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Open Thread Update: Post-Pandemic Predictions

Last week we asked for predictions about the post-pandemic world.

The significant change respondents noted thus far was the social isolation and how it impacted themselves (one reader lost a relationship) and how it impacts young children and teens.  One respondent dismissed the entire idea of a ‘new normal,’ and Josie yearned for more than online contact with her grandchildren and wondered how Thanksgiving and Christmas will be observed this year.

“I am no youngster at 92, but I am hopeful of the future for those that will be still here.”

Hopefully when this is over (and may it be soon) we’ll be able to look back at this time as a way to test and refine our inner resources, cultivate resilience, and learn new technology tools to help us not just survive, but thrive….in other words, to age with attitude.

One respondent said it best: “I am no youngster at 92, but I am hopeful of the future for those that will be still here. Think back to log cabin days and the isolation and their activities and the limits.”

We’ll keep the comments open for a while so you can continue to add your predictions and comments – we look forward to hearing from you!


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10 responses to “Open Thread Update: Post-Pandemic Predictions

  1. We have made many difficult choices. My mental health has been shaky.
    There will be a vaccine but not enough people will be immune at this time next year for travel to be carefree.
    I choose to see my son, daughter-in-law and grandson every six weeks in person as I trust them and the mindful caution they use to protect me. I would rather struggle with a life threatening illness than be separated during this lonely time.

  2. This too should pass. I believe that this will make us all stronger , I just turn 70. Having a wounderfull life without a care in the world, like most of us did , then my mom came to live w me. At 90. Her husband expired,. Unfortunately for her. They had a good life together. So she came to live w me. It was the r thing to do. I settled her w the Hudson guild ,she like it. And life was good. Then Covid came. Now we are here lock up. SO WHAT CAN A GIRL DO , LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE .SOME DAYS BETTER THAN OTHERS. BUT LIVED. My biggest trip is to the food market. We have food. We’re to live. We are healthy. Tomorrow is always a better day.

  3. There will not be a “new normal”. That term is misleading and many do not understand the science and are clueless about this situation. My relationship died due to this current challenge and everything changed for me in one day. The adjustment is monumental.

  4. I guess that blaming only the pandemic on changing the world is easier for some people to comprehend then it is to see that in the U.S. we have been rapidly changing since Obama was elected. It is better to blame something that is now in the news 24/7 and on all channels of communications, then it is to say my “correct” view on politics, racism, climate change, etc. etc., etc. could also be at fault.
    After all, you are wrong, it’s the pandemic.. (sarcasm).

  5. I feel for the school age children and teens. Most are all very social people. Children don’t do well with masks and social distancing and teens just want to have fun. They don’t want to social distance. They all need interaction to flourish and be the future. More introverts, more people who don’t “play well” as adults will be what many children/teens will become. I for one am 69 yrs old, my grandkids live 10 minutes from me and I haven’t hugged or kissed them in months! I’ve seen them, we visit, although not as often, but no hugging. :( In our family, family dinners are a rare occurence now, don’t know how the world is going to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas & the New Year??? We gather for Zoom meeting get togethers (Zoom must be a booming business now). Amazon and other on line shopping are companies which are also booming. Even after this pandemic actual grocery shopping will be a thing of the past for me. So many things will change after this, but I know I’m going to get all my hugs and kisses in with the grandkids. :)

  6. I am no youngster at 92, but I am hopeful of the future for those that will be still here. Think back to log cabin days and the isolation and their activities and the limits. My hope is we learn to be more considerate (after the mess that is the upcoming election is over). We all CAN get long, we can agree to disagree and not be angry and stressed out. I do not look for utopia, I look for a world where we can sit down and discuss our problems, search for mutually beneficial solutions and implements them. Yes, we will always have those that are on the right or left extreme and will never agree, but I bet the VAST majority of folks can agree to live together peaceably. Let’s all work for that goal. Russ

  7. I have no clue how it can improve under present administration! I need to know how to get pandemic stress off my mind. I am age 76, seems like older folks left to mostly protect self from what may be fatal for many elders. I seem to have lost/ given up near all social activity. To protect a body is stressing my mind, freedom, choices very limited. Walking, and stream movies is inadequate. News is mostly bad, and more bad. What , where, is some relief?

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