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Open Thread: What’s your comfort food?

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During this epidemic, we’re stuck at home, we can’t socialize, and we limit our time outside…but not outside the refrigerator!

Many studies prove that very often, people under stress turn to foods, especially ‘comfort foods.”  These foods often remind us of happy times in our lives, or people we love, or have positive associations. The choices are as individual as each of us are, but there are some sex linked characteristics; women often seek comfort in sweet and sugary foods, like ice cream, while men prefer savory foods like steak.

Personally, my comfort food is potato chips (with or without dip).  I associate it with parties and there’s something about the crunch that just does it for me. (In fact, years ago a Kris Kringle gift given to me by a co-worker was a huge box with ten large bags of chips in different flavors. I”m still grateful, Patty!)

I’ve been enabled in my cravings by potato-chip companies that have been conducting Manhattan Project-level research to come up with new flavors (I”m looking at you, Lays! Bring back Garden Tomato and Basil!).

Sadly, the combination of limited outside time and gym closures means I must find a substitute for my fave, or I’ll have to butter my thighs to get through doorways. Right now the leading contender is chocolate Cheerios…

…but what about you?  What’s your favorite comfort food, and why? Let us know in the comments!

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35 responses to “Open Thread: What’s your comfort food?

  1. 3-Bean Chili with Ground Chuck and Hot Sausage….Beef Stew….Salmon Patties…Cream of Tomato Soup with my husband’s excellent homemade Egg Noodles…Pineapple Upside-Down Cake…Triple Dark Chocolate Brownies with Dean’s Windy City Minty Fudge Blast ice cream…almost any kind of chips, any kind of cheese…and avocados, halved and eaten straight out of the skin….

  2. Good, NY Pizza (okay maybe you can get equivalent pizza in Naples – not the one in Florida – and New Haven. Other places may come close but they’re just not the same. Thin crust, just the right amount of sauce, fresh mozzarella. Joe’s (the one off 6th Ave. Lombardy’s, John’s, Totonno’s, Roberta’s, Pepe’s to name a few.
    When I’m really stressed, though, nothing tastes as good as Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes.


  3. I’m with Virge on chips–any and all; basic plain Lay’s are fine but I also ate an entire bag of Doritos earlier this week.

    But my real comfort is baking no-knead bread at home. All you need is a dutch oven, an oven, flour, water, and yeast (and time) then you’re in business!

    Lots of peanut butter toast on homemade bread here.

  4. My mother-in-law’s Never Fail Chili: NEVER-FAIL CHILI

    1 lb hamburger
    1 onion, chopped
    Large can beans (plus small can, if desired)–chili, pinto, kidney
    Choose 2 or 3 of the following: large can of tomatoes; 16 oz tomato sauce; tomato paste; 3 large fresh tomatoes, chopped.
    Several T. red chili powder
    Garlic powder
    Salt and pepper
    Water as desired
    If desired–corn, green beans, chopped green pepper, other kinds of chilis, chopped celery tops
    Also if desired, chopped cilantro, 1 t cumin

    In large soup pot, heat the various kinds of tomatoes and beans to the boiling point, adding water to desired soupiness. When it starts boiling, drop hamburger in, bit by little bit, stirring occasionally. Add everything else that you want. Cook 45 minutes to several hours, adding water as needed. You also can cook this a day or two before you need it, then heat it up.

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