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Open Thread Follow Up: Whoopsie…or Whoopie?

Last Sunday, I shared some thoughts about the Whoopsie! of getting older (things are slowing down physically for me) and the Whoopie! of getting older – I stopped sweating the small stuff.

Some of our readers responded, sharing a slowdown in memory recall speed (welcome to the club!) that they still manage to roll with.  A very inspiring message from another reader had a Whoopie about her ability to keep learning – she can read music and play guitar and she learned in her 70s.

We’ll keep this thread open so you can continue to add your insights on the ups and downs of getting older.  Let us know in the comments!


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4 responses to “Open Thread Follow Up: Whoopsie…or Whoopie?

  1. I was not planning on retiring Dec 2019 but was diagnoses with in-operable liver cancer. I was 66, if this was diagnosed even 15 years earlier I don’t think I would have had the life skills to accept and process this information.
    My whoopie is that I am learning to love and appreciate the caring, patient and very loving family and friends. Also, how important it is to keep positive and to take advantage of the opportunities given to me.

  2. Thank you, I am new to this and since I just retired in Jan. 2020, I find myself in new territory, and all of a sudden we are in this covid isolation era. I was feeling concerned about my lapses with word, I’m definitely not as sharp as I used to be, forgetting words I want to use. It’s a bit of comfort knowing that this is all part of the process.

  3. I’m coming up for 75, pretty healthy if some what slower although I can still run for the bus if I need to. I notice two major changes: I forget things more often (or, am I more aware of forgetting because I have slowed down) but my powers of recall have improved and if I just pause and wait and the forgotten word or idea pops into my head – most times!

  4. My whoopee! Is I realized that at age 72 I could learn new things even though they may seem difficult at the start. I started guitar lessons 3 years ago and can now read music and can strum along with others. My journey made me realize that as a youngster I tended to give up when a subject got tough and now wish I had tapped into that strength I now realize I have. No regrets though as I am very thankful for my life.

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