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Open Thread Update: Opening Up? Or Still Closed?

The lockdown appears to be lifting – in spots, at least – and Spring is here – in spots, at least.  It’s hard to believe we’ve been going through this long, drawn out saga for more than a year. As more people get vaccinated, let’s hope things get back to normal soon  and for some readers, they are.

“I live in Phoenix AZ and the gym opened up for water aerobics recently.”

-Debbie A.

Every time I go outside, I see more people dining (outside, of course, and socially distanced), and the buzz and hum of life seems to be (slowly) returning, and with it the familiar rhythms of daily life.

“Our Church is doing the Easter Service in a local park–Thanks be to God!”

Jacqueline J.

And for others, the biggest and best part of the end of the lockdown is seeing family.

“My daughter & her family will be coming this weekend on their way to
Montana for a ski trip. I haven’t seen my 2 grandsons for 1&1/2 years.”

-Sandi A.

It’s gratifying to see some comments about Senior Planet and its efforts to keep people engaged, active and informed.  Let’s keep up the good work because we’re not all out of the woods yet!

We’ll keep the comments open for a while so you can continue to add your thoughts.




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21 responses to “Open Thread Update: Opening Up? Or Still Closed?

  1. Live in Florida and I have to say everyone is careful to wear their mask indoors, but overall we have been fully open for quite some time. There really isn’t anything I can think of that is not at least somewhat open. It is strange to hear others who sound like their lives have been so isolated and restricted. I don’t understand these teachers who refuse to go back to work??…look around everyone else is working…mechanics, transportation services, department/grocery stores, movies, medical staff, police, bank staff, restaurants, dry cleaners, florists, etc, etc, etc.

  2. I live in New York City. I have been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art few times with a friend. Went there before and after receiving the vaccine. I felt very safe there. It was wonderful seeing art again. We sat in the courtyard surrounded by sculptures and talked with the sunlight streaming through the skylight and windows. I look forward to going to other museums and walking he high line.

  3. No problem here.
    I actually built MYSELF.
    I do my own NORMAL work, such as cleaning or even remodelling of my apartment (I leave gyms to training? trained? zombies), and I’ve done a lot for the last year.
    And I wait until everyone is vaccinated and I, as the last authentic person, will be free to roam. After all, if nobody carries a virus, I am safe in all senses possible.
    And yes, I’ve been visiting my own High Line (as high as you can have in Manhattan) which luckily was never closed and is most certainly much more beautiful.
    Thank God, I shed all pretensions a long time ago and it helps.

  4. Having had both vaccines, I took the subway into Manhattan and took a walk on the High Line! It felt liberating. Looking forward to going to the New York Botanic Garden and some museums. Not ready to step into a movie or dine indoors.

  5. Our Church is doing the Easter Service in a local park–Thanks be to God! Haven’t done these yet, but will soon dine INSIDE at a neighborhood restaurant (have been getting takeout meals there), and restarting the cleaning service (hate dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing floors, etc.) Have been to a museum and have been volunteering in Central Park–as soon as they opened last September.

  6. Still not open in WI. I decided to give up the pandemic for lent! I’ve been to 5 stores with no mask and had no problems. I moved to my senior building Feb 2020. The lockdown started in March. I’ve only met about 5 people. We are still not allowed to use our community room. Since I moved from out of state, I have made few friendships here, no singing group, no church and very little family. I’ve read and watched much of YouTube. I enjoy Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, The and Epoch Times. I do acrylic painting and crafts to feel better. I have some good days and some bad. I have learned that isolation is a killer.

    1. Hi Sherry,
      I have been stuck in my N.D. home during the pandemic. I am doing a slow
      transition to a Denver, CO senior center. We have had the nicest winter in
      my 70 years so I’ve been doing a lot of walking. I look forward to my ZOOM class every week. We do drawing & acrylics.
      I’ve been wanting to check out some of the things that Senior Planet has
      to offer, but so far the times have been conflicting.
      My daughter & her family will be coming this weekend on their way to
      Montana for a ski trip. I haven’t seen my 2 grandsons for 1&1/2 years.
      I got pretty depressed during early “shut down”. I finally had to get help
      and let my few family members know how lonely I was. Now we take turns
      calling each other & that has helped.
      I hope now that spring is here we can all get out more and enjoy nature. If you’d like a pen pal I check my emails frequently and would love to hear from you.
      Best Wishes,
      Sandi Axt

    2. Where in Wis are you Sherry? I visit central Wis and most things are open. Went for a fish fry in February and took my mask off as NO ONE was wearing one. We have family near Madison and Dane County is much more restrictive:(

    3. Hi Sherry,
      Where in Wis are you located? Most people from Wis are quite friendly. I have visited the central part of Wis in Feb and was pleasantly surprised that everything was open. Went for a fish fry Friday and took my mask off as NO ONE was wearing their mask. We have family that lives near Madison and Dane County is much more restrictive, so depends on what part of the state you are in. Good Luck!

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