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Open Thread: What’s for Dinner?

Last Sunday we asked you to share a pic of what’s for dinner – and there are some pretty talents chefs and food stylists out there!  I’m still working on the hints from this tipsheet and trying to head off a snack attack with a walk about 4pm…and really thinking and planning my meal.

Here’s what I had recently. It’s spaghetti with spinach pesto, peas and two types of tomatoes (grape and sundried) plus a bunch of parmesan cheese. Don’t ask for a recipe because I made it up on the fly. I had a nice glass of vino with it, of course!

Here are some photos sent to

Salmon with Dill and Lemon, Broccolini and Steamed Potatoes

“Eating well, probably too well,” writes Leslie T.  “They say Covid-19 stands for the 19 pounds we’ll put on while staying home! At least with this beautiful spring I can get out to walk most days.”

Homemade Chicken Rice Soup

“It may be Spring but it is still chilly in Wisconsin,” writes purfictmom. “Nothing beats homemade chicken rice soup…  filling, soul soothing, and comforting!”

Cajun Langoustine Linguini 

“Dinner in Quarantine” from reader Don A. looks as good as it sounds:  Cajun Langoustine and Linguine with salad.  Too bad he didn’t include pix of the cheddar/garlic/parsley biscuits!



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