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Open Thread Update: Your Hopes and Predictions for 2021

Last time, we invited readers to send in their hopes, dreams and predictions for 2021.  So far, so good!

“…a new art and literature genre reflecting life during the corona virus will flourish.”


Several people mentioned their hope that the vaccine will be more easily available, so that things can get back to normal, like this reader…

“I look forward to the summer when I hope I can socialize and travel more.”


Others took a longer view of their hopes for society, citing global warming and social media as their focus in 2021.

We’ll keep our comments open for a while to allow readers more time to consider what they predict or hope to see in 2021. (Just remember to keep it civil!)



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16 responses to “Open Thread Update: Your Hopes and Predictions for 2021

  1. My hope is that our economy gets back on track for the millions unemployed and that somehow, someway we might get this pandemic under control. My fear is that because so much time was wasted initially, its going to be a long, hard crawl back to normalcy, taking a year or longer.

  2. I was so hopeful for 2021 but we’re not even into the second month and I seem to be getting sad
    I try to do a lot of zoom
    got my vaccines as I am older and a healthcare worker
    things were looking up but now seeing all the politicking and ill will towards each other the loss of morals
    has been very demoralizing and depressing wish there was someway we seniors could all stand up and fight for the intrinsic values of faith religion and truth that should be the foundation for our democracy
    Maybe politics is not something I should discuss during in this forum but politics and morality are so important to all of us

    1. Well, it’s difficult to be optimistic when elections are stolen, one pretending to be party system stops pretending, purges and show trials start, etc.
      A country between water and water and no war on its soil shouldn’t be in this condition.

  3. My hope is that moving forward, social media platforms will take more responsibility in monitoring the kind of untruths and provocation that led to the disastrous events of Jan. 6. If this can happen I hope that legitimate news sources will become more trusted than baseless accusations with no proof or evidence.

  4. I look forward to the summer when I hope I can socialize and travel more. My brother died in a foreign land during the pandemic when we could not travel, so I’d like to be a part of celebrating his life in his homeland.
    I envision an America getting a handle on vaccinations for all who want it, and moving toward full employment and a vibrant economy.

    1. Hello Carol,
      I agree with about hoping to travel & socialize in the near future. And, I very sorry for the pain you endured at the loss of your brother. But, especially because you were unable to travel to attend to his services. Best wishes for a better 2021!

  5. My hopes for 2021 are that the experimental vaccine will be successful and contribute to restoration of health and responsible personal freedoms previously enjoyed; and that America will find a way to continue serving as a beacon to all who lack the freedoms we have enjoyed and defended.

    My prediction and fear for 2021 is that my hopes will lack fulfillment – but “hope springs eternal.”

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