Open Thread: What’s The First Thing You’ll Do?

Last Sunday we asked you to tell us the first thing you’ll do when the lockdowns are lifted – answering either in the comments or by taking our poll.

The results as of post time:

Hug family and friends:  39 percent

Go out to dinner with friends:  16 percent

Go to a house of worship: 15 percent

Go to the gym:  14 percent

Go to a gallery, museum or concert: 13 percent

Go to a bar and toast the end of the lockdown:  2 percent

Of course, there were plenty of opinions in the comments, and quite a few people mentioned getting a haircut first!

If you haven’t answered yet, don’t worry! We’ll keep this open thread going for a while, and check in with it later after we get more responses and answers to the poll.

What's the first thing you'll do out of quarantine?

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40 responses to “Open Thread: What’s The First Thing You’ll Do?

  1. I am anxious to escape lock down. Our state is very restrictive. First visit will be to local Y for a workout…walking has been helpful, but weight machines are also needed.
    In the meantime I am working on My Life Directory…a simple, inexpensive booklet (or PDF) that guides me to write in the location of all documents, records and contact information that I need to manage our life. COVID has reminded me that life will offer many surprises, accidents, illness, strokes or worse. Check it out!

  2. I love going to museums and have really missed that during the quarantine. I hope to take in some museums once they are opened up. And, yes, I definitely need a haircut! Ironically, I just got in my annual physical before the PANDEMIC started; but I did not get the chance to have some tests done, so I plan to do that, as well. However, during this time, I have continuously made work connections via ZOOM, and have been able to accomplish a lot of administrative work as well. So, I will continue to attend those ZOOM meetings; and hopefully, when things open up, I plan to start to gradually attend networking meetings IN PERSON!

    1. Hi – Just because the Governor says OK does not mean that the virus has gone 100% away. Many thinks it is likely to return in the fall. If you’ve got to take a plane, remember that you are stuck in an enclosed area and anytime you or any other passenger take off a face mask to eat or drink someone with the virus may be breathing virus particles in the air. Someone suggested to me that wearing a plastic visor to protect one’s eyes is also a good idea. Any kind of public transportation would have some risks – perhaps serious ones. It might be a good idea to delay travel until better tests and some really good drugs or vaccines become available especially when you are still in beautiful surroundings.

  3. I will drive to Ted Drews Frozen Custard hut in St. Louis, MO, and stand in line with other people who love that custard. They are strangers to me but we all love that frozen custard and the many yummy concoctions and flavors and sizes. It is a safe and delightful place to relax and just enjoy “being”.

  4. I need to complete several delayed medical visits that cannot be done online. Otherwise, l will continue to SD as I have been doing since the end of February. As the weather gets warmer and more people are out it has become uncomfortable to do a daily walk. When I begin to play dodgeball, I shift to very early or nearly dusk for calmer streets. Covid has not left. I will wait for museums, Broadway, concerts, and opera live. I am NOT leaving either!

  5. This thing is NOT over so “the opening” is not something I am ready to embrace right now. I will wait to see what happens to the “leveling”. I love my house and am quite happy here.

  6. I’m going to stay home! LOL I’ve come to enjoy the solitude and silence (mostly solitude and silence). While my city has been on lockdown, I’ve been going to the grocery store once a week and taking long drives 2-3 times a week. I plan on doing what I’ve been doing until the end of August — at least. I think the country is opening up way too soon. Sure hope I’m wrote.

  7. Family and friends, yes. Hugs, yes. But, I have been, and will continue to re-evaluate the whole thing called life, life style, society, and our values. Why did this happen? Is this a lesson, a message in this? I don’t know, but it seems to me we did not do something right.
    The anger we have, the politics that goes on, the shortages in priorities as far as our drug industry goes, the lack of preparedness, the bickering, …..all revealed by this tiny, short, invisible, particle of RNA. Will be happy when it ends, no doubt, but more mindful, awake and sober.

  8. As soon as I am free to roam, I’ll be inspecting the city to see what it has to offer. The one thing I’m looking forward to is visiting my BFF of 60+ years in NJ. She’s finally retired now and moved into her new apt. She has not had a proper housewarming event yet. I’m also look to gather with my friends who keep me connected in spite of no longer having family connections. As a household of one, my circle of friends are now my extended family. We are truly getting through this together.

  9. I feel that we will have a new normal and will not return to life as we knew it. But if there is an all clear, I will hop on a plane to LA to see my son and give him a huge long-lasting hug until he says, “Ok, Mom, that’s enough” at least 10 times.

  10. I am scared…It will not be immediately like before!! I hate face mask! I can’t breathe!!! plastic gloves!! I need a maninicure and pedicure! I am prepping now at home!!!! My hair…they gonna come here and maybe even manicure. I cook home! I wait until I feel safe. Not sure about this re-open stuff. I have my eyes peeled!!!

    Just stay home….I think!

    1. Hi – Get a face mask that fits and is cute. With so many people wearing them every day to protect you and me, it seems only fair to return that courtesy. The medical people have to wear the much less comfortable N95 masks and they do it all the time. Even if you get some kind of tests -that is NO guarantee that you won’t get that nasty virus or that you might unwittingly pass it on to a friend or neighbor without wearing a mask. Manicures and pedicures put you in very close contact with a beautician and a small space – just hope they are wearing heavy duty protective clothing, masks and gloves and that they sanitize their working area before you step in. I sure agree -staying home is a very smart thing to do -and that time frame may go into Aug or Sept. Why take chances?

  11. When pandemic is over I will keep enjoy sporting my new outfits that I created during the lockdown. I love designing singular clothing but never had a sufficient time for this. So, the quarantine really became like a blessing to me… God forgive!

  12. The first thing I would do, go to church and thank God for listening to our prayers, for forgiving us and for protect us.
    My second wish, which would be probably impossible to achieve, to see my family in London. I miss my son and grandchildren so much my heart hurts. I used to see them 2-3 times a year and every time it was like my batteries were recharged. I said impossible to achieve because what we have right now its not going away soon, maybe next year.

    1. Yes Susana, the first thing I would do is go to church and thank my God for his protection and safety, also I would treat myself to manicure and pedicure. Would love to fly to Florida to see my sister and brother but will wait till next year. Hopefully everything with God’s help will be much better. But for now staying safe at home. God bless and protect everyone.

  13. It’s shocking to me that so few people realize that there will be no return to “normal” and that the “new normal” will simply be an ongoing dystopian clampdown of extreme invasive surveillance and control– by design. Rather than dream about a fantasy that won’t manifest, my focus is on subverting the control grid now and into the future in creative ways. As a NYC resident and a performer, and as an older person with health issues that make me highrisk, I’m trying to come up with ways to have a life. A real life. Not the constrained existence that the powers that be have in mind for us.

  14. I am desperate to hug and sit with my friends who I’ve seen only from driveway hellos…I also like Adele am desperate to jump into my LAFitness pool and swim my laps! I had joined back in October and gotten into a groove only to stop in early March. I remember it like it was yesterday and also a million years ago…

  15. I’ve given myself a haircut for the first time and it doesn’t make me look like a serial killer. I’ve been trying to visit restaurants for take-out and would like to dine-in (outside), I had two tattoo appointments come and go and would like to schedule them when they eventually open. I feel terrible for all the folks out of work.

    I’m in education and go to work every day despite the fact that teachers and staff are working from home. I would like to see people other than through a Zoom meeting. I have an RV in Copake, NY. It opened May 1 and I love physical distancing at the campsite.

    I feel so blessed to have gotten through this cycle of the illness. I know more is coming and pray for my family, friends, and total strangers that they make it through this. I look forward to traveling to see my kids. Unfortunately, there is no where that I would stay right now. My son’s wedding was rescheduled for December. I am happy to be out every day, moving, seeing things, and wishing for better days ahead.

  16. What I’ll do first after the pandemic is over–after my haircut I’ll celebrate by doing something outside of my neighborhood–travel into Manhattan for live theater or, better yet, a dinner theater, and complete the plans of the little vacation I started to think about just before this Pandemic thing put a damper on it all.

  17. Hi and thanks for this poll! Knowing about the incredible number of deaths by the COVID19 (even some in the building where I live…) has left me quite depressed to the extent of not doing any exercise at all so . . . . I’m most eager to jump into my gym’s huge swimming pool at the first words releasing us from our self quarantine. :)

  18. From NYC: Out to lunch brunch dinner all of it. Train to boston to visit family and grandson double yay. Buy plants for balcony. Play tennis! Hang out, do stuff, hear sounds. Everything!!
    Reality is that opening will be slow so really who knows?

    1. Hi Suzie, I so agree with you! My hair looks like a savage from the unknown woods lol! I’m runnig not walking for a haircut AND manicure.

      Also agree with Trish Lankowski
      about the need quickly for a manicure…

      AND…I was so moved by Beatrice, that lovely Gramma who threw kisses to her grandson from the street!!! ;)

  19. I feel like I’m fighting the sands of time and it is more difficult to do most things as one ages in an ageist society. As a single female, I’m used to dating but the choices are fewer as I get older. I dated someone for 2 years and we broke up in November. I turned 60 in February which was not easy for me. But later that month, I decided to start dating again, not to find a boyfriend or husband, but just to socialize with people my age. Then the pandemic shut everything down and I don’t know if the opportunities that were limited will be even more limited or non-existent when we’re finally able to go out again.

    1. tery…things will come to normal in time, so please retake from where you left over with your groups. Also if not done yet do subscribe to and Just browse them both to know what they’re about. Keep trying to continue dating. The 60s are now the 40s and even 30s!!! The trick is…not to quit. ;)

    1. Linda, I’m with you! That is my purest motivation and what keeps me grounded and certain that I’m doing the right thing. I want to be 100% sure to not bring my granddaughter any harm. Our daily FaceTime calls are magical!

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