. The cooking type is NOT as nice, IMO, but cheaper.

        It REALLY worked for me — at first externally, then internally. NO PAIN on application, in fact, almost immediately eased burning. MIRACLE to me and 100% no side-effects.

        Olive oil is totally different and I would never use it again, after one try. I would educate your gyno, too. It is not good smelling or tasting, and is oily, stains sheets and underpants. Also STICKY.

        Coconut oil soaks in and is not oily or sticky and washes out of fabric easily. In fact, I have never noticed any oil on cloth it contacted. You do have to reapply rather often as it does soak in. I keep in all bathrooms. As a plus it eliminates any rough skin or odors, too — from any parts. I was very sore/burning. Thought I might have a yeast infection (without discharge or antibiotics??), and started using it. In one or two days there was no more burning. Began using internally, and guess what? I started self-lubing a bit again (really!); “Big O” with no pain (but only with finger play — have not worked up to actual intercourse yet, but I was so dry/thin-skinnned/hurtful I ripped internally and bled even being TOUCHED).

        Do not get coconut oil in eyes, though. It’s sort of filmy and stings a bit.

      2. Ouch!!
        I’m afraid if my insurance was not paying for mine, my husband would not even have the option any more. He has had the option for almost 9 months, but is not using it, and if it was costing me, I would not continue to take it. I was not having any of the IUDs and other problems that a lot of the ladies on here were having. This is all for him, and I will take it as long as the Tri-care continues to pay; I will not give him an excuse to blame me again.

      3. Babycakes, I am jealous of your Tricare policy. But that is for military and their families. So those of us with Medicare and Medicare part D will not be covered and must pay for Osphena out of pocket. Sad. :(

      4. MyBabyCakes2006–

        Were you really able to get Tri-care to pay for Osphena? Because I was told they wouldn’t pay. (I have Aetna as my primary insurance and Tri-care as my secondary–and neither would pay, so I had to pay $172.00 for a month’s supply. And that was with a coupon)!

        I’ve been on Osphena for about 3 weeks, along with Premarin. Tried sex once since and it was still painful, but not as bad as it had been before the treatments. Funny thing is I have been taking Prempro (HRT) for a couple of years and that didn’t help at all. I’m really hoping that with the combination of the Premarin cream and the Osphena pill that I’ll get back to a normal, pain free existence.

        Getting back to the cost issue, I have heard that few insurance plans pay for Osphena–which is odd because they now pay for Viagra. Since Osphena is used to treat a very painful medical condition– you would think it would be covered!

      5. Oh I should add that my husband is a retired USAF Colonel so we have Tricare (for life) too. It has usually been good about picking up whatever my primary insurance doesn’t, but in this case, I was told that no government sponsored insurance (State or Federal)–to include Medicare and Tricare would pay for Osphena. Maybe I should see if there is another way around this like what your husband did. Hmmm…

    2. It will have to be your Medicare Supplement that pays for the Osphena, I Imagine. My Medicare doesn’t pay for any Rx’s; all of that comes through my Supplement (which pays for mine, but I am really surprised that it does).

      I use Emu Oil and Coconut Oil for just about everything I can, but can’t say whether over time, either one would help the vaginal dryness. Both of them are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, so you would get help from that point, anyway. The emu-oil goes down to the second layer of skin, so is good used as a transdermal (like a transdermal patch). It might do the same thing with the tissues.

      I had years of pain, too, after natural menopause, which has basically ruined my marriage relationship. We had been together for 9 years, and it just happened that we got married at the same time that I had my last period. My husband has not been supportive in this, and is so angry at me because the “wedding cake”, as he puts it, was the beginning of me not wanting sex anymore. For such a long time he said it was all in my head, and stuff like that. There is so much anger that we are not even best friends anymore. We are roommates, with him even sleeping in the man-cave room. I am on the Osphena now (almost 9 months), and he has only taken advantage of that once. He says he wants to “play around”, but uses every excuse in the book for not approaching me. Right now he is waiting for my (3 mo. old) leg ulcer, from Acute Venous Insufficiency in the deep vein of the right leg, to heel, because “he doesn’t want to hurt me”. If your husband has at least been more supportive than mine, feel lucky on that point.

      Good luck, and try the oils. They might at least help prevent infection. Use the coconut oil in your shampoo and conditioner, too. it’s great to prevent frizzy hair. I think it helps hold the rolled-in curl in mine, as well.

      1. MyBabyCakes2006, I thought Frustrated was referring to her Medicare part D policy. That’s the one that does not have Osphena in their formulary. I understand that there may be a few Part D policies that are considering it now.

        May I ask what Medicare supplement you have that would cover Osphena? I would switch to that one.

      2. My husband is retired military from Air Nat’l Guard, so our Tricare Prime, that he was eligible for at age 60, turned into Tricare for Life (the Medicare Supplement) automatically as each of us started on Medicare. I am really surprised that they do cover Osphena, because I had to fight tooth and nail to get the name brand Synthroid for my low thyroid, even though the generic was not working for me. They even turned down the first request letter sent to them by my doctor (they said his reasons were not good enough). If there is a generic available, they just won’t give you the name brand without a fight; and even some generics are not on their Formulary List. My Dr. did not even suggest Osphena for me, because of the cost (he said); I had to call him about it after I saw the first ad (that night, actually). He called it straight into Express Scripts / Tricare, and they sent me the first 3 months, and each 3 mo. three times now. I didn’t even know that insurances were not covering it, until I found this website.
        I consider myself lucky, but he was promised FREE medical care after age 60; and look at what we’ve got. We still have to pay for Medicare parts A & B, or the Tricare gets cancelled….some promise!

      1. Hi Jonipack, So happy for you. Can I ask how long you’re on Osphena and how old you are? I’m 61 suffering from vag. atrophy, no hysterectomy just menopause did it. Acute pain and bleeding if even trying to have intercourse. I’m on estrace with no help from it. Also have autoimmune illnesses. I heard here that it helps arthritis. If this is true, I’m getting a prescription pronto. I have moderate MS as well. Thank you in advance!

      2. @ Its About Time, I also have autoimmune diseases, RA, Sjogrens & Glaucoma. Osphena does help some, but I also use methotrexate for my various diseases.

        After vaginal surgery last April, I found I couldn’t use any of the topical estrogens without getting rashes and inflammation, so my gyno put me on Osphena. Works like a charm, and my surgical site is healing up nicely.

        I’ve been on Osphena for almost 4 months now. Oh, and I’m almost 75.

      3. Greatgrand, thank you so much for letting me know. I have foot problems and may be having surgery to remove neuromas from the right foot. I shouldn’t be worried about my love life right now as I have so many other things to worry about. I find myself feeling a bit down lately. I’m 61 and feel like I’m over 100 years old. You give me such hope. Are you getting side effects? I hope not. Thanks so much for letting me know as I’d like to stop the estrace, it doesn’t help too much.

      4. @It’s about time, I used Estrace, Premarin, and Estring for a few years but after my surgery, but I developed a contact dermatitis allergy to all of them. Osphena has saved my sanity.

        And why shouldn’t you worry about your love life! Those of us with autoimmune diseases have to find a better quality of life somehow. The less stress you have, the better you feel! Look for happiness. :)

        The most bothersome side effect is the sticky discharge, but it’s not as bad as it was in the beginning.

        Since I’ve been post menopausal for 23 years, I didn’t have much in the way of hot flashes or PMS symptoms that younger women may have.

        My biggest “side effect” is the outrageous price for those of us on Medicare. It’s not covered, so we pay about 175 per month. :-(

        You can use the Osphena discount card if you are not on Medicare yet, and it will only cost you $35/month. Why not try it?

      5. Wow, I have Sjogrens too and am convinced it is causing most of my problems. Haven’t tried coconut oil yet and too scared of side effects to ask for Osphena. Seems as bad as estrogen?

      6. I agree Jonipack. I have been on Osphena nearly 10 months. I have had no problems except a few hot flashes but find drinking more water helps with those. I feel sexy and my orgasms are more intense than they ever were when I was young. I’m loving how I feel. I’m 63 and had a hysterectomy when I was 50. I feel energetic (just ran a 6.2 mile race and finished) and had a bone scan last week and have the bones of a 47 year old. Lovin’ my Osphena!

      7. I’m only 36 and about to try it. I am not in menopause, but do have severe degredation to my tissues thanks to SEVEN vaginal surgeries. It all started with a bad choice in a hot tub, which then set off some horrible cycle of inflammation, pain, burning, stinging, you name it. I have been tested twelve ways from sunday by all kinds of specialists, have had skin biopsies and everything else.

        My misery is 24/7, so while I am still having regular periods and my thyroid is normal etc..I feel atrophy is definitely playing a role here as I find myself relating to women much older than I am when they speak of that horrible burning feeling, being unable to wear clothing that causes friction, and being too irritated and miserable to even want to think about sex.

        I am currently on estrace, but it hasn’t been very long and talked my doctor into letting me try Osphena. The side effects I worry about most would be of course uterine cancer and blood clots, but also pettier issues like weight gain.

        I am so happy to have found you guys talking about this, and hope to start the drug within the next few days, tops.

        I hope this will be a new ray of hope for women of all ages who are battling chronic issues.

        Nice to meet you all!

      8. Dear Kya,
        I’m sorry about your pain, so young. I didn’t have a hysterectomy but have started to have some pain during intercourse around 43 years old. I had a 4 month course of Lupron for uterine fibroids in my late 30’s after my fibroids came back (after laser surgery to remove them.) I couldn’t tolerate more than the 4 months. I’m not sure if that had anything to do with my problems. After that I was diagnosed with MS and on steroids for a while. I am doing okay with the MS thank God. I take Copaxone for the last 12 years. My pain with intercourse is severe, even on Estrace. I’m 61 years old now and it’s still the same. Not sure if I should try the Osphena as I not only have MS, I have other autoimmune problems too.
        I heard that it relieves arthritis pain, that’s another one of my autoimmune problems. I’m going to speak to my gynecologist next week. I hope you get some relief. You are young, try it and let us know how you do on it. Good luck.

  41. naechtlich,
    Antibiotics definitely have the side effect of yeast infections; and sometimes they do not run concurrently. My last antibiotic, Rifampin for my leg ulcer, did not seem to cause any….then a week or more later, the yeast infections showed up. I keep Nystatin on hand for things like the butt-crack sore. My GYN understands the routine completely; a phone call after an antibiotic is all that is required. However, I did have to go off of the Osphena from a few days before the Fluconazole, to a few days after. If you take both, the Fluconazole increases serum concentrations of Osphena, making side effects like blood clots and heart stuff more possible. The Rifampin had interactions, too; but it just decreases the Osphena serum concentrations, which just weakens it, so may not be dangerous like the Fluconazole.

    1. Ok, MyBabyCakes2006 after reading this thread and seeing so many comments about UTIs, I felt the need to make a comment about Elmiron and its effects for me being my miracle drug. Interstitial cystitis is not funny and symptoms are reoccurring UTIs and yeast infections, so if any of these gals can find relief with the use of Elmiron, I hope they will do it. I had to go to a Urologist for my IC diagnosis. Was not the most pleasantest thing I have ever endured but feel a lot better with this answer. Not sure what you mean by butt crack sore…will Osphena help that for you?

      1. A butt-crack sore is a yeast sore located above the anus, in the crack. They really hurt, and don’t clear up on their own.
        I’m glad you shared your information about the medication not previously mentioned on here; it should help others. At least they will know to ask about it.

      2. Thanks for bringing up Elmiron, naechtlich. (There wasn’t anywhere to reply to your post below, so I’m doing it here.) I’ve been wondering about this drug for awhile now and I guess it is something I’ll be asking my urologist about when I see him in a couple of weeks. Can you tell me, have you had any problems with side effects, and also, how expensive is it? These UTIs are so frustrating and I know the antibiotics are not good to be on for extended periods of time but for right now, I don’t have much choice.

        The Osphena is working well but I think my gynecologist was a little too optimistic when she said it would resolve the IC/UTIs.

        Having vaginal moisture, wonderful! Being able to make use of it would be priceless!

      3. Curious, have you been diagnosed with I/C? Then Elmiron might help. I wonder if it works for the rest of the women with UTIs.I didn’t have it, just simple, but persistent, UTIs. I took Macrobid for 6 months and the minute I stopped, they came back. Finally my uro/gyno found a vaginal cyst that really wasn’t bothering me at all. But when she removed it, the UTIs disappeared. Her only thought was that the cyst was causing some slight constriction of the urethra. Now I hope that Osphena will keep them away. I’m sorry it’s not working for your UTIs.

      4. Curious,
        I, personally have had NO side effects with Elmiron. This medication is absolutely my miracle drug. For about 8-10 years I was on the vicious cycle(merry-go-round) of UTI, yeast infection from use of antibiotics, UTI, yeast infection, ETC. I went to a urologist and was diagnosed with IC and was put on Elmiron. Life changed almost instantly for me. I have been on Elmiron for about 8 years now. It will be a lifetime medication for me. My insurance pays for most of it but I think it is still an expensive drug. I pay $90.00 for a 3 month supply. From what i can tell the insurance company pays $1400 for the remainder. To date Elmiron does not have a generic available. For me to have gotten the diagnoses of IC the urologist had to perform a cystoscope procedure and that was not painful but was not fun either. Good luck Curious. I hope to have good results with Osphena but have not been using it for any length of time.

      5. Hi, I haven’t posted in a while, but I just wanted to tell you about my experience. I have had uti”s all my life. It started with the Honeymoon and anytime I had sex. I tried going to the bathroom after, and that seemed to help. Fast forward to now, many years later with UTI’s. Lots of Doctor visits and urology visits and the horror chamber, as I call it to find out what is going on with my bladder, I found a urologist that told me not to wear nylon underpants. I stopped wearing them, and have not had a uti since! That has been almost a year now. Just hope that it will work for you. I did not go on Osphena, I can’t take that drug I will try the Emu Oil and Coconut Oil. If its natural I will use it. Thanks for commenting. I like this site.

  42. I am not currently on any medication- hormone or Osphena… I should be though. I am 32 and have had a complete hysterectomy due to complications. I have tried several different medications and didn’t like the side effects, the last med my Dr. put me on, Premarin, I didn’t even try. I saw how the “they” ‘extract’ the hormones from the horses for that particular hormone and I refuse to be a part of that. I am wondering if Osphena is even worth the Dr visit…

  43. I’ve been on Osphena for almost 6 weeks and it seems to be helping quite a bit. Less pain and NO bleeding with intercourse! Yay!

    I see that others are bothered by the sticky discharge, too. For those of you who have been on this longer, does it eventually go away?

    For now, I have resorted to carrying a tiny squirt bottle of water for a quick rinse when I use the commode. It seems to get rid of the icky sticky feeling, but it always comes back.

    I love the honest answers and support I’ve found here.

    1. Greatgrand….
      I was one of the ones who had a very noticeable amount of discharge, and yes it did finally stop. It had actually been orange in color most of the time, but the Dr. examined me and said it was only the natural sloughing-off of the lining of the vagina, due to the renewed moisture. He said when he examines a woman, he can always tell if she is not sexually active, by that color. We’ve only had one encounter during the more than 6 mo. I’ve been on the Osphena, but the discharge did still clear up anyway. He had all that time before I got a new leg ulcer 1st of July; now he says he’s waiting until my leg heals up, so that he can get romantic! My Tricare Ins. does pay, and I’m not stopping the Osphena unless there is a health problem with it. I’m not taking the blame for ‘no sex’ in my marriage any more!

    2. I’m 77 yrs. and last year started to have a red and sore vagina and lips. Different creams and oils only made it worse. I’ve been on Osphena for a month and there is increased secretions but very smelly. Has any one else experienced the smelly secretions? It’s anything but sexual. It’s embarrassing to smell like that. I’m ready to stop the drug. I’m still sore and red and now smelly. What a bummer.

      1. Dear Froggy,
        Call your doctor, make another appointment and go in to talk to him/her. Not on the phone you’ll get the bum’s rush. Good luck, let us know how you are and what the doctor says.

    1. I started taking Osphena approximately 3 months ago. Yes it has helped with the pain but I’ve gained 5 lbs. No change in diet, have bumped up the exercise but the weight is not changing. Discharge is minimal now but hot flashes and night sweats are driving me crazy. Never had those before. I decided to reduce the dosage to every other day and that has helped some. My doctor approved this. I also hate the blister packs.


  45. I am 62 yrs old. I started taking Osphena in January of this year. I saw a notable improvement in about 2 months. There is also something else that I’ve noticed since taking this medication, my knee pain, which was pretty severe, has almost completely gone. I have only a mild soreness from time to time now. I have been able to work out on the weights for 30 minutes 5 days a week, and I have worked my way up to running 2 miles 5 days a week. This improvement has to be related to the Osphena, because that is the only change that I’ve made. Is there anyone else out there that has noticed improvements of this nature.

    1. Wow Cathy, so happy for you. I’m 61 and started with arthritis a long time ago, recently my left knee along with psoriasis. They tell me it’s not psoriatic arthritis, hope they’re correct. I’m going to talk to my doctor about the Osphena…. wondering if it’ll help my other ailments related to my MS, Polychondritis, etc. Who knows, it might! Good for you and hope you can have a normal relationship with your loved one.

      1. I haven’t seen anything published that Osphena helps Osteoarthritis, but I feel that it has helped mine. It’s a new drug and there’s always unknown side effects when a drug is first put on the market. Wouldn’t it be wonerful if this drug could end up being used to help those with Osteoarthrits??? I think I’ll call the company tomorrow and ask if they have had other reports of this kind. Good luck to you on getting the help that you need so that you can lead a happier life:)

  46. Auntie…..
    The paperwork on Osphena states that flucanazole (Diflucan), rifampin (Rifadin), and estrogens, can all interact with Osphena. Before my GYN sent in my prescription he called me to make sure I knew that I could not take the Difucan with it, because it also was the Rx he let me keep on hand for when I needed it. I had not remembered that the Rifadin was also on the list, and the Wound Care Center just gave me that one for my leg ulcers. Don’t know which one it kept from working; the ulcer that was smaller in the beginning, is now bleeding, and not healed. Now that I looked that up, the info is going on my Rx and Allergies list I keep in the computer for updating and printing out for any Dr. apptintment. (The other side of that page has all my Drs., and Known Conditions). Anyone who has not thought of doing that, should really consider it. It makes it so much easier to make sure your Dr. has all of your correct, updated information each time you visit. It can be done with WordPad, don’t need any of the office software.

  47. Your blister pack packaging is a real pain in the BUTT! I have to fight to retrieve a tablet every single night. Why would you package something for a woman of age that most likely will have arthritis and or carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Rethink your packaging Really c’ mon

    1. tam…..take scissors, and cut through the cardboard, at the edges of the inserted foil card. You can see where the extra thickness ends…cut 2 sides, that is enough. Take out the foil pill sheet, and they push through the thin foil easily. You can push them out as you go, or all at once and put them into an empty pill bottle. Once you see where to make the 2 cuts, you won’t have a problem anymore.

  48. I’ve seen several comments about the cost of this drug. My part D insurance doesn’t cover it, and I can’t use the manufacturer’s discount card because Medicare recipients are not eligible.

    How do others handle this?

    1. GreatGrand,

      I’m on Medicare & disability because of a life-threatening encephalitis that I got at work – the result of a dying AIDS patient. I’m lucky to still be around.

      My experience is the same as yours. Osphena is VERY expensive and it’s all out of pocket for us. The coupon does not apply to Medicare patients.

      We joke about Osphena being cheaper than “hookers and blow” (just a little levity) but seriously, this is one thing that we hope is working to reduce my UTIs which is a serious chronic problem. We’re also very encouraged that it will mean that we’ll be able to resume normal sexual relations, and that’s extremely important to us because even though we’ve been married for 30 years we still put a heavy premium on our physical relationship.

      So, we put money toward this and cut back elsewhere.

      Good luck!

  49. How wonderful to find a support site here! I am 74 and was desperate to get relief from the pain and dryness. Until I started getting UTIs 3 years ago, my husband and I had a normal sex life. Then I was put on Estrace, then 6 months of daily antibiotics, then when I developed a sensitivity to Estrace we tried Premarin cream, then my uro/gyno discovered a vaginal cyst. So that was removed in April of this year. So far that cured the UTIs. Then back to Premarin but I developed an allergic reaction. Then the Estring, and also had an allergic dermatitis reaction. OUCH! I’ve felt like I’m sitting on hot coals ever since, and sex is extremely painful. So I’m trying Osphena and Olive oil as a last resort. This is my 9th day on Osphena and I think it might be helping. but the Olive Oil is mildly irritating. Ladies, how long before I can logically see improvement? Will it take longer because of my age? Or because of how bad the tissues had become? Those of you who have found success have greatly encouraged me.

    1. Try Coconut Oil or Emu Oil. They are both antibacterial and antifungal. The Coconut Oil is cheaper per oz., and easier to find; but Emu Oil also has a transdermal effect on skin, penetrating down to the second layer. Buy pure AEA Certified Emu Oil (Pro-Emu is a good brand). It might possibly do the same thing for vaginal tissue. I use a thicker brand of silicone lubricant (KamaSutra), which is slick-slick-slick. Other brands I tried were too messy; they dripped, because they were too thin.
      Hope this helps. I use coconut oil for everything from cooking to my hair; and I use Emu oil on my skin (with my facial products)and scalp before washing hair. It is known to help revive hair follicles, to regrow hair. Mine has always been fine and thin, and is much thinner now, especially in my bangs area. However, I have heard that coconut oil can help with hair growth as well. Do a search on both of them. You will be amazed at the things they help with, naturally.

      1. Greatgrand — I thought of something else for you, possibly. My gynecologist prescribed Clobetasol Propionate for a dermatological reaction to whatever was going on with me awhile back before I started Osphena. It took care of the problem. Hope this helps.

      2. Thanks! When I had my last and most horrible allergic reaction to the estring, I went to Urgent Care and they gave me a combination cream with Clotrimazole and Betamethasone. Burned worse than ever! I think I have some Clobetasol from my dermatologist still, so I may try that if the burning gets out of control again.

        I’m on day 11 with Osphena and now Coconut Oil. So far so good!

    2. Greatgrand – for me, the Osphena worked within two months; but I have read that you should see a difference within three weeks. My ‘case’ was pretty bad … I’ve been taking the med. for over seven months now, and it continues to have awesome effects. Hope you feel relieve very soon!

      1. Greatgrand- you’re welcome. For me, the Clobetasol was soothing whereas other steroid-based products (such as Alcortin A) burned. I hope it works for you!

  50. I am just starting this drug, so I can’t speakpersonally to any short or long term side effects. I can speak to the efficacy of painful intercourse.

    One of the effects menopause has had on my body is the loss of elasticity to vaginal skin. I have had abrasions to this area during intercourse. As you can imagine, they are very painful.

    Osphena and Premarin vaginal cream are two treatments for this condition. I have chosen Osphena because of it’s ease of use.

    Painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness and atrophy is not a marketing ploy–it’s a real problem. I think it’s unfair for a woman who doesn’t suffer with these symptoms to be writing an article about the issue.

    1. This is the first blog on which I’ve ever posted. I just wanted to share that this pill really works – for me, anyway. I’m learning from the posts that there’s a wide spectrum of issues. Mine quite possibly were the worst compared to what I’ve read. I’m only 47 and I had such intense dryness after menopause two years ago. Parts of my body (skin particles) were coming out of me on a daily basis. I was in pain just walking or sitting due to the intense dryness and atrophy. I’ve been taking Osphena for a little over 7 months now. I was able to have sexual intercourse with my husband after two months with absolutely no pain. I am very thankful for this medicine. Hot flashes have increased, but eating fresh mango (just a few bites) a couple of times a day seems to help reduce the intensity and frequency of hot flashes. I had discharge after five months, but that ceased after a couple of weeks. I have had no other issues with the medicine. I’m in pretty good health with normal weight. I hope this helps.

      1. Dear Itworks,
        So happy for you. Like you I started menopause on the early side. My first sign (didn’t realize it was perimenopause) was irritation during and after intercourse I was only 43. .I was still getting my period. I went from too much estrogen (had fibroids) to too little.
        By the time I lost my period there was bleeding after menopause. My family doctor put me on HRT (Prempro). When the study about breast cancer came out I stopped the Prempro. It did help the hot flashes but not the atrophy. I felt like a freak.
        Our love life was over.
        I have been on Estrace with little help for the last 7 years. I do have health problems, mostly autoimmune which includes MS, “possible Lupus” and also some illnesses that are subsets of Lupus and Arthritis. I’m 61 now and have slowed down due to these illnesses but I do get around. I get tired very easily and have a lot of pain.
        neuromas in my feet too.
        I am getting very down-hearted about life lately. I can’t keep up with my husband who also has a chronic illness but it turns out he’s in better shape than me. I am going to speak to my gyno about Osphena on my next visit. Hope she gives it to me and I have the same results that you have.. Keep us updated. You have given me hope!! Thank you very much!

      2. Thanks for the reply, It’s About Time. I feel for you and hope you find relief from all of your ailments very soon. Life is a good thing and we’re supposed to enjoy it. I think the Osphena should work for you if your doctor agrees. Keep me posted.

      3. Thanks for the tip about the Mango. Have you found any other fruit to help also? I like peaches much better than Mango; but I think I can develop a taste for them, if they help.

      4. Thanks for the comment, MyBabyCakes2006. I don’t know about peaches … haven’t done the research on them. I didn’t like the taste of fresh mango at first, but we learned how to pick them, and I really like them now. I like them when they’re soft to the touch and the reddish ones seem to be best. I like pineapple to ease pain for its anti-inflammatory effects … not much to do about Osphena side effects. though. :)

  51. I don’t see anyone looking into the testing procedures followed before the release of this drug to,the public….a couple of 12 week tests done BY THE COMPANY THAT SELLS IT??? Who’s making BIG $$ on this stuff at our expense.
    I WILL NOT DIE from a med just to have sex again…I have other parts that work fine..legs, arms eyes, etc. I rather buy a car or (my dream) board a horse for this money.

    1. We know that there are possible side-effects to using Osphena, but for most all of us taking the chance, it does actually improve the vaginal tissues. I myself could do without sex for the rest of my life, and not feel any deprivation…but my husband is not so happy to do that. I personally am taking Osphena in an effort to save my marriage. We have become like roomates, going our separate ways and hardly ever interacting with each other. My husband has been blaming me for this since menopause 14 years ago, which was also when we were married. I tried everything else, and nothing worked; I even bled when the Dr. examined me. Unless I do begin any symptoms of heart related problems from Osphena, I will continue to take it; I will not let the lack of sex in our lives be blamed on me any longer.

    2. Many of the women on this blog have some pretty serious medical issues besides the sex issue. If you don’t have the issues they have, then how can you speak to whether it’s worth the risks for them?

    1. It depends on the kind of insurance you have, just like the doctors. My doctor did not initially suggest Osphena to me, because of how expensive it basically is. We have Tricare/Express Scripts along with Medicare. Tricare is real bad about not covering drugs that you need, like brand name Synthroid, for instance. The Dr. sent the Osphena Rx directly to Express Scripts, and was I shocked! I am getting every 3 mo. supply for $13, the price for name brand drugs. Now I don’t know if he sent in any information about how neccessary the medication was for me, or not. I do know that it took lots of letters from my primary Dr. for me to finally get Synthroid approved, even though the generic just did not work for me.

    2. My insurance wouldn’t cover it either. So, I appealed, and before the appeal hearing, they agreed to pay for it. Of course, the copay is $55, but that’s better than the full price. I think it’s been known to work now for women, and if you appeal it (like threaten the insurance with an appeal and how can they dictate to doctors what to prescribe) they end up approving it.

    1. I guess I am lucky, I only pay $30 for a months supply. My problem is I have been taking it for 6 months and does not work for me. I am very disappointed and I will not buy any more. What’snext?

  52. While I am on here reading the recent posts, let me bring up a very old subject….back when several mentionioned how hard it was to get the tablets out of the packaging. I have been taking the foil sheet of pills out from between the (plastic re-enforced) cardboard, by cutting the cardboard on 2 sides of the foil sheet and it will come right out. My Rx come from Tricare/Express Scripts 3 mo. at a time, so yesterday when I was filling my pill containers for the week, I took all of the pills out and put them into an empty pill bottle; and put the rx label on the bottle. Now I won’t have to fuss with removing the foil sheets but every 3 mo. I’m probably not the only one to figure this out, but just thought I would share, in case anyone needed the suggestion.

    Curious…sorry about them putting you on all those antibiotics. They are real killers of our own immune system, but guess it took a lot of years for them to figure that out. Whoever first discovered it, probably was not believed, of course. I was just put on one I have never taken before; it was indicated for these new leg ulcers, by the culture they did. I seem to be starting some of the stomach/diarrhea side effects listed. I have 5 more days to take it, but I will see the Wound Care Dr. Fri., when they re-dress and pressure-wrap the leg again. They seem to be healing a lot faster than 2 yrs. ago, before the deep veins were fixed. Seems as though I was still supposed to be wearing the real support hose all the time, and I did not know that. I was wearing the light support when I went out, and none at home. Lesson learned.

    1. MyBabyCakes,

      You’re right about the packaging, it is the worst! I’ve taken my Osphena out of the super-reinforced booklet and put the pills in an empty container too. The packaging is a pain and terrible idea!

      Sorry to hear about your leg ulcers, they can be very hard to deal with. For what it’s worth, you might look into hyperbaric oxygen therapy. You can find it by looking at longevity practitioners but also in university centers. Wound healing is one of the uses in which insurance often will pay for the procedure because it has a proven positive result, that is it cuts healing time substantially.

      Good luck!

      1. The Wound Care Center has those Hyperbaric chambers, but my ulcers have not been bad enough to need them, the first time or now. They are healing pretty fast this time, since I have good basic circulation; they said one more pressure wrap this week, then I can probably go to just the support hose. Apparantly I still have leaking capillaries on the feet and ankles (causes the purple and brown – the brown is from the iron in the blood, they said – “rust stains”), so I will make sure and stay in the support hose from now on.

  53. Well, I talked to my ob/gyn about osphena and she said her patients were having good luck with it and gave me a script. I had it filled, with my insurance and the online coupon, I paid $35. Before starting the drug, I emailed my rheumatologist to make sure it was ok to use it. His reply was NO WAY, since I have antiphospholipid syndrome, a blood clotting disorder, and osphena increases the risk of blood clots. Sigh. I guess my life of intercourse is over. I’m only 52 so this makes me sad. Husband doesn’t care, he’s more than happy to be satisfied orally.

  54. I have severely painful intercourse since menopause that has profoundly affected our intimacy. My husband and I tried several remedies with little result. My gynecologist prescribed Osphena and within a week, intercourse was less painful. I have been on it for two months now and it has brought back the intimacy we both craved. I’ll let the benefits outweigh the risks for now!

    1. Glad to hear of your success, 1kittygal! Congratulations! I agree, the risks are nothing compared to the potential benefits. It’s great to have another person reporting success.

      I’ve been on Osphena for about 10 weeks now and am definitely seeing an improvement in endogenous (my own) moisture. I still seem to be cycling through bladder infections — about every three to four weeks, no matter what I do to either provoke or avoid them. That would be one thing but my bladder doesn’t really tolerate antibiotics very well so it’s a fine line to walk. Because of that, we’ve been avoiding actual intercourse and just sticking to alternative endeavors (but I’m really anxious to see how much better things are due to the Osphena!). My gynecologist says that the Osphena will help with the UTIs as well. I see her next weeks, so I’ll get to bring her up to date and hear what she thinks now.

      Best wishes, everyone!

      1. From what I understand, it is mandatory to pee after intercourse, to clean out any bacteria that gets into the urethra. I always had trouble with that, since I always had to pee before, to keep fom being so uncomfortable during. Sometimes I tried for 30 min. or more to go, I just wanted to give up and go to bed.

      2. I wasn on lots of oral antibiotis followed by IV antibiotics for nearly a year for that nebulous “fever of unknown origin” diagnosis about ten years ago. I knew that wasn’t right, that it was a viral thing because that was thing for which I tested positive. But try telling that to doctors. By the time I was finally diagnosed, we were four years in and the virus had infiltrated my brain and I needed six months of IV antivirals so get it out.

        After that, my doctor gave me a prescription for Bactrim to use whenever I had symptoms of a UTI because it was difficult to get into his office. I didn’t keep track of how often the UTIs happened but I guess they increased over the years.

        I read an article recently about tolerance, the ability of bacteria to weather a course of antibiotics, and when they can hide out somewhere that an antibiotic doesn’t get to as easily the tolerance is higher. (Tolerance is different than resistant.)

        Between tolerance and resistance, I figure all these antibiotics I’ve taken over the last couple of decades have a lot to do with where I am with the UTIs.

        But the peeing before and after intercourse is great advice, and I do my best to follow it religously. At this point, I think I could write a book on surviviing and thriving despite UTIs and interstitial cystitis. Well, I probably still have a bit to learn about the latter… :)

      3. I have just recently been put on Osphena so no real comments about that now. However, I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis about 8 years ago and was put on the drug Elmiron. This drug has totally controlled the UTIs I was plagued with. This is my miracle drug. I, also think that antibiotics have a relationship to yeast infections. Even though, the drug Elmiron has been around for a number of years it is still expensive and no generic is available.

  55. Hi Baby Cakes, according to Newsweek, “Osphena’s label, risks include cancer, blood clots, and stroke. But other bothersome side effects showed up in clinical trials: women taking the drug had twice the rate of urinary tract infections, three times the rate of hot flashes, and 14 times the rate of yeast infections. “. But, I have had no UTI’s since taking Osphena and as I mentioned earlier, I don’t know that my yeast infections are related to Osphena. I’m doing fine now. Before taking Osphena, I was having UTI’s once a week.

    1. Oh crap, Evergreen, once a week? You barely had time to treat it before it came back! What misery. I’ve been running every two weeks to a month for the past nine months, and I’ve been feeling pretty miserable as a result. But every week…

      Do you mind if I ask, is your doctor treating you with three days of antibiotics? It seems that a longer course would a consideration. Also, I wonder if some of your yeast infections are from the antibiotic use that you’ve had to deal with as a result of the UTIs.

      1. I agree with the yeast infections being from the antibiotics. Every time I am given an antibiotic for sinus, or something completely unrelated, I get a yeast infection; and that was with absolutely no sexual activity at all.

      2. A nurse practitioner long ago told me to insert plain yogurt into the vagina with same tube used in Monistat while taking antibiotics, and for a week after. It worked. Also helped to stop taking tetracycline for breakouts.

      3. “Fluconazole (diflucan) increases serum concentrations of Osphena”, increasing the possibilities of the side-effects of blood clots, heart problems & stroke. That is why it is listed in the Osphena literature not to take it with Osphena. When I needed the diflucan for yeast from another antibiotic, my GYN had me stop the Osphena while I was taking the diflucan, plus a few days before and after.

        It is good to know about the Yogurt, thanks. I’ll try to remember about the Yogurt application the next time I have to take an antibiotic.

      4. @Curious…it was pretty miserable. The last two UTI’s I was treated with a three day antibiotic and the UTI did come back. Then I was treated with a week long antibiotic and put on Osphena. I bet you are right about the yeast infections. I was on antibiotics almost continuously for awhile. Haven’t had to go on antibiotics since taking Osphena. Yeah!

  56. Evergreen 50, you said you were having more yeast infections, and mentioned that it was a listed side effect. I don’t find that side effect listed in any of the information pages I found and printed out. Actually, I thought most of you ladies were taking Osphena to stop the yeast infections, as well as the pain. With me it was just the excruciating pain frim the super-thin, non-stretching, dry, vaginal tissues. Osphena has improved the field, but I can’t tell if it has fixed things, since my husband is still not approaching me in any kind of romantic way.

  57. Hi,

    I’ve been on Osphena now for about six weeks. I really want this to work!

    I’ve noticed some more vaginal moisture but it isn’t as dramatic as some of the people posting here have described. As for intercourse, we’ve tried it several time but that hasn’t been fully possible just yet. It’s better but we still have a ways to go.

    Our routine is to have some sort of sexual contact at least every other day. Since the vaginal pain started we’ve gotten really creative at this. While it isn’t quite what we’d like it to be, at least we have this.

    One interesting thing with Osphena is that I have noticed an increase in sexual sensation that I didn’t have prior to taking it. I feel it vaginally, in my nipples and other erogenous zones. Have any of you noticed this?

    The other reason I’m taking Osphena is to try and reduce the amount and frequency in urinary tract infections that I’ve been having for the past few years. My gynecologist says that improving the overall vaginal dryness and health will help this. Since this has become a real issue for me, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    Oh, and so far no side effects.

    1. Curious, I did notice increased sensitivity initially but not as much now. I started taking Osphena mainly to prevent UTI’s and bacterial infections. Haven’t had a UTI since I started it.
      Haven’t had a huge increase in moisture but that has never been a big issue for us since we use lubricants. The moisture is better though.

      1. Evergreen,

        That is so great to hear that Osphena has helped so much with your UTIs. It’s what I’m hoping to achieve!

        I could wade through the whole site here to try and find your posts but it’s easier to just ask you: Were you have a lot of UTIs prior to taking Osphena? It is so frustrating so feel the early symptoms and know that another one is starting again…

    2. I agree with you ladies on the UTI’s, I am really happy to say that I am no longer getting them. As far as sexual sensation…well just the thought of no more vaginal pain or UTI’s definitely gets you in the mood, and knowing you can enjoy a little fun without the pain after is a great aphrodisiac as well!! :)

    1. I have arthritis in my knees and hands, but it doesn’t seem any worse after 2 months on Osphena. I’m very physically active regardless. Other than more yeast infections, I don’t seem to have any other side effects. It is hard sometimes to know if symptoms are related to the drug or just getting older!

  58. Hi, it sure was nice to find this link! It’s so sad that there are so many women like myself suffering with this problem. And the less you use it the more you seem to lose it…a vicious cycle!
    I am almost 60, two C-sections and a full hysterectomy at 33, HRT/Estrace for 18 years, now off since 2007, do not take any other meds except vitamins, occasional Zantac for stomach acid. Everything was fine until about 3-4 years ago when intercourse began to hurt. Lubricants worked for the dryness for a while but as of the last 2 years it was starting to hurt more and more and I would bleed! So I decided to try the estrogen vaginal cream, which did not work that well, messy etc. and when I forgot to use it consistently I would get hot flashes. That was aweful!
    Now I am giving a go with Osphena. It’s been about 2 months and I noticed the difference in 1 month. Intercourse was still a bit painful at one month but I could feel the improvement. I am grateful I have a patient affectionate spouse that doesn’t have to have sex, although I am certain he will definitely appreciate getting “Vagina” back! The dosage seemed a bit strong at first so I backed off to every other day dosage which worked fine for me (sure the docs would not recommend) So far no side effects other than vaginal secretions which means it is working! Having a romantic weekend with the Hubby, hope after 2 months on Osphena we both can have a pleasant time! I will come back to comment. Good luck to the others that are trying this option as well!

      1. Evergreen, I would stick to the recommended dosage if you do decide to try it. My progress would have been faster (I think anyway). Maybe for first few days to get used to it, but we all have different reactions to meds. Feel I have a bit more to go to get optimum results, but ‘felt’ things were working better this weekend! :)

      2. TX Gal,
        Thanks for the reply! I’ve been using it for 6 weeks. I was wondering what made you decide to use it every other day as opposed to every day? What made it a ” bit strong”?

      3. I am not sure, just felt ‘weird’, almost lightheaded, so I dropped to half a tablet a day and then after another week or so,I felt better. Then I started taking the full dose again and felt fine. Perhaps I was just so estrogen deficient that I noticed the difference after 3 days. I am good now and hope that was just an adjustment that my body needed.
        How are you feeling after 6 weeks? Do you notice it already working for you that your wanting to cut back?

      4. I was wondering the exact same thing. I’m in my 5th month of taking Osphena, and cannot relate to anything happening that I would have thought it was too strong.

      5. TX Gal,

        There was no red reply button below your answer to my question. This reply will probably seem out of order. I’m getting a few more yeast infections than I normally would. So I wondered if it was ‘a bit strong’. Not sure if it’s related to the Osphena. Yeast infections are listed as a side effect.

      6. @Evergreen,
        So far I have not had any real problems only good results! I never had a problem with yeast but did get UTI’s after having sex with my husband almost every time the last few years, it was a double whammy of pain! Have not had any since taking Osphena and this weekend we were finally able to fully engage with NO pain! Yes, we are celebrating!

      7. TX Gal,
        Wonderful news that you are free of pain! So glad to hear it. I have not had any UTIs since starting Osphena. I was having them almost once a week. One sent me to the emergency room. It’s so nice to not have to worry about UTIs!

  59. Hello, Has anyone else experienced a bad headache and numb face on Ospehena? This is the second day I have taken it. I thought first it was a coincidence, but the headache is back again and it is bad. I had Stage 1 BC three years ago, lumpectomy. My sex life died after going off HRT when I got BC. No one talked to me about it at any doctor’s appt. It is missing from my life with my husband and I feel like we are not the same anymore. The passion is gone and I want it back. Now I have the headache and I am not sure why Osphena is causing it. I want so much for something to work.

    1. You need to see your Dr. immediately, since Osphena’s Black Box Warnings are on Heart and Stroke…not breast cancer. The face numbness could very well be stroke…Osphena connected or not.
      Dr. Oz had a very good show on Wed. the 28th, about how stokes are affecting even younger women; and he clarified symptoms. You should also go on his website and look for the video of that segment of the show from Wed.

    2. CT girl, Sorry to hear you may be having some complications. Hope since your post it has resolved itself and you are ok. I felt a bit weird at first too and took the pill every other day. Then after about 10 days went on a daily basis. After I went off HRT 7 years ago the same happened to me, then after 3 years it became painful and after 5 years unbearable. I just started Osphena and hoping to get my vagina back. It’s really hard not to be passionate with your partner, so far I am lucky that he is ok with it but I am not and willing to stick with this (as long as I don’t get any side effects). I am with you, just want something to work! Best to you!

  60. Hello Ladies…. I have been on Osphena now for almost a month. I have not tried intercourse yet, as I do not feel the “moisture” that you all are talking about. No discharge. Maybe because I had a total hysterectomy 18yrs ago, it may take a bit to return??? The only good thing right now is that I can actually pee and wipe without the excrutiating sandpaper feeling and stinging…so yippee for that. I will go get another month’s worth and see if the moisture returns for intercourse….still hesitant!

    1. Sweetie, try the coconut oil. It’s almost a Crisco-like consistency, but even before my Osphena kicked in, this made 110% difference and we were able to have relations with no pain whatsoever. May be worth a try while you’re waiting for the maximum effect, which is typically after 90 days. Good luck!

    2. Hi Sweetie, Thanks for checking in. Glad you are feeling somewhat better with the Osphena. Intercourse for me hurts even with the lubricant. I think my tissues are extremely thin… hopefully I’ll get the go ahead from my doctors to try it at some point. Good luck to you.

    3. Coconut oil is great for everything from cooking to skin, hair & scalp; but it is only creamy when it is just beginning to melt. You can stir a small amount as it melts, to get it to a smooth lotion-like consistency. In the kitchen, I keep a decorative canister of it on a candle/coffee warmer, so that I can soften it any time. I keep some in a switch-controlled, plug-in wax-melter, in the bathroom…for using on my hair & scalp. If it has firmed up, I can just turn the switch on for a few minutes. It will still liquify from the warmth of your hands; but not as evenly (it will feel like it has pieces of coconut in until it melts completely). 76 degrees is supposed to be the liquifying temp. for it. I use coconut oil for almost everything; it is both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. I buy the large container at Sam’s Club; their price is as good or better than any I found when I was still ordering it. Buy the extra virgin, so that it has not been heat processed.

    4. Ditto for me however I have been on Osphena for 2 months now and definitely getting the moisture back. Ready to try again and feel the progress! I have noticed a slight orange tinge but feel its the dead cells sloughing off. Have my follow up next month. I will have to try the coconut oil. I have been using this stuff on the internet from the UK called “YESYESYES”. Pretty great stuff and not messy. Some cool ladies are marketing it and it is way better than the stuff at the pharmacy!

  61. I need to check in with results from my Dr.’s appt. about the orange-color to my discharge. (I just haven’t had the time to do so.) He said that the cells in the Vagina are an orange color, and that with sexually inactive women, he often sees the orange color when doing a routine pap smear. He said he can actually tell if a woman is sexually active from that. Anyway, he said that the moisture which Osphena is bringing to the vagina, which is the discharge, is just sloughing-off those cells in the vagina. He said that eventually it may go back to the original tan or white color. He also said that the Osphena is working, and that my vagina is completely normal…even if My husband is now making other excuses to blame me for the lack of intimacy.

  62. Hi ladies. Thanks to all for helping to make this such a helpful forum. We have a new Q&A column by senior sexpert Joan Price, and she wants to invite non-medical questions from women who are experiencing vaginal atrophy. If you have a question for her about partner or solo sex or relationship issues in the face of this painful condition, you can email her directly at, or post your question in this forum. We’d like use the opportunity to raise awareness of the condition in a helpful way for all women who may or may not know why they are suffering. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Barbara, As you can see by my screen name I am grateful for this forum and the fact that someone is taking this condition seriously.I am not on the Osphena as I am battling some other problems that are auto immune in nature. I’m not getting any younger and neither is my husband. I will certainly keep Ms. Price in mind with my questions. It’s unbelievable that not one doctor or nurse or mom, female cousin or even a magazine article ever warned us that this would happen. Talk about a taboo subject! I thought it was because of my MS. Not so!
      I have been suffering for about 15 years from this condition. Estrace hasn’t really been helpful.
      I hope that more women and doctors start talking so maybe more therapies can be developed.

      1. I suffer with MS too – and have been in the same situation for 14 years! It has been so miserable!!!! I had a total hysterectomy and despite the relief from the pain I had, I can no longer have sex with my husband. It’s to the point that it’s really destroying our relationship. We have no intimacy because I dread it – yet if I so much as cuddle, hug, or kiss him, he’s so desperate for sex he jumps all over me. So I just avoid intimacy altogether now. It’s so sad. I have tried Estrace too. I tried creams. I have tried so many different things, including “exercises” and materials that help to exercise that area. But NO RESULTS. It makes me so sad and I am in desperate need of help!

      2. I’m in the same boat as you except for avoidance of intimacy. There are other things you can do to make your man happy, orally and such. Think about it, it can save your relationship if you want to save it.

      3. I wish my husband would have been happy with the oral route; would have been better for both of us. My experiences with him have told me that oral only makes it imperative for him to finish it with the real thing, after he’s ready and I’m not. In addition, he is a “plunger”, even orally, and I could not take that, especially since he is large. My previous methods with other men in my life (which seemed appreciated), and him too in the beginning, was not good enough for him now. He said it did nothing for him. It sure would have been a good way of continuing intimacy…but it still would have been with no lead-in to it. It’s really pretty gross, without the romance and intimacy beforehand…..or maybe that’s just me…very possible I guess.

      4. Dear Forever painful,
        I am the poster who has MS as well. I also have a few other autoimmune conditions.
        I did not have a hysterectomy but go through exactly what you do.
        I am wondering what medications you take for your MS. I am on Baclofen for over 20 years and I’m on Copaxone injections for 12 years. Also take Synthroid, Amantadine and Gabapentin,(Neurontin). I’m using Estrace for many years with no real relief. I’m 60 years old. If you don’t mind telling me your medications maybe we can figure out if the medicines are contributing to our problems with vaginal atrophy. Hope your MS is treating you well today.

      5. Dear It’s About Time,
        Thanks so much for sharing! This is the first time I’ve had a chance to share with someone else who is going through similar things. I also suffer from other things too – hypoactive thyroid (which used to be hyperactive until I had radiation therapy 30 years ago). I’ve also had Fibromyalgia since I was 20. (I’m now 55.) So I’m on Synthroid to, as well as Neurontin. I live in constant pain from MS and Fibro too, so I’m also on Duragesic patches (Morphine). Although I am desperately trying to go off of it as it is horribly addictive and causes me to be way too sleepy. I had no idea what affects this would have on me when they put me on it 12 years ago! I started on Avonex, but had trouble with that, so have been on Copaxone for the last 5 years. I’ve also taken Zanaflex, Klonopin, Paxil, and Cymbalta. I am still on Cymbalta. I used to take Darvocette for the pain – and that actually helped me the most – but it went off the market a couple years ago. (VERY sad day for me!)

        Tired of pain: Oh yes, I definitely do lots of other things to please my hubby. It’s, without a doubt, the only thing that has kept us together during this period of time. (Forever hopeful that it’s just temporary – although 14 years is pushing it!). Unfortunately, I have come to dread any sort of sex in the last couple years because I am suddenly repulsed by it! Maybe due to my frustration, maybe that coupled with my other pain. I’m really not sure why – because I still LONG for it! I still get aroused by my husband and wish beyond wishing that we could have it! But that’s why I dread it now and tend to avoid the intimacy too. (Although I REALLY miss that!) I can’t figure out why I am suddenly repulsed by it – as nothing else has changed. But I am. I try to do everything I can to make it as pleasant as possible, very romantic, yada yada . . . but still wind up feeling the same during the process now. I haven’t shared that with him, of course, because there is no way he’d understand. Heck, even I don’t get it!

        Anyway, I sure appreciate both of your inputs! I guess it’s nice to know I’m not alone with this problem – although I wouldn’t wish this on anyone! I so miss our sexual relationship. It really bums me out and I am doing everything I can to try and find a solution!!!!

      6. Forever Painful, I totally understand. I miss the intimacy of intercourse but it’s way too painful. I have a blood clotting disorder and can’t take any kind of hormone replacement. Osphena says it increases the chance of blood clots so that’s out for me, too. Luckily, my husband is more than happy going the oral route. He’s getting older, too, and things don’t always work right on him, either. We are both understanding of our shortcomings so it’s really not hurting our relationship. I guess it’s all just part of getting older. Getting old is not for sissies, that’s for sure.

      7. I too have MS and have had a complete hysterectomy. I am concerned that Osphena might affect my MS. Do you know anything, or any reason that this drug might do that? I have samples from the doctor, and have taken 2 pills. I do notice a discharge. I am mostly concerned about the conflict with MS. And then there are the hot flashes! I am on Techfidera, and there are flashes with that, too.

      8. Osphena does give hot flashes and sometimes a discharge. My Dr. said that the discharge is the moisture that the Osphena generates in the vagina…like we had normally when we were younger.
        The MS questions will have to be answered by someone who has, or knows about it.

  63. I’ve been taking Osphena for about 6 weeks now, and notice a big difference. As my mother had breast cancer, I was a bit afraid to try this, but as someone posted below, it was actually an anti cancer drug (Tamifin I believe) that was being tested as such, and it does not impact breast tissue. I am only 47 and have been in perimenopause for over two years, finally no longer having periods since December, 2012. The intense pain with intercourse began last Fall. In addition to hot flashes, I have had a lot of weight gain (20 lbs.) throughout this past 18 mos. I don’t think it’s because of the Osphena, just getting worse the longer I go without a period. I guess it’s just part of the whole change. The other suggestion my doctor gave me was coconut oil. It works amazing, and even before the Osphena kicked in this worked 100% for us. Give it a try!

    1. Funny you should mention the weight gain. I have put on 10 lbs in the last two months since starting Osphena. It is like my midriff blew up like a balloon! The medicine is working for the vaginal atrophy and pain but the weight gain is depressing. I don’t know what to do about this short of stopping the drug.

  64. I have been taking Osphena for 2 months now and though the sex has been less painful, I am finding a side effect that no one else has mentioned. Once it wears off for the day, my moods change to severe irritation and anger. Yes, there are things in my life that can lead to some anger, but I am normally a mild-mannered person and I am finding myself being irrational. Anyone else?

    1. Hi Kay,
      Almost sounds like a severe PMS. Have you discussed this with your doctor?
      I’m not on Osphena as I am addressing some other health issues that are serious. If they settle down I’m thinking of trying it. Thank you for letting us know your side effects. I hope the doctor can shed some light on this. Good luck.

  65. The writer of this article obviously doesn’t suffer from “dyspareunia”. Yes, it is real and painful and I’ve tried everything. I would just as soon forget about the sex but my husband wouldn’t be happy about that.

    I don’t believe in prescribing drugs for everything but I may try it after doing more research.

  66. I started taking Osphena almost a month ago. It has taken away all the discomfort with intercourse. I’m very happy with the results because I hated using the estrogen vaginal cremes. The only thing I’m worried about is I developed a pain in my left breast/arm pit area in the last few days. I thought I may have pulled a muscle but it seems to be getting worse. Anyone have something like this and could it be caused by the Osphena?

  67. Is the only place you can buy ezorb is online? Do any places like gnc sell it? And can someone give me the osphena web site where I can find a dr. in michigan to see about getting it. Thanks appreciate it.

    1. Sorry, I forgot about your first question. As far as I know, online is the only place to get the EZorb; it is sold by the makers of it. For the first 3 months, you take double, then a maintenance dosage after that. The more bottles you buy at once, the bigger the discount you get. I think I ordered 6, and I will have to order another 6 again pretty soon. It works out to be only about $27 a month for minimum maintenance, and $40 a month for optimum maintenance.

  68. LYNN, I’m sorry to read that your husband would be willing to leave you for something you have no control over! What if the site was on the other foot and he couldn’t get it up? ! After reading many of these posts, no one has said they’re doctors have suggested stretching exercises along with the various creams. My gyn suggested getting “toys” to stretch my very tight vaginal wall, doing this every day. At some point, I inserted my thumb so that I could feel what he was describing. It felt like a very tight rubber band about an inch into my vagina! Wow! Now I understood why my husband of 31 years could not penetrate without causing me severe pain. I too had been put on Estrace several years ago with no noticable difference. I have never done the exercises more than once a week due to the pain and bleeding, causing the vagina to be raw and sore for a week. I read here that one lady swears by olive oil so we’ll try that next time. I’ll look forward to reading how things go for all my fellow post- menapausal sisters!

    1. My Dr. had suggesting “stretching exercises”, but he did not elaborate on what to use. I did try for a little while, but I hated it so much. I needed vibration to numb the pain, and couldn’t get anything big enough to do any good , to fit. I was using a not-so-runny silicone lubricant. I finally quit, because it did not seem to be helping, and it just made me dread every “exercise” and then made me start absolutely hating sex and everything about it. Those exercises went more against me than for me, by way of ruining my mental attitude.

      1. I totally agree with everything you said about your experience! My Dr didn’t specify what to use but implied it. I don’t do any stretching in between our weekly or bi weekly sex and I bleed everytime and hurt for days. I wonder why God made our bodies like this since men for sure, want sex they’re whole lives! With all this pain and trouble, I’d be fine without it! Hey, wait, men loose they’re “ability” too, so if we take away all the drugs etc, we’re NOT intended to have it after a certain age! Ha, ha… trying to be funny during a NOT funny issue!

      2. Hi Babycakes,

        I had a female gyno that told me to exercise it by using vibrators and other toys. She gave the website to get them discreetly, and even told me what to purchase and how to use them (meaning how often, how long a time, and over what period of time). Plus she told me to get a shower head that had different settings that I could “Play with” and use it to stimulate myself too. I went through the whole nine yards and followed everything she said to the letter. After 6 months, I felt just like you did – and hated sex and everything about it. It was just such an exhaustive thing to go through with such hopefulness. It made the pain much worse, even when the doc altered directions several times. By the end of the 6 months I was more sensitive and in pain down there than ever! The only thing that did feel somewhat good was the shower head – but it did nothing to help stretch things out. It just felt sorta good, especially when I was in pain after my crummy exercises. This must have worked for some folks, or I doubt she’d recommend it. But ouch. Not for this gal!

      3. gmakathy, you are so right about getting older and things not working right for male or female. Who was the moron that invented Viagra? Guys, the aging vagina sometimes needs to retire. It goes through a lot in our lifetimes. Try to be understanding.

  69. Thank you for sharing this info! I’ve been post-menopausal since my total hysterectomy 13 years ago and have osteopenia also. I will definitely look into getting ezorb Because if the absorption rates differ that highly, it’s worth any extra cost! Sadly, it seems the medical field doesn’t seem to take our female health issues seriously enough. Drug companies in cohoots with doctors. Lets get back to doctors in cohoots with patients.

    1. EZorb really isn’t that much more expensive than the 27% absorption rate Calcium Citrate was…if any more at all. Of course the initial double dosage for the first 3 months ads up to more, but maintenance after that can be about the same. I have chosen to do the Optimum maintenance at least until they make me have another Bone Scan; but the Minimum Maintenance is less pills than I was having to take before, to get the 1200 mg a day they have said we need.
      I hope we get good results. 27% was doing a fair job; 92% absorption makes more sense to me. If that doesn’t work, then will be the time to consider other alternatives.

  70. Well, I took the plug. Got my RX of osphena yesterday and taken the first pill. I’m anxious for the results. Would be wonderful to make love to my husband for our anniversary on June 11th…with out pain!!!!

  71. Baby Cakes,

    I live in Nebraska , but I love Evergreen trees!

    Like you, my Osteopenia is under control. It’s remained stable for a number of years. I’m just hoping Osphena improves my scores.

    Regarding cost, my insurance picks up a majority of the co-pay. I only pay $65 for a three months supply. With the Osphena savings card my first prescription was a zero co-pay for three months. My next five refills will be a $35 co-pay. Then I will pay $65 for a three month supply.

  72. Hello Ladies… have not been on the forum in a while…. went and picked up my first prescription yesterday, so very excited to see what the next few weeks hold…. :)
    The price was not bad with the Osphena savings card…. w/ my insurance would have been $160. w/ savings card only $60 and then I do believe $50 off for the next year…I have been thinking on the discharge issue…I do believe that we women who have had totally hysterectomies will not have the discharge, cause there is nothing there to discharge from… makes sense to me, so i am going with that…if I do get some discharge I will surely let you know… I will also let you know how other symptoms progress in the next few weeks… Thank you Ladies out there for your input and guidance. We ROCK!

    1. I’m the one who has ;mentioned having the discharge, and my Hystorectomy was TOTAL…everything. I am still having orange discharge since the one sexual encounter we had a month ago. I am concerned, and plan to see my GYN about it. Otherwise, it is only a bother because hair sticks in the dry discharge and HURTS when it pulls the hair. It does it worse when I wear a panty liner, which I need when I am away from the house, since a sneeze or cough can cause me a slight accident.

      1. Babycakes; Just a thought regarding your discharge….maybe a Brazilian Wax would help?
        Of course the process for that is fairly painful for a few minutes also….

      2. Boy, it’s hard to locate the comments made on the comments-to-other-comments; they’re still at the bottom of each list. I’m sure I have missed some of the comments left directly to me.
        I don’t know what a Brazilian Wax is, but I can guess, and I’m definitely not in to that kind of stuff. I want all the coverage I can get, especially when I look at myself in the mirror. I did have a boyfriend a LONG time ago who wanted me to shave down there…and it was much worse growing out than the discharge hair pulling right now.
        I do have an appt. next Thurs. with my GYN, to check into the reason for the orange color of the discharge since our one sexual encounter over a amonth ago.

    2. Hi Sweetie,
      I wish you the best of luck! Looking forward to your reviews. I can’t go on Osphena right now as I’m having health issues that I’m addressing. All issues are autoimmune. This time it’s not my MS. (relapsing-remitting ms)
      Thanks for your post!

  73. Uuuh, is there a way to find/ click to new comments that are supposed to be on your comment or thread ? I made comments yest. and got notices (from Katrina for example ) I had comments but cannot find them.

  74. The reason my GP and gynecologist suggested Osphena as opposed to the other creams etc., is because it might soon be approved for osteoporosis. I do have osteopenia and this drug seems to work like Evista. If I have any negative reactions to osphena, I will post again.

    1. If Osphena ends up working like Evista, I’ll stop taking it, because I too have Osteopenia and already refused to take Evista…or any of the other drugs like that they suggest. I read that they keep the dead bone cells, and thereby make the bones look more dense even though they can actually be more brittle. Anyway, it’s creepy to think about keeping dead bone cells in my body. I opted for a new form of calcium that has a 92% absorption rate, compared to Calcium Citrate’s 27%. It is called EZorb, and I ran across it while looking for the definition of Osteoparenia. It really isn’t any more expensive than the Calcium Citrate I used to take, overall, and I read 11 pages of glowing testimonials about it. Some people have even brought their numbers back up to normal with it. Look it up, at; I carry flyer copies with me all of the time, to educate women about it. EZorb stimulates bone forming cells activity to convert calcium into NEW bone mass. No hanging onto dead bone cells, for me. I liked what I read; study it for yourself.

      1. Babycakes, the site you mentioned is from/controlled by the manuf. and thus all info should be highly suspect (as are the studies I have seen so far on Osphena) Just saying…..

    2. Evergreen, are you by any chance in Arkansas? My Mother’s Senior group at her Church called themselves the Evergreens.
      According to the ads on TV, all of those Rx’s seem to have stomach/digestion side effects. I already have IBS, and Nexium did not help at all. Don’t need any additional problems in that area. I always figured that calcium was just going to have to do it for me. I put off the Bone Scan for 10 yrs, and am still only in those first stages. The calcium citrate worked good enough to do that.

    3. I also have osteo; Am seeing my doctor next week and will ask for Osphena. Besides being in pain, feeling guilty for my lack of libido, my husband is ready to leave me and am thinking that may be the right decision. Very willing to try Osphena as a last result. I am hoping it will help. Thanks for listening.

      1. I also had the non-patient “husband problem”, but even though the Osphena seemed to have worked, he has not approached me again, saying that I do not want him. I don’t NOT want him, either; he’s the one not making advances for me to act on…which has always been my way to deal with sex. Guess I’d have to be climbing all over him for him to feel I want him, and that was never me, even in my younger, sex-active days. Some got libido back with Osphena, but not sure I actually ever had any…so I still have that problem and it is the problem now, between us.

      2. Hi Babycakes, Am also hoping that your husband will be more understanding. Going through the same thing with mine. Stay in touch. Take care. Lynn

      3. Evergreen, Thanks for your reply. It’s always nice to know that someone can understand problems we have all faced. Thanks again. Keep in touch.

      4. LYNN, I’m sorry to read that your husband would be willing to leave you for something you have no control over! What if the site was on the other foot and he couldn’t get it up? ! After reading many of these posts, no one has said they’re doctors have suggested stretching exercises along with the various creams. My gyn suggested getting “toys” to stretch my very tight vaginal wall, doing this every day. At some point, I inserted my thumb so that I could feel what he was describing. It felt like a very tight rubber band about an inch into my vagina! Wow! Now I understood why my husband of 31 years could not penetrate without causing me severe pain. I too had been put on Estrace several years ago with no noticable difference. I have never done the exercises more than once a week due to the pain and bleeding, causing the vagina to be raw and sore for a week. I read here that one lady swears by olive oil so we’ll try that next time. I’ll look forward to reading how things go for all my fellow post- menapausal sisters!

  75. My vaginal dryness was pretty severe. My doctor had trouble taking a Pap smear because I was so dry. But for the last few years my husband I put up with it by using lots of lubricant and foreplay. It wasn’t till three months ago that I had to find a solution. Unfortunately, due to the vaginal atrophy, I developed Bacterial infections, pressure to pee all the time, yeast infections and constant UTI’s. One UTI was so severe that I had to go to the emergency room in the middle the night. I was bleeding heavily.

    At this point both my GP and gynecologist insisted that I use a RX that would help with vaginal atrophy. By the way, I’ve never had kids, cancer and still have my uterus, but I had menopause at 45. My husband is 49 and I am now 56 years old.

    So I started Osphena three weeks ago. So far I have had no side effects. I noticed a difference in vaginal moisture within a week. Also, my orgasms seem to be more intense and no UTI’s. I really don’t need the 20 minute backrub that my husband gives me as foreplay before sex anymore. But I look forward to the backrub as much as the sex!

    Anyway, I will update again in a month about my experience with Osphena. Thank you for all the comments below. It’s really helpful to see how others are reacting to the drug.

    1. It’s really great to read the new user’s comments and know that there are more people using Osphena.

      I’m especially interested to know that more of us have a link between the atrophy and UTIs — as I do.

      I see my gynecologist on the 13th and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll prescribe it.

      Good luck to everyone.

  76. I’m 50 and had a total hysterectomy 14 years ago for a prolapsed uterus. Since, I’ve been on estrogen therapy for all but the last 21/2 years…my husband came home from Afghanistan and it took some time to find a new job. So, for that time I didn’t have any kind of meds on board. Just last month I called my gyn for vulvar itching. She diagnosed lichens simplex chronicus, a condition where the cells of the vagina and vulva experience actual change in response to the itch-scratch-itch cycle. I knew I was experiencing thinning of the vaginal wall and vulvar tissues, and because my husband hasn’t been home enough to have a normal sex life, it wasn’t an issue. My doctor put me back on Femring for estrogen, diflucan for a symptomless yeast infection and Osphena. She prescribed a 2.5% steroid ointment to be applied to the vulva, which produced relief within a day or so. I’ve been taking Osphena for 20+ days and I feel soooo much better.I had NO desire, no libido whatsoever. I go to see my husband in a couple of weeks and I fully expect to enjoy him.

    As far as side effects go, They’re listed in order of likelihood. Likelihood is affected by current and past medical history. Not having any chronic health issues, nor past cancers or family history of CVA, heart disease, or cancer, it’s unlikely I’ll experience any side effects. I’ll be glad to report on any developments.

      1. Thank you for the well wishes, Katrina. I will definitely stay with the Femring. Osphena is targeted for the vaginal cells only. Estrogen is good for vulvar cell health and moisture production, as well as vaginal muscle integrity and perineal elasticity. The frequent UTI’s and urethral thinning can also be helped by estrogen. With no family history of cancer, and no reproductive system for cancer to target, I am not afraid of estrogen. In fact, I’d made the decision long ago that fear of cancer would NOT dictate my life and health decisions. I’m definitely in favor of quality versus quantity of life.

      2. Chrissie,

        Both my GP and Gyn told me that Osphena works like estrogen only on vaginal tissues.
        So it is good for vulvar cell health and moisture production, as well as vaginal muscle integrity and perineal elasticity. My GP and Gyn do not work together, but they still told me the same thing. Also, told me Osphena is good to help prevent UTI’s because the UTIs are often caused by the thinning of the vaginal walls. With that said, I’m just glad to hear that what you’re taking is working for you. Good luck!

    1. You cannot use diflucan with Osphena. My GYN made sure I knew that before he sent in the Rx, since I keep a round of that on hand. I usually need it for the side-effects, when any other Dr. prescribes an antibiotic. It also has it listed in the drug information print-outs. Not long ago, I included that when I quoted a good deal of that print-out for the ones who had not seen it yet.

      1. Well, MyBabyCakes2006, I already did and the yeast infection is gone. No side effects, no problems. The thing to remember with side effects and drug interactions is that they CAN happen…not that they definitely WILL happen.

    2. Thanks Chrissie for posting about the itch cycle. I have been having that prob too. Going from creams to gels to premarin cream and now Ospena. I had a total hysterectomy 5 years
      ago the NP just stated I had atrophy. I don’t want to be on a bunch of hormones because I do have a family hx of cancer and heart problems. I am going to try what you are doing to see if that helps with this awful discomfort.
      Thanks again

  77. Hi ya’ll, I have been curious about Osphena since I 1st saw it on TV ad. I had a my uterus removed over 20 years ago when I 50+ yrs old. Since I had no history of breast or uterin cancer, my OBGYN put me on Premarin immediately. I continued using P until last year (almost 20 yrs ago) when I asked my new GYN for something that I could use that would target just the female organs instead of being injested thus coursing through my blood stream before reaching the target. She put me on Femring which worked very well but was quite pricey as it is Tier 4 drug. SinceI had been using HRT for almost 1/3 of my life, I decided about a month ago to stop using the Femring. ALL WRONG!!!!! Almost immediately I experienced hot flashes and within two weeks my vagina has atrophied. Intercourse is, to say the least excruciatingly painful and since my husband is very sympathetic we are having a difficult time in the bedroom. For me, lubricants (& we have tried 3 or 4) do nothing to alleviate the pain of intercourse. While the hot flashes are uncomfortable, I could deal with them if I could get back the satisfying passion we enjoy together without using estrogen. If O can do this I’m ready to give it a try. One of my concerns is the discharge I read about in this blog. Is this a side effect that is common with all of those who have been using O? Also, although I am relatively healthy my one issue is COPD. So I have a concern where that may be an issue.

    1. SuzyQ71, I seem to be one of the very few who have mentioned the discharge. I have actually thought about asking isn’t anybody else having the discharge. The discharge is driving me nuts, because the hair sticks in the dried pasty mucous, and quite often hurts when I move; especially since I seem to be moving most of the time. Mine was pale creamy tan for the first month, until we had relations for the first time; the next day it was reddish brown. I called the Dr., but he did not ask for me to come in. My husband has not taken advantage of the less pain again, and it has been another month. The discharge is beige/tan some days, and others is almost orange. I am concerned, and plan to call his office again…but not this week, since we are having out-of-town-company arriving tomorrow.
      Also, some recently mentioned it affected frequent urination; but it has not stopped mine. I always have that in the mornings, with or without my Lasix for ankle swelling and puffiness.

  78. I would like to convey the experience my wife and I have had with Osphena. My wife has been taking Osphena for 3 weeks now.

    Her Mother and Grand Mother both had breast cancer. She is afraid to take any estrogen products.

    Vaginal dryness was a serious problem for her. She would experience discomfort while walking. Also, she had a problem with frequent urination. The doctor said the dryness causes this.

    So far she has had no side effects. Yesterday we had a romantic encounter. In our romance, one thing led to another. I began to massage her vagina and then slipped my fingers into her. She was very moist and she became aroused and very passionate. We both agreed not to try intercourse at this time. We want to let Osphena work awhile. Prior to this drug, I could not even touch the outside of her vagina. Too much discomfort and a turn off for her.

    I am so happy for her. Her dryness problem has gone away and I can now sexually pleasure her like she deserves.

    We are both 66 yrs old. But, my wife looks 20 yrs younger than her age and is very attractive.

    Osphena has made a very good marriage even better.

    1. patience and understanding. I had not linked frequent urination, but yes even walking was made uncomfortable. Its worth the risk in my case. There’s a history of mothers cancer, and estrogen posed more risk. I was even told because I had a C-section to give birth and not through the birth canal it made me smaller. REALLY!! That’s a new one and it came from a GYN. Osphena worked for us.

      1. Becca, I had two vaginal births, no cancer or chemo and have a severe case of vaginal atrophy. I was still getting my period when it began. Went thru menopause at 47 and it was downhill rapidly. I’m 60 now on Estrace, it gives very little relief. I think your dr is ill-informed.

      2. I’d have to agree, Dr. not informed. AND an OB GYN at that. I’m just happy to have some relief.
        Urinary urgency gone and kept feeling like I had a bladder infection, I’m guessing from irritation. Now I have less dryness, less irritation and feeling much better. I’m not sure about the female viagra, but with all the pros I just mentioned, everything else would be a plus as well. Ob GYN comments: at least she gave me Osphena to try. I’d had creams and suppositories with no relief for years.

    2. Happy Man; Thanks for your comments (though probably TMI). Osphena has also worked very well for our marriage. I know the “lubrication” is the main thing that Osphena brings back, but I have to say that my desire has returned as well in a big way sometimes more often than husbands. No matter though as I am comfortable going “solo” a couple times a week. Talk about TMI? It’s good to hear the comments from spouses.

    3. My specialist informed me that NO tests have been done on women with breast cancer because of the concern for cancer.
      PLEASE speak with your dr. about your wife taking this medication. My dr. asked me 5 questions about my health and while explaining every aspect of this medication also explained breast cancer survivors cannot use this drug.

  79. Hi All,

    Has anyone noticed the new TV ads for Premarin Cream lately? In the past week I’ve seen the commercial several times. Can’t remember ever seeing ads for this before, only after Osphena started TV advertisements. Sounds like competition.

    1. I don’t think there is any competition, since Premarin doesn’t work,as we all already know….and it puts us in that direct line of danger for Breast Cancer.
      I just wish I was also getting the feminine, sexy feeling from the Osphena that some others seem to be getting. The discharge makes me feel anything-but. But I’ll still take it over the messiness of Premarin, even if it worked; that isn’t a sexy feeling at all.
      Guess I would just rather not have to be on the Osphena, either, since it has not helped the way I myself feel. I’ve been on it 3 mo. now, and my husband has taken advantage of it once. He could blame it all on me before, but no longer. He wants me to be all over him for it, I guess, like all the young ones are these days. Sorry, that wasn’t me, even when I was young.

    1. My insurance won’t pay for it and the first script was $80 (with coupon from the Dr) and the next one was $130 and then for some reason, the following one was $50. Haven’t figured that out but didn’t want to complain. I got it at Walgreens.

    2. Mine costs me $13 for a 3 month supply from Express Scripts; but of course I have Tricare for Life. I was surpised myself, that I did not get charged a higher copay; as it turns out, I am paying the normal copay for a name brand product.

  80. An update for the ladies here… I have had positive results so far with Osphena. (Note: I’m going to be a bit explicit here, not to be offensive but to give my fellow suffers the most detailed information possible.)

    Two very welcome improvements: first, I have LOTS of natural lubrication now, not quite like pre-menopause but certainly adequate. Secondly (an unexpected bonus!) my orgasms are more like in the old days too. One effect of menopause that I had experienced was a loss of intensity of orgasm: a “there but not quite” feeling. Now, within a week of starting “O” my orgasms are much closer to what they were pre-menopause.

    So far I have not noticed a major change in the other issue that I have, which is vulval pain. I am a bit less sensitive but still feel overly tight and intercourse is still mostly too painful. I am thinking some of that might be due to the fact that my husband and I have not had intercourse for around five years and I need to get things “in shape.” In any case I will continue treatment.

    I hope I don’t sound like a commercial for this drug, but so far I am EXTREMELY happy with the results I am getting. My sex life has improved markedly since I started this drug. My husband is happy that I am happier!

    I will continue to keep you all posted.

    1. CamperGal; So glad that you are having good results too. Didn’t know if you saw my post below somewhere but I too had quick results from Osphena. My Dr. has me now taking it every other day because my libido was outpacing the husband’s and I was tempted to go to a “battery powered assist”. Ha ha

    1. Sarah,

      Here is a Wikipedia article on Ospemifene:

      Osphena is a “selective estrogen receptor modulator” (SERM).

      From another Wikipedia article: “SERMs act on the estrogen receptor in a selective manner, either as agonists [a chemical that causes an action], or as antagonists [blocks the action of the agonist], thereby granting the possibility to selectively stimulate or inhibit estrogen-like responses in different tissues.”

      So basically, Osphena acts like estrogen on some tissues (specifically the vagina) but doesn’t act like estrogen on other tissues (like the breast).

  81. The dr I see for my paps is just a general practioner and I usually see the np anyway. I will see what she says on my next visit for my results. They told me that medicare only pays every two years for a pap and every year for a mammogram. I see this dr. when I am in the south for the winter. I really dont have one when I travel north. I guess I will see how this pans out. I know I dont want the estrace, it doesn’t work! Why is it that these Dr’s don’t believe that we know our own bodies. I wonder if they know what it’s like when your body gets old but your heart doesn’t. Some of them just don’t understand or just don’t care or don’t care to listen.

    1. I think they are probably just too young to have experienced any of this….so no, they don’t know. They probably think it is all in our heads, like my husband did. They’ll get there, and then they will know.
      My GYN is a man, and he seems to understand my situation very well. Maybe he has had enough patients with it. Of course, he said that I bled, just examining me….every 2 years?…I don’t think so.

  82. I went to my dr. yesterday for my yearly female exam, I asked her about the osphena and she told me that it was just new on the market and she waits at least a year of it being on the market before she will prescribe it. She says she waits until studies have proven it to be safe. She said if my exam came back ok she would be willing to give me estrace, which I was using in the past and didn’t work. Also there is a risk with this too! She told me to use lots of ky jelly! Yuk! I didn’t tell her that I don’t have sex because of that reason. She didn’t sound too sympathetic. I’m at a loss here, not really sure what to do.

    1. Judith08; Maybe tell your Dr. that you have researched this yourself and that you WANT to try it. Let her know you will find another Dr. who will prescribe it to you if she won’t. Osphena has a phone number on their site and will probably refer you to a Dr. who will help you out. Just a suggestion. Good luck!

      1. Letting your GYN know that you will get it from another Dr. might backfire on you. I had my Primary Physician drop me, with a registered informing me, after I let it slip that I was going to my leg-vein Dr. for his opinion on my swollen foot. The NP was giving me an antibiotic, even though the blood test showed no infection and no gout. I kept calling about the antibiotic because I was having the side-effects that it said to stop taking it and call your Dr. I had called my leg-vein surgeon to ask about the foot, and they gave me an immediate apppointment. It was not an infection, only inflamation from the small veins they had worked on in my foot a couple months before (when they closed leg veins that the valves were not closing), and he said I should not be on the antibiotic. I came home to find they had tried to deliver the letter from my Primary that day. I called his office, and they would not even tell me what was in the letter. Anyway, the reason they dropped me has to do with Liability Issues apparantly, because I brought another Dr. and possible treatment in on the diagnosis.
        I had the next Dr. after that drop me again…but I had already dropped him on my own. He wanted me to take a blood test every appt., which he set at every month; when I have panic attacks every time they try to put a needle into my tiny tiny veins.
        My blood pressure bottoms out, and the veins dissappear, making it much harder on me; it is something I have no control over. The draw of the blood is also very painful, since it suctions the walls of the vein, sometimes preventing the draw. The lady at LabCorp who could draw my blood without a panic attack, had to just let it drip, and sometimes had to milk the vein to get enough blood. …enough description of my situation.
        I just would not mention it to your GYN, that you are going to ask another Dr. You won’t see her for another year, and by that time you will know if it was worth the try. (…and did you know that Medicare only pays for the Pap Smear and physical Breast Exam every TWO years now?)

    2. Hi All,

      Am going to my doctor within 2 weeks and will ask for Osphena, Am 58 years old, nothing else has worked. I think it’s time to try something different. Have been shortchanged for so long, as well as my husband, would rather take a chance than continue living without the intimacy we both deserve. Please all, don’t lose hope like I almost did. The past years have been horrible and unfair. Will stay in touch. Am hoping that everyone reading this will find some relief. Lynn

      1. I’m too afraid of breast cancer to use the hormones. Besides, back when I did at first, it did not help. I not only had dryness, but paper-thin tissues without any stretch….and I needed lots of stretch, or at least my husband did. My Dr. had even prescribed self “stretching exercises”, which did not go over well with me at all. I hated the idea, as well as the activity. It was gross, and made me not care if he ever got any again.

      2. Have used premarin, but have never heard about Fluocinoline Actonide. Am glad you’ve found that it works. Will ask my doctor about it. Am very curious.

    3. Osphena. Month one: Skin irritation decreased. My skin felt thinner than the tissue paper I was using. Month two: First sex in 2 years.
      Finally, normal sensations are returning. Forgot what that was like. My Internal med Dr can’t even talk with about it. Go to GYN. I was only Nurse Practitioners. Finally GYN / OB group joined my clinic. history, premarin cream, patches, and estrogen vag suppositories, KY all yuk, Don’t grosse out. Use Olive oil. Hey it works. No it doesn’t matter which one, virgin, extra virgin, just kidding. I bought Great Value from Wal Mart. That along with the Osphena,its all good.

      1. beccasue, so happy for you! I’ve got so many other health problems right now and have put this on the back burner. But if and when it settles down I’ll look into Osphena.

      2. I would like to convey the experience my wife and I have had with Osphena. My wife has been taking Osphena for 3 weeks now.

        Her Mother and Grand Mother both had breast cancer. She is afraid to take any estrogen products.

        Vaginal dryness was a serious problem for her. She would experience discomfort while walking. Also, she had a problem with frequent urination. The doctor said the dryness causes this.

        So far she has had no side effects. Yesterday we had a romantic encounter. She was very moist and she became aroused and very passionate. We both agreed not to try intercourse at this time. We want to let Osphena work awhile. Prior to this drug, I could not even touch the outside of her vagina. Too much discomfort and a turn off for her.

        I am so happy for her. Her dryness problem has gone away and she feels much better.

        We are both 66 yrs old. But, my wife looks 20 yrs younger than her age and is very attractive.

        Osphena has made a very good marriage even better.

  83. The author does a great disservice to women who are suffering from vulvovaginal atrophy. It is not some made-up thing that a drug company cooked up, it is a very real problem for many women! And yes, it IS dire… painful and humiliating, it affects our deepest and most important relationships.

    I had never heard of vulvovaginal atrophy until I started menopause myself and suddenly, pretty much overnight, intercourse was so painful my husband and I just stopped doing it. We still have intimacy, but it’s just not the same, and my libido is definitely affected. My husband is very understanding, but the feeling that we cannot enjoy full intimacy with him never leaves my mind. We went from having a fantastic sex life to a not-so-great one.

    I too have tried hormone creams: Estrace, compounded bioidenticals, testosterone, you name it. None of them helped at all. After 5 years, I have pretty much given up. At my last pelvic exam my NP suggested that I try Osphena, and she gave me a a handful of samples. She doesn’t know anyone who has used it yet but I said I would give it a try. I have been doing my homework and yes, there are risks… there are risks just leaving my house to drive to work every day! I am willing to accept some risk if it means that I have hope of enjoying full sexual relations with my husband again. I am 54 years old and am not ready to spend the rest of my life without sexual intercourse!

    I’m so grateful I found this post and can hear your stories. I have just started taking Osphena, and I will report back. It’s high time we women stopped suffering in silence and started talking about this! Best of luck to everyone, and may you find relief.

    1. Good to have another on board.
      For me (and I am sure there are others with husbands like mine), the problem bigger than the severe pain, was that my husband truly believed it was all in my head, because of my Catholic upbringing etc. He said that he knew me, and that anything I really wanted, I always found a way to make it happen. Nothing else I had tried worked, and since we really did’nt have any intimacy other than intercourse itself, he was really difficult to contend with. He works nights, and the rest of the time we are never in the same room together, even…unless it is at a restaurant or the VFW, with lots of people around, and very little conversation between us. His subjects are always politics or economics, which are downers to me, and certainly nothing to make me feel close to him anymore. At least now with the Osphena, when he IS interested, I don’t have to avoid the situation because it’s going to feel like I’m being raped.

    2. CamperGal78, I agree there are risks to every aspect of life and this is just one more. Intimacy with my husband is far more important to me than the potential risk of Osphena, particularly when I can mitigate some of that risk with diet and exercise.

      I look forward to hearing what your experience is, as I know many others do as well. As for me, I’m counting the days to the next appointment with my gynecologist. I will hold her to her statement that she’ll let me give Osphena a try — because Estrace hasn’t been enough.

      Best of luck!

    3. CamperGal; Thanks for your post. Well said!
      As you can see from my posts I am very happy with Osphena thus far. Even though my Dr. told me it wouldn’t improve my desire, just provide the moisture needed to avoid pain, I found that it really did improve the desire alot! I would say more about that subject but I have been censored by the moderators here…can you believe they would censor us “seniors”? Funny. But please keep us updated on your progress. I noticed a difference in the first month on Osphena. Cheers!

      1. Hi Katrina, Senior Planet doesn’t sensor comments unless they are spam or abusive. We haven’t censored comments in this thread – as you can see from what’s posted. If we’ve let one of your comments fall through the moderation cracks, our apologies; we’ll look back and approve any we’ve missed.

      2. Thanks for weighing in Barbara; Glad to know you don’t censor. I left a comment in January that never made it beyond “awaiting moderation” so must have fallen through the crack you mentioned. Thanks again! Katrina

    4. I requested Osphena from my GYN MD during my annual visit yesterday. He tried to talk me out of it, wanting me to stay on my Premarin and vaginal cream. He asked me if I was prepared for more hot flashes. He asked which was more important to me, managing the hot flashes or my vagina…no hesitation on my part, I said MY VAGINA. He shook his head, still unconvinced, but gave me 25 day sample of Osphena, a discount coupon and a prescription for it as well as a script for my Premarin. I can’t take them together, but he is convinced I will be back to my Premarin in no time. If I can find this group again, I will update with my experiences.

      1. TopazGirl; Please do let us know how Osphena works for you….we’re all hoping this is the answer we’ve been waiting for. I’m happy so far.

      2. TopazGirl,

        I am so infuriated (though not surprised) at the medical establishment’s attitude towards what we are going through. If you asked a man, “what’s more important to you, losing your hair or your penis?” I think we all know what the answer would be.

        The fact that female doctors are so reluctant to help us is a whole ‘nuther thing… I just keep feeling they are more worried about covering their you-know-whats than giving us the treatment we need.

        So as in most health care today, we have to be informed, proactive patients.

  84. I am so envious of all of you who’s husbands have been supportive of your condition. Mine was estatic that the Osphena has allowed him to “have his wife back”. He has always claimed that my situation was such a hardship on him, but just the one night, and then nothing. He’ll NEVER admit that his drive is not like it once was; but I will end up putting up with the side effects of Osphena daily, for his once-in-a-while needs.
    My discharge went back to it’s normal tan color, and my Dr. did not ask to see me. His nurse said that if I did not have any itching or burning with the reddish discharge, it probably was not an infection; that the blood was probably from the tissues. I was anxious to see what happened with the next sexual encounter, but then he went on to bed after the VFW dance the next week, saying he was tired. (He works nights, and through these last 14 years, he has only been interested on nights following the VFW dances…and really not very often.)
    The side effect of the pasty discharge itself, is driving me crazy, since it dries in the hair and pulls when I move and walk….which really hurts, often every day. Just another example of me hurting daily, so that he can have his pleasure when he wants it, even if it is not very often. So you can see why I am envious of you all, even though the Osphena seems to be working for me. I do love him, but a lot of resentment is in the way; there is a definite lack of passion on my part. Perhaps I just do not love him in the right way.

    1. Babycakes; I had to smile while reading your post. My husband too had been complaining for 12 years about my lack of libido and encouraging me to do “something”. And now I have and he’s really only interested maybe once every two weeks. Regardless, I like the way I am feeling now. Still have night hot flashes and an occasional leg cramp but otherwise I feel 20 years younger and feminine again so I will stay with the Osphena for now.

  85. Dear Ms. Daisy,
    I can totally relate to what you are going through, am not been able to speak to someone except doctors since my complete hysterectomy in 2007. They have not been able to help. My marriage and my state of mind has been terribly affected since then. My husband is very supporting, but I am feeling a lot of guilt because I am unable to satisfy him, and personally, myself, don’t care if I ever experience intimate relations again. That seems very unfair to my husband and to myself. Am willing to try Osphena now, since, side affects are not an issue now. Lynn; never in my life thought this would be an issue. Thank you for your response!

    1. Lynn, same issues with the giult! I am a women that went from 2 or 3 orgasums to 0. My Dr. Told me check online for comments concerning the osphena, since she only had 1 patient on it and not great results. Need more feedback to make a decision.

    2. Dear Miss Daisy,
      Thank you for responding. Am starting a new job. Will see my doctor soon, will request Osphena, hopefully, it will help. The guilt and the feelings of loss on both my husband’s part and mine are overwhelming. After all this time, I will give it a shot. Couldn’t be worse than it is now. Lynn

      1. Hi! Am thanking you again for responding. Know what you’re going through. It really isn’t fair. Please keep in touch. Somehow, we’ll get through this! Lynn

  86. I saw my gynecologist a couple of weeks ago. She wants me to try Estrace (again) for six weeks and if it doesn’t relieve all symptoms, she is open to prescribing Osphena.

    I have interstitial cystitis, an autoimmune condition that results in damage to the walls of the bladder. Symptoms are pretty easily controlled by avoiding trigger foods and beverages but it means that I’m more sensitive to things in general. My gynecologist thinks that the bio-identical hormones that I was on last summer might have been the final straw that kicked off the IC. We’ll never know for certain, but they didn’t help with the vaginal atrophy and dryness, that much is certain.

    I really appreciate this forum, and especially Katrina and MyBabyCakes (and anyone else that I may have missed) who posts their experiences with Osphena. This sort of user experience is priceless when it comes to making a decision about trying Osphena myself.

    With luck in another month or so, I’ll be detailing what Osphena is like for me, too.

    Thanks and good luck, everyone.

  87. I am 60 years old and very much “in love” with my husband. But, I have such terrible pain when we have relations. So, we don’t. It is very frustrating. I can tell my husband resist fondling thinking it will lead to love making, which is very painful to me. Not fair to either of us. BTW, I had breast cancer 2 years ago. Very cautious about what I should take, but very willing in order to bring love-making back to our marriage. Desperate! Help.

    1. Dear Daisy, I am also 60 years old and have the same problem. Unlike most of the women here, I did not have a hysterectomy or cancer. Vaginal atrophy just started to happen in my mid-forties. By the time I reached my fifties my period was long gone,(around 47-48). I have tried lubricants, was on Prempro for 3 years for the hot flashes, (no help with the atrophy). Then on Estrace, which gives little relief.. I am in the same place you are. Not sure if I should ask my gyno for Osphena as I have some other health issues which are all auto-immune related. Ask you gyno about the Osphena several women here say they are getting good results. Good luck!

    2. Miss Daisy; For sure I’d make sure your Dr. is on board with this. Yes, I had all the pain too from no moisture. As I said earlier, the moisture has returned and we don’t have to use any additional creams or lotions. Good luck.

      1. Hi, I am assuming you are using osphena? For how long? Did you have any other medical issues? My breast cancer was fueled by estrogen. Have to be careful. Really scared of cancer of the uterus! Thanks

      2. Yes Miss Daisy; I am using Osphena. I had a physical before I started using it. Dr. said that since I didn’t have to worry about uterine cancer (no uterus anymore) and because I am active and have no problem with cholesterol or high blood pressure that I should feel confident in trying it. Osphena has no estrogen in it if I read the details correctly. I know it hasn’t worked for everyone but it is sure working for me! Cheers!

    3. Miss Daisy, I got out the printout that came with my Osphena Rx from Express Scripts; they do not send the paperwork that is sometimes inside of a medicine box. There are several things listed on here, concerning breasts and breast cancer. I will attempt to copy the applicable quotes for you and the others.
      “You should not use this medication if you are allergic to ospemifene, if you are pregnant, or if you have:
      – a history of heart attack, stroke, of blood clot;
      – unusual vaginal bleeding that a Dr. has not checked; or
      – any type of breast, uterine, or hormone-dependent cancer.
      Tell your Dr. if you have:
      – liver disease;
      – a history of breast cancer; or
      – risk factors for coronary artery disease.”

      “Ospemifene is usually taken once daily. Follow all directions on your Rx label. Do not take this medication in larger or small amounts or for longer than recommended. ….Take with food.”

      “Your Dr. should check your progress on a regular basis (every 3 to 6 months) to determine whether you should continue this treatment. Self-examine your breasts for lumps on a monthly basis while taking ospemifene.
      …..Any Dr. or surgeon who treats you should know that you are taking ospemifene.”

      Of course it lists all the side effects such as : “Sudden numbness or weakness, sudden severe headache, slurred speech”, etc.; “Chest pain, sudden cough, wheezing, rapid breathing, coughing up blood”; “Pain, swelling, warmth, or redness in one or both legs”; or “Any unusual vaginal bleeding.”
      …plus the common ones that we all seem to already know about.

      “You should not use ospemifene together with estrogens, such as birth control pills or hormone replacement medications.” ….and the fact that you cannot take the antibiotic “Fluconazole” while taking Osphena; which my Dr. had already told me, since it is what he gives me for yeast infections.

      Maybe I got most of the topics that people have been asking questions about. If there was a way to upload a PDF copy of the whole 1 1/4 pages, to a link, I would be glad to do that.

      1. MyBabyCakes,

        The site that I always use for prescription drug information is because it offers all the same data that your doctor has in their Physicians Desk Reference. It also has patient-level information (in later pages) that is more relevant to the concerns of most people taking the drug in question.

        The important thing to know about Osphena is that it carries with it a black box warning, which you’ll see on the front page of the search. This is very unusual for the FDA to do but it speaks to the concern that some have about the drug. Maybe it was brought to the market because of demand with less than full data about the suspected problems. In retrospect, the FDA has been kind of arbitrary about their warning about drugs: Some that should have had a black box warning didn’t get it and others that did get it ultimately didn’t deserve it.

        (Does your husband know about the black box warning? Maybe if he did, and if he understood what it meant he would be a tad more understanding about what you are doing “so he can have his wife back”. Sorry if that is too personal a comment.)

        All that being said, I will still seek this drug because my intimate life with my husband is too big and too important a part of my life. Perhaps with more time and more users, the black box warning will be dropped. Maybe not.

        Thanks for typing out all the data from your printout so that everyone could see what it said.

        And that reminds me: I need to get a mammogram done before my next gynecologist appointment…

      2. My husband did read the black box warnings, and said they sounded like a pretty low percentage. They do seem directed more towards heart problems, stroke, and OTHER female cancers; even though it says not to use Osphena if you have had breast cancer. I had a full hystorectomy, so my concern is more about heart and stroke. Right now I’m not too worried since I have normal to low blood pressure, and I think my cholestrol is in good shape; at least it was last time it was checked. My Cardiologist says my heart’s beating strength is 60, where 50 is normal; whatever all that means. She says I have a small amount of extra fluid around the heart, but that she does not think it poses a problem. She looked up the Osphena warnings, and said that they estimate only 1% which is low. So for now, she said to go ahead and try it until the next echo-cardiagram in 4 months. Actually, the discharge is still the only negative I am having; but the constant discomfort of that is driving me nuts. I don’t seem to be bothered by any extra hot flashes. My hot flashes seem to be from stress or anxiety; especially when I have to get ready to go somewhere in a hurry, or at a certain time…which is still in a hurry for me.

    4. Hi daisy,
      I’m not a “senior” I don’t think lol. I’m 34 and was looking for info on weight side effects with osphena and came across this page.
      I wanted to chime in on your breast cancer concerns. I had endometrial cancer in 2010 at 30 and had a total hysterectomy. They put a mesh sling in which led to a ton of issues and had to have multi surgeries finally removing the mesh. All of this left my vaginal tissue a hot mess! I had to be placed on estrogen to heal the tissue or I wouldn’t get better.
      I’m brca 2+ and estrogen terrified me. But the risks had benefits and the plan to monitor closely weighed out so I was on vivelle dot for around 18 months. Creams caused a lot of irritation so I couldn’t do vaginal estrogen.
      Last year around this time I had a bad mammo then MRI then voila breast cancer. They can’t say the estrogen is linked for sure but I knew the risks. My urogyn and breast dr are some of the top in the country and directors of both of their respective depts at university of south florida so they knew what was best.
      I had a double mastectomy and reconstruction and partial lymph node removal. My cancer was stage 0 but had I not been on too of it it would have progressed.
      I’ve been off of vivelle for a year as well and my vaginal tissue at times feels like it’s trying to glue itself shut the dryness gets so bad. This leads to yeast infections etc which make the situation worse.
      As I said I’m 34. I have no “girl” parts left and at my age it really takes a toll on self image (thus why I was looking up weight side effects. The last thing I want is to gain weight on top of everything else) when I saw my breast doctor a few weeks ago I mentioned the dryness. He brought me samples of osphena and told me to give it a shot. He studied the chemical breakdown of it and such and told me that it’s tamoxifen pretty much has one altered chemical chain. It acts as tamoxifen in the rest of the body which is why the hot flashes etc are side effects. It’s repressing systemic estrogen but it stimulates an estrogen within the body that is directed specifically at the vagina.
      I have no breast tissue or ovaries so I didn’t need tamoxifen but my vaginal problems were still there and between the implants causing my upper body to constantly ache had my discomfort below from my atrophying vaginal tissue life was/is pretty miserable. I can’t live like this so I’m going to give it a shot.
      Because of the potential estrogen stimulation in the body the FDA requires that black box warning. I would speak to your dr about your concerns and consider how the benefit vs potential risks would be for you. You didn’t mention if you had a mastectomy or not (or maybe you did and I missed it.) but if there’s no breast tissue the risks are minuscule.
      Please forgive any typos my iPhone has a horrible sense of autocorrect humor.
      Good luck

      1. Welcome, Crys; good to have another voice join us. I missed your and Curious’ posts before, since they were so far down in the list.

      2. Yes Cyrys; Thanks so much for the very informative post. I hope you have good luck with Osphena. I am loving it. The only drawback so far (besides hot flashes and a few leg cramps) is that my husband has found that after 12 years of complaining about my diminishing libido, his desires have diminished too. Not sure it makes sense to take this expensive drug for a “once a month” romantic evening but I do like the way it makes me feel. I have to say I feel more feminine and not only have I not gained weight, I have lost weight. Not sure it’s anything to do with Osphena. I’ve been on it for a bit over 4 months.

      3. Weight loss would be awesome :) I lost weight after my hysterectomy but after the mastectomy I gained about 30lbs and with limited upper body strength it’s so hard to be super active to lose much.
        I’m on day 3 of taking this and I have noticed that my appetite seems depressed. I know I read someone say they were hospitalized for extremely high blood pressure and if oslhena does suppress appetite I can tell you what likely caused that. (I’m a respiratory therapist and worked trauma and critical care for 12 years so I have a tad of medical knowledge) I have migraines, estrogen gives me horrible migraines when it’s not steady in my body so that’s a plus to no estrogen ;) but I was on topomax a migraine med that decreases appetite as a side effect. I didn’t really notice I wasn’t eating or drinking much or sleeping much but I felt really energetic. That was the first 6 weeks maybe. And no migraines. Gotta add that. Then I got a horrendous migraine that wouldn’t go away. It was 3 days had getting worse. I felt this tingling feeling on one side of my head and thought I had a stroke. It was like something just popped. The headache wasn’t gone but I felt different. My husband left work and I decided that it was worthy of an ER visit. My blood pressure was 160/110. That’s a first for me. Ever.
        What happens is your electrolytes get whack. Calcium, sodium and potassium are critical for your cardiovascular system and when your not hydrating well or getting sufficient intake of those in your food it will hit you like a ton of bricks. Muscle cramps in your legs that my grandma says to eat a banana for are because your potassium is low. Increasing your fluid intake will help keep that from happening as well. Like if someone is on a fluid pill they’re usually on potassium as well so it doesn’t drop dangerously. But too much potassium isn’t good for you either. It has to stay regulated. The lethal injection that they give people in prison is potassium chloride in a mega dose.

        So a lot of the side effects I see for this medication aren’t necessarily the med (if my thoughts are correct. There’s not enough data out there to say for sure) they are things that could be prevented or lessened with proper nutrition, sleep, activity etc. sometimes we just forget to take care of ourselves and expect a medication to fix it. I’m preaching this to myself as well.

        Moral of this story is I lost weight as a nice side effect of a med that was a wonder drug for the reason I was taking it, but the side effects and my not being “smart” with my body and just thinking wahoo no migraines and I lost weight score, caused me more harm than good. I’ll cope with migraines as they come without taking that med.

        On another note, my urogyn has this thing he tells me “use it or lose it” having sex increases blood flow there which nourishes the tissue and relieves pain. But you have to do it regularly. The more the better obviously and not just because it’s sex but for your overall well being. Make sure lubes you use don’t have alcohol or parabens and stuff in them. Astroglide 100% natural in the brown and green box is the best. It’s not sticky or drying. If you keep blood flowing down there you might not have to worry about lube ;)

      4. Yikes, Crys, you’ve been through a lot so far. Here’s hoping that the next few decades of life treat you more kindly.

        Thanks for the extra information about Osphena – every extra bit helps and adds to the total for a better understanding of this new drug. Someone here said their doctor didn’t want to prescribe it until it had been out for a year (sorry, don’t remember who!), and while that is certainly sound policy there are those of us who just can’t wait.

        I have another 10 days until I see my gynecologist. I’m giving the Estrace a fair shot but it isn’t working enough to make intercourse possible. (It failed before.) I have a mammogram/breast ultrasound prior to the appointment so if all is well I expect she will go ahead and prescribe Osphena. I’m keeping my fingers crossed until then, just in case.

        I really am so grateful for this forum. The exchange of information and support is priceless. No one may have told us about this mess ahead of time but we’re figuring it out as we go. Thanks, ladies.

      5. Hi Crys! I found this site/string when I was searching for “weight gain” in conjunction with Osphena. I have actually put on a bunch of weight and the hot flashes are murder, but it seems to be “working,” so I am putting up with the side effects so far. My story is somewhat like yours. Vulvar cancer twice and two partial vulvectomies. Total hysterectomy and ovary removal at 37. Was on estrogen/hormone replacement until I was diagnosed with estrogen-receptive cancer at 40. I’m 51 now and have HORRIBLE problems with vulvar atrophy due to all of my surgeries. So I had tried every possible RX and homeopathic/compounding pharmacy treatment and nothing worked. I am hopeful re: Osphena, but, as I said, have had both of the above side effects. Look forward to hearing how it’s all working for you. Best.

  88. My tan discharge turned bright red this evening, with only the one sexual activity 4 days ago on Fri. night. I will call the Dr. tomorrow; my guess is that I will have to go into the big city so he can examine me. I cannot go tomorrow, because I already have a dental appt. here. If it was from the activity, seems like it would not have taken 4 days for blood to show up. If it is from the Osphena, then maybe. I sure do not want to have to stop taking it, although the cardiologist I was sent to just recently isn’t too thrilled about me taking it.
    Anybody else have their discharge change?

  89. Progress Reports! I’d like to know of other’s experience with Osphena also. I am well into my third month on it and I have to say I am very very happy with the results. My doctor said I wouldn’t notice a difference for about 12 weeks but it started working in the first month. No pain during intercourse and the natural “moisture” returned..huge improvement. At first I had some leg cramps and hot flashes at night. I drink lots more water now when I take the pill and leg cramps are gone but I still have minor hot flashes at night. A small tradeoff. I also have to say I feel more “feminine”…don’t know if that’s related but I like it! I went back to my Doctor and told him the Osphena was working TOO well so he has me taking it every other day now. I hope you get my meaning….husband couldn’t keep up. Please share your experiences…lots of us are curious.

    1. I’m just into the beginning of my 3rd month. We finally tested it, since he’s been impatient. I still have to use lots of silicone lubricant, and most of the pain was gone. Sure wish this stuff would give me a sex drive, along with tissue improvement. I still had to pretend; which is hard when you don’t remember how. Everything that feels good is all on the outside, for me; and I can’t handle but just a few minutes of that, since I drink very little now. In my younger days, I was usually drinking when sex happened.
      The tan discharge looks a little pinker; hope that is nothing to worry about. Wearing panti-liners is already getting old; the discharge dries and pulls hairs, which is uncomfortable.
      Anyway, overall the Osphena makes a big improvement, and maybe my husband will stop saying how I had just one day cut off the sex….when he has needs.

      1. MyBabyCakes; I don’t have any discharge. And I don’t have to use any other lubricants at all. Of course I think a glass of wine helps too…we’ve been together 15 years. Nothing wrong with a little wine and a good fantasy. Good luck and I’m glad it’s helping some.

      2. For what it’s worth MyBabyCakes, as I got drier and sex got more painful I researched a lot of lubricants — as I’m sure we all did. The best one I came across is called Liquid Silk, and it is water based dimethicone.

        As I said, FWIW.

      3. Instead of lubricant products, try using 100%
        vitamin E oil. No chemicals added and great for your skin too. Vitacost sells it in a glass pump bottle for $7.

      4. The one I found that worked better for me, is a silicone (dimethicone) one, that is much thicker than most, so not at drippy, anyway. It is KamaSutra Pleasure Lotion; I found it online, and happened to be the first I ordered. When I ordered a different silicone one later, I found out that they are not all as thick as the KamaSutra.
        My oil choice would have to be coconut, since I use so much of it anyway (great for hair & skin); but it would be too drippy for me, in it’s liquid form.

      5. On coconut oil: I use for everything now–started exp. on me before intended use on dogs ears. Is a wonderful thing. (I have just got here because of a link saying to use as vag. lub–hey–wonderful-have not yet, but will try. Did use “outside” on lab. irritation and totally stopped).

        I buy extra virgin in jar at Walmt where you find vitamins for about $10/ 10oz…it is hard like wax and I dig it out of jar to use . It melts at 74* My house is 68* yr round. ( It is NOT liquidy in the natural form…maybe cooking types which I’ve not bought and may have additive to make them liquid?) 100% extra virgin is hard waxy in cool jar but melts fast on tip of finger …would be v. easy to try vaginally.

        As additional benefit, it is mild antibiotic/anti fungal like vinegar without the sting/ icky smell and it also immediately elim. any odor anywhere–not covers up….The more I use it the more I like it. (My burri girl in Figi said they use for everything there-teeth, hair,blemishes, deod., feet fanny etc.)

        I am researching this new med because tho orgasmic/very much enjoyed sex originally, sex is so painful/I am so tight/shrunk/dry/ probably thin skinned too, even if I try to bear pain, my husb. stops of late, when he sees my face in pain. Thank god. Never been raped, but I sure feel that that must be something like how it feels.

        Very worried about side effects of all drugs. No cancer etc. but I always try to wait a yr. for side effect info. as someone’s Gyn said. (Baby aspirin on rare occassion is all I use).

        Anyone here also sensitive to wheat or glutin (not saying total Celiac, as was tested and came out neg), but this extreme vag. dryness irritation seemed to lessen when I stopped wheat …also noticed NO MORE dark circles under eyes.

        (I seem to be hughly estrogen sensitive –several big fibroids removed throughout life–I think Estrace made my breasts HUGE–HATE HATE big boobs and made me gain weight).

        Also have had post meno. breakouts; lost hair on legs but suddenly noticed no hair on arms and almost none under arms–do not know when that happened. Hair on head is also about half as thick, but had very thick hair so I get blank looks from friends or Dr….no hot flashes or other that I recognize.

  90. I just left a message for the “Osphena” official website managers. It is such a lame site; no updates, no forum, no newsletter, even though I signed up for the “Inner Circle” a few months ago. Anyone else notice this? I know it’s a Japanese company but obviously they have a US entity handling communications. Bad PR in my opinion.

      1. Thanks for contacting them too. We’ll see if anything happens. By the way, today I went to pick up my prescription (4th month) and Walgreens had marked it down from $130 (with discounts) to $50! Boy was I surprised. Don’t know what that means but I’m happy.

      2. You have to go searching on this site, too. I also suggested a quote & reply format for this Senior Planet website a couple weeks ago.

      3. Hi MyBabyCakes, comments are threaded, so that replies to a comment appear under that comment. We’ve now switched the order in which comments appear, with the most recent comment (and replies to that comment) appearing at the top I hope this helps.

      4. Thank you very much Barbara. I was surprised to find the latest comments so quickly. Glad to know someone is there to help.

      5. Thanks Barbara! This was a big help. This is the only forum for this discussion that I have found. I have many friends looking for information on Osphena and I point them here.

      6. This format is so much better. Searching for the newest comments at the bottom of the page was frustrating because it took too much time to comb through all the older threads.

        Thanks for the change!

  91. I have bc/bs as my secondary insurance. I have to get my scripts through express scripts which is through my bc/bs. When I discuss this with my dr. should she code it so my insurance will pay for it? I know I will have a co-pay, I do on my other meds. I have tried the vaginal suppositories which did not help. I am hoping this will be available for me to try. I guess I am like other women my age and just chalked it up to growing old, that sex becomes painful so you just stop.

    1. Tricare uses Express Scripts, too; but I think the insurance (Tricare or BC/BS) still dictates what is on the formulary list for their own patients…but don’t quote me on that. The Formulary List is their list of approved drugs to cover at all. I had a new allergy medication prescribed, and the co-pay was real high, even though it was generic; because it was Non-formulary (not on their list).

      1. Well, Blue Cross/Blue Shield does not pay for it. Maybe my Doctor isn’t “coding” it correctly. I will speak to him. See my comments above regarding costs.

  92. I had to undergo a complete hysterectomy 6 years ago at the age of 52, and only 5 months into my first marriage. Life has never been the same for me nor for my husband. Seems terribly unfair and is more than a little uncomfortable. Have tried HRT and herbal alternatives, but they resulted in side effects like high blood pressure and basically no relief from the problem. I feel shortchanged and I know my husband does too, as we’re not yet 60. I’m willing to try Osphena, but am sure the cost is outrageous. This condition is most definitely real and painful, and although my husband has been very understanding, it has still unfortunately changed the dynamics of our relationship.

    1. I’m trying to find better prices for Osphena. I went to Walgreens to pick up my second prescription and they wanted to charge $130. I left it there and came home and called the number on the “Osphena savings card”. It says on the front “Pay no more than $35 for the next 5 refills”. Not true. They do pay part of the fee for the drug so we figured out that Walgreens is charging $215 for a month’s supply. So I guess my $130 is not so bad. I called Costco and their full price for Osphena is $195.68 so I think I will transfer the script there. Anybody get a better deal at a national pharmacy?

      1. I’m the lucky one who has Tricare, but with those prices for people without good Rx coverage, you can sure tell which sex is on the bottom of the importance totem pole. I haven’t heard anyone mention that Viagra and Cialis are that expensive.

      2. Our insurance doesn’t cover Viagra or Cialis. Ten Viagra tablets cost about $250.00; Cialis is a little bit more but in the same ballpark.

        The patent should have expired on Viagra years ago but Pfizer has managed to keep it intact through legal wrangling.

        My husband is very healthy but he worries about me because of my health problems. Worry tends to get in the way of performance, hence the ED drugs.

      3. Katrina…the cost is awful…$200 for me with Medicare..and I have the prescription coverage with AARP…it gripes me BAD THAT MENS ISSUES ARE ADDRESSED, but womens issues are not…Viagra is covered …with many insurances and this is not. Also, I don’t see anyone upset that the few tests that have been done are done by the people selling Osphena and that the tests are less extensive then required by law.

  93. Ladies… after reading lots of comments in this forum, and really giving it some thought last night, I think I am contacting my doctor..side effects – do we really know the side effects of ANY of the other medications that your trusted physcian prescribes to you. I figured, if I am going to leave this world because of a side effect from this “pill”, then I am going to enjoy ALL the time I can with my husband in a good relationship..go out with a bang is what I say! :)

    1. My feelings exactly Sweetie! My husband has a “condition” and probably has only a few years of quality time left and he deserves an “enthusiastic” partner. That’s why I started taking Osphena. And I’m so glad I did. I’m now taking every other day because the new stronger libido was outpacing husband’s. Ha ha. Haven’t noticed a difference yet but no other side effects have appeared besides the hot flashes at night. Just turn the a/c down lower!

      1. Was wondering if you/ anyone had cut the pills in half or quarters even after achieving some positive effects? Would think that smaller dosing but continuous would be better.

  94. Intercourse with my husband of 18 yrs has been the most painful thing in my life this past 3yrs. I am going to be 53 in March and had a hysterectomy at the ripe age of 35. Had I known what was in for me, I would have fought not to have “the plumbing” removed…I would have endured the constant pain of my uterus and ovaries rather than not be able to have sexual relationship with my husband. Yes, something needs to be done to help us, and I truly hope this is the answer, but like everyone else, who is going to take the first step to see if it REALLY works and what the side effects are going to be.

    1. Sweety,
      So sorry that you’re suffering so much. That was so young to get a hysterectomy.. my doctors wanted to do one on me around your age for painful fibroids. I changed doctors and took Lupron therapy. (injections to turn off the estrogen for a 6 months but I could only stand the side effects for 4 months) The fibroids shrunk but came back.. a few months later I had laser laparoscope surgery. That held me over till menopause however at 43 started feeling grating pain with intercourse. 47 went into menopause, no more periods. The pain with intercourse got worse and I bled each time. Estrace was prescribed but it really only takes the edge off but not to the point where I’d say it works. I’m 60 now, still use the estrace but it is still painful to have intercourse. I have MS and am not sure if I’m a candidate for Ospena. I take meds for the MS to control the fatigue and muscle spasm. My point is that I did not have a hysterectomy and have the same problems that women with hysterectomies get. I hope you can try the Osphena so you can enjoy a healthy love life. God knows you deserve that. Good luck to you. Keep us informed of your progress.

  95. Having Osphena air its commercial during our
    family time before 7:00PM is nauseing. Why do you have to advertise this product at all. You can’t buy it over the phone. I would suggest you hitting the doctors with this info. To hear that sex hurts, to hear the word vagina and vaginal discharge is unacceptable to any woman. There are well over 50 monthly magazines that you can advertise this product in. Why go on TV and do this. Children are going to be afraid to marry because Sex Hurts. They don’t know what menopause is and saying vagina is just beyond TV. You cheapen your product. It makes it sound like the vagina is a dirty thing that you have to put up with. And what will boys say!!! Our children have enough to deal with these days and hearing your ad just adds to it. I am very disappointed that a drug company would stoop as low as you have. And vaginal bleeding, just another thing that you need to talk with your doctor about. Get off the air–it is not the market place for your drug and any woman who disagrees is not the woman that America approves of. Shame on you—-

    1. SC Lady; Really? Osphena ads are worse than “erectile dysfunction” ads or menstrual product ads? Your television remote has a mute button for a reason. You don’t have to let your children hear anything. And please don’t say you speak for “other women”. You don’t speak for me, nor do you have the right to decide what “America” approves of. Shame on you!

    2. This product needs to be advertised because the problems of sex after menopause aren’t something that people even know exist! I think it imparts very important information.

      I’m 55, I am an RN but I don’t work for medical reasons and I’m the youngest of a large family. Until this happened to me, I never heard of it. My husband is also from an even larger family and he never heard of it, either.

      I’m sure that the ad was poll tested as everything is these days and nothing is in it that was deemed to be objectionable. I’m all for keeping things appropriate but when vaginal products have been advertised for decades on television it is just one more. Add Viagra and Cialis advertisements and you must realize that this is simply one more facet in a larger picture but it hardly is improper by itself.

      But you do have one perfectly appropriate option: Change the channel when the ad comes on. Your right not to be offended stays completely intact, the rights of others to be informed remains and the right of a company to do business as it sees fit under the law is in place, as it should be.

      As for assuming that any woman who disagrees with you is not the woman America approves of, that is very presumptuous of you. Not a bit of shame here.

      1. SCLady,
        When I started having these symptoms I thought I was a freak. Not one doctor or nurse practitioner ever warned me of the ramifications of menopause. That’s the SHAME here.. as for the commercials, they are aired during school hours and late at night. My grandchildren when at home watch Nick JR. Channel, Dora, Bubble Guppies, etc. My daughter in law never gives them the remote for the tv. She controls the channels. When they’re old enough to use the remote, they’ll be in school when those commercials are aired. (Mostly during soap operas). It was a very traumatic time of my life.I I wish I’d seen one of these commercials to know it happens to some women after menopause. By the way children know the names of body parts now a days. Vagina isn’t a bad word. I’m not a liberal, I’m very old fashioned woman who believes in monogamy and sex with your spouse not a boyfriend.

    3. With all the rude and crude “reality” TV shows on the air these days which I do not watch by choice, by the way, how can one see a similarity in the Osphena ads? Actually, they made them very tastefully, for the important information they convey. If they did not have the ads on TV (I don’t read magazines), I still would not have even known the product existed and that there was new hope for us. I saw my first ad the very night of my yearly GYN exam (which by-the-way, Medicare thinks should be only every 2 years; thank God for Tricare picking up the slack.) Anyway he had not even mentioned Osphena to me, and we had been discussing my problem for several years. When I called and asked if there was a medical reason he did not tell me about Osphena, he said it was because of how expensive it is. So after all the years of all other feminine products being advertised, this is definitely the most important feminine product to be added. My husband never even believed me, when I said most of my friends had the same pain problem I did; he kept insisting it was all “between my ears”…so he was NEVER patient with me…in fact he thought if I couldn’t or wouldn’t, I ought to give him permission to go elsewhere. We haven’t tested the Osphena yet, but hopefully he no longer thinks I am making it up, or the only one with a non-stretch-tissue problem.
      SC Lady, information is what we were never given as girls or younger women; it’s about time for full disclosure, along with some solutions.

  96. I am 50 years old and had a hysterectomy when I was only 36. I suffer from dysparunia and bleeding after intercourse. I started taking Osphena. Initially I received samples from my GYN. Since I am very sensitive to meds including hormones I decided to just take half the dose to see what would happen. I had results within just a few days. And after only a couple weeks it was wonderful to experience sex again without pain! After awhile I increased the dosage to the full amount but started to experience leg cramps so have cut back to half the dose with good results. Other side effects include hot flashes and a wee bit more emotional, similar to PMS… But it is well worth it! My insurance pays but it is still pretty expensive. Only taking half the dose though, helps. I would recommend this drug to women suffering from the same condition. Hopefully there will eventually be a generic and it will get cheaper.

    1. Dee; I’m glad to hear you are having positive results also. Saw my Dr. yesterday and asked what I should do if my new libido is now stronger than my husbands? (isn’t that a first?) He told me to take the pill every other day for awhile and see if that helps. About the leg cramps. Try drinking more water before you go to bed. I found that lots more water helped with that. Still getting hot flashes but a minor irritant at this point.

      1. Dee; I’m fascinated that your insurance paid for this. Mine didn’t. The first prescription was $80 with a coupon which you can download from the Osphena official website. It says that the first few scripts should only cost you a $35 copay but Walgreens came up with $80 as my final price. My doctor had given me the first five weeks as free samples.

      2. Tricare Express Scripts is usually the first to turn down a non-generic Rx, or it be sky-high in price because it is non-formulary (means it is not on THEIR List). I can’t believe that this time they are covering something that other Ins. companies do not. My Doctor had to even beg and beg to get me Synthroid, instead of the generic stuff, even when we could not get me regulated on the generic. My Osphena is costing me $13 for each 3 mo. supply, and I am considering myself very lucky indeed.
        Now I have to worry about being taken off of it, after being sent to a cardiologist to find reasons for ankles swelling real bad for 3 days last Christmas. She said I had diminished pulse in my right foot, and doppler tests were done today on my heart and legs. I thought the Peripheral Artery Disease was over with after veins in my legs, with non-closing valves, were closed and now have good circulation in my legs. With the Black Box warnings on Osphena, I know if they find anything, I won’t be able to keep taking it. We haven’t tested it yet, but guess it’s time….at least we’ll know what we may be losing.

  97. I had a total hysterectomy at age 33. I will be 50 this year.I have tried HRT, creams, Vagifem and Estring. I have been waiting for something like this to come out for a very long time. I have suffered with the atrophy for years, I will be starting the drug this week.

    1. JustMe; I will be anxiously awaiting your updates to this forum. Although they said I might not notice any improvement for 12 weeks, I noticed improvement in less than a month. And so did my husband when we did a “test run”, so to speak. I did have a few leg cramps early on but started drinking more water when taking the pill and before going to bed and that seemed to take care of it. Cheers!

  98. You know what happened to me? My primary care physician asked me if I was still having sexual relations with my husband. We’re both in our seventies. I answered “no.” And she screamed and said, “That’s because he has Alzheimer’s, isn’t it?” I am the monster who refused to engage my sick husband. But she never heard me scream bloody murder when I get a pap smear; I feel as though I am being slit to death with a knife whenever anything enters me.It hurts all the to my navel..

    1. Sabrina; If my husband did not still have the desire, I would not be experimenting with this drug. But as it turns out, I feel better now and our relationship is better too. I am feeling more feminine and younger. I have not gained any weight, in fact seem to be losing weight….

    1. Gee, I do not think interesting–have always heard all this stuff….wonder now if only from woman who never enjoyed sex when younger due to fear of p.g.?
      The T V ads for this new drug and this very complaint column are the first I ever heard of PAIN on attempted sex (rather suddenly) after meno. NO ONE EVER shared this. Really. ( I am with that RN who posted above).
      I NEVER thought the joy of sex would become the pain of sex. To me this woman’s book is exactly the opposite of MY reality.

  99. Osphena was prescribed to me, a healthy 70 year old, who takes one medicine, Synthroid. I took this osphena for 25 days and came home from the hospital today because of an extremely dangerous hypertension. I had stopped taking this drug 3 days prior to this episode. Nothing else changed in my life and I know in my heart that this drug was the issue. I will never take it again and will not recommend it to anyone.

    1. Betty, also sorry you’ve had this reaction. I don’t take any other meds except 1 baby aspirin every morning. I don’t have a problem with high blood pressure but am monitoring it. At this point I would recommend it to others to try. I’m happy with the way I’m feeling and so nice to not have to use any creams or oils before intercourse. The moisture is definitely back. And I have to say I am feeling “feminine” again. I can’t say the Osphena is responsible for this but I love this feeling…..

  100. I’ve been on Osphena for a little over a month now and I really really notice a difference. Intercourse is not painful now and it’s so nice to have some “moisture” back. I also am feeling the desire again. Don’t know why, but it is there. Husband has been pleasantly surprised. Don’t have the calf pain anymore and do have a problem with getting too warm sometimes at night but otherwise nothing negative. I feel 20 years younger!

  101. I am having a little more discharge now, and it is tan in color, like pre-period used to be. Don’t know if I should worry if there is blood in it. I only have a Vagina left…nothing else. Would someone who is on Osphena and experiencing the side effect of discharge, let us know if yours is taking the same form? It is getting thicker than it was, also, and the panti-liner doesn’t want to absorb it well at all. I will need to start changing liners more than once a day.

  102. Okay, 15 days on Osphena and all is well. I was having some pain in my right calf for several days and had some concern, but I have also been jogging further lately in new running shoes so the pain could be from those. The pain is gone now and I have to say I’m feeling better and better. The “moisture” seems to be returning as is some desire…husband walking around with big smile!

    1. Hi Katrina,
      I am also about 15 days on Osphena. I have not experienced any side effects, but can’t tell any real differences with regard to moisture or desire. Haven’t actually “put it to the test” if you get my meaning, but plan to soon to see if there is any improvement. So happy to hear that you are seeing results! Gives me hope!

  103. I am so offended at these commercials during the nightly news. How do I answer my 11 year old daughter when she asked “what is painful sex.” What do they mean “after menopause ?” This is a child who has not even gotten her period yet. These commercials should be limited to later night programming

    1. If the child is asking questions, it is time to educate her. It is not like it was when you were young. Children hear and see much more about sexuality far earlier now. And, considering girl children were wed and bed at 12 or as soon as they bled in much earlier days, the fact that we try to “protect” children from basic biological information for as long as possible seems illogical and puritanical. It is also not only silly, it can be downright stupid in case someone else gets to educate them, sometimes incorrectly, first.

  104. Does this product work for women who have had a total hysterectomy? I am 51 and had everything removed ( meaning both uterus and ovaries) in August and have painful intercourse and burning during and after regardless of what lubricants I use. If it works I am calling my OB/GYN ASAP!! Let me know your results.

    1. I went through normal menopause 17-19 years ago, and then total hystorectomy 13 1/2 yrs. ago. (Since they had to do exploratory surgery anyway, I requested everything be removed, to prevent chances of those cancers.) I already had the pain problem then, and I guess we both hoped that the surgery would even help.
      Some of the side effects only effect those who can still get those cancers, and I don’t have colestrol or heart problems; that is why I felt pretty safe trying Osphena. If it doesn’t work, I won’t keep taking it, and I will still have tried everything I can, to fix the problem. My husband still BLAMES ME, still believing that most of it is in my head. Mine has not been patient at all. He says he knows me, and that when I want something, I make it happen…that just does not apply here, but he won’t listen, even to the doctor. He even thinks that if I can’t, I ought to give him permission to go elsewhere…..”not in my lifetime!” He goes with someone else because I have a physical problem, and he’s out of this house!…..I would miss the dancing we do once a week, though. It is the only thing we really do together besides eat out (and without much conversation).

  105. After 6 yrs of pain, monthly UTI,BV and also 5 gyno’s dozens of tubes of creams, suppositories, ring, Bio’s, nothing has helped my new Dr. said he doesn’t want to give me Osphena due to side effects but does want to eject Botox up there but I would have to pay $800-$1,300 for the shot and according to him the results are suppose to be positive. What do you think about that? Also the Dr. is supposedly an expert in these conditions. Someone please HELP!!!!!